The Ultimate Luxury: Yachts with Helicopters

Kind Reader, have you ever dreamt of cruising along the coasts of the French Riviera or the Mediterranean Sea in a luxurious yacht with a private helicopter on board? This dream may soon become a reality for those with deep pockets as some of the world’s most opulent yachts are now equipped with their own helicopters. These incredible vessels offer a unique blend of indulgence and adventure, as guests can easily switch between sunbathing on the deck of a yacht to soaring high above the sea in a private helicopter.

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The Advantages of Having a Helicopter on Your Yacht

yachts-with-helicopters,Helicopter on Yacht,thqhelicopteronyacht

Yachts offer a luxurious and comfortable travel experience as they sail in the sea. Yet, the luxury gets even better if you add a helicopter on your yacht. Helicopters provide a wide range of benefits to yacht owners such as faster transportation, access to remote areas, and more convenience.

Access to Remote Areas

One great advantage of having a helicopter on your yacht is that it allows you to access remote areas that may be hard to reach by boat. Helicopters can land almost anywhere, providing flexibility in getting to your destination. With a helicopter, you can visit secluded islands or get to your preferred destination without the need to dock your yacht first. This allows you to maximize your time and explore places that most people cannot go to.

Convenient Travel

Helicopters provide convenient travel, unlike boats, where travel time can be longer and sometimes unpredictable. With the help of a helicopter, you can avoid traffic, and you can spend more time enjoying your trip with your family and friends. Helicopters also make it possible for you to visit multiple destinations in a day and still get back to your yacht on time for dinner.

The Best Yachts with Helicopter Features Today

yachts-with-helicopters,Yacht with Helicopter,thqyachtwithhelicopter

If you are looking into buying a yacht with a helicopter feature, here are some of the best yachts today that include a helipad and hangar:

1. Oceanco Alfa Nero

The Oceanco Alfa Nero is a 82m luxury yacht that comes with a helipad. Its helipad doubles as a basketball court, meaning that you can play ball while you wait for your helicopter to arrive. The helicopter hangar is positioned below the helipad, allowing for easy access and storage of the helicopter.

2. Feadship 818

Feadship 818 is equipped with a helipad and hangar, making it one of the best yachts for those who want to bring their helicopter with them. This yacht is 83m long, and it comes with luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, cinema, and a spa.

3. Lurssen Octopus

Octopus is one of the largest yachts in the world with a length of 126m. It features a helipad forward of the bridge and a helicopter hangar at the stern. The yacht can accommodate up to 26 guests and includes amenities such as a cinema, a recording studio, and a basketball court.

Why People Choose Yachts with Helicopters

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Yachts with helicopters are not just a luxury, but they are a statement of high class living. For those who are looking to live their life to the fullest, owning a yacht with a helicopter is one of the best ways to achieve this dream.

Convenience and Luxury

The most apparent reason why people choose yachts with helicopters is the convenience and luxury it offers. With a helicopter, people can easily reach their destination without worrying about traffic and other troubles that come along with travelling. Additionally, helicopters are faster and more comfortable than other modes of transport, so it is the perfect way to travel in style. Also, most people who own yachts with helicopters can enjoy complete privacy and security.

Exploring Remote Places

Another reason why people choose yachts with helicopters is the ability to explore remote places. Helicopters can quickly take people to places that are difficult to access by other modes of transport. For example, they can fly over mountains, reach secluded beaches, and explore national parks, providing new experiences for those who seek adventure.

Efficient Transportation

Yachts with helicopters are also an efficient means of transportation. They are perfect for businesspeople who need to travel for work or those who like to travel to different destinations frequently. The ability to move quickly and comfortably from one place to another provides those individuals with the freedom to work or holiday while on the move.

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4 Yachts with helicopters are popular among wealthy individuals, celebrities, and business executives.
5 The yachts are often equipped with other luxury amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and spas.
6 Some of the most popular locations for yacht and helicopter charters include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific.
7 The price of chartering a yacht with a helicopter can range from $100,000 to $1 million or more per week.
8 Some of the most well-known yacht and helicopter combinations include the Octopus, the Serene, and the Hemisphere.

Yachts with Helicopters: Benefits of Helicopter Transportation

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Yachts with helicopters offer not only the luxury of having two modes of transportation but also the convenience of getting from the yacht to the mainland or other places. Helicopter transportation provides a faster and more efficient way of travel compared to traditional means. Here are some benefits of having a helicopter on board a yacht:

1. Speed and flexibility

Helicopters have the ability to travel in various directions, which makes it possible to reach remote destinations that are not accessible by land or sea. With a helicopter on board, owners can quickly and easily travel to their intended destination without worrying about traffic, road conditions, or other delays that might occur.

2. Aerial views

Helicopter transportation offers an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking aerial views from above. Passengers can take in the stunning landscapes from a unique perspective and glimpse a bird’s eye view of stunning scenery. This experience is one of a kind, and yachts with helicopters offer guests a chance to experience it firsthand.

Yacht Charters with Helicopter Services

yachts-with-helicopters,Yacht Charters with Helicopter Services,thqYachtCharterswithHelicopterServices

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, privacy, and exclusivity, hiring a yacht with helicopter services could be the perfect choice for you. With many high-end charter companies now offering helicopter charters as an add-on service, you can fly straight to your yacht in style and avoid any unwanted transfers. Plus, with a helicopter at your disposal, you can explore destinations that would usually be tough to reach by boat, making this the ultimate way to tour the Mediterranean coastlines.

Benefits of Yacht Charter with Helicopter Services

There are several reasons why you must incorporate a helicopter into your yacht charter:

  1. Time Saving
  2. Increased Privacy
  3. Unlimited Exploration & Adventure
  4. Stunning View

“With helicopter services, you can avoid the mess on the road, speed up the transfer time, and land straight on the yacht’s deck to start your vacation immediately”.

Popular Destinations for Yacht Charter with Helicopter Services

If you’re planning to rent a yacht with helicopter services, you may want to consider visiting these destinations:

No Popular Destinations
1 Saint-Tropez, France
2 Naples, Italy
3 Capri, Italy
4 Mykonos, Greece
5 Cannes, France

Helicopter Charter Companies for Yacht

Several charter companies provide yacht and helicopter services; some of them are:

  • HeliFlite
  • Air Charter Service
  • Blue Sky Helicopters
  • West Palm Jets
  • Monarch Air Group

Popular Yachts with Helicopters

yachts-with-helicopters,Popular Yachts with Helicopters,thqPopularYachtswithHelicopters

If you are planning to own a yacht with a helicopter, here are some of the most popular options that you can choose from.

1. Octopus

Octopus is a unique example of a yacht with a helipad. This yacht is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and has a dedicated helicopter hangar, two helicopters, and a refueling station on board. Built by Lurssen in 2003, this impressive yacht is 414 feet long and has many onboard amenities, including two submarines, a movie theater, and a recording studio.

2. Hemisphere

Hemisphere is a luxury catamaran that features a helipad on the top deck. Measuring 145 feet long and built by Pendennis Shipyard in the UK, Hemisphere can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins. This yacht also has many water toys, including paddleboards, kayaks, and a diving compressor.

Top Yachts with Helicopters

yachts-with-helicopters,Top Yachts with Helicopters,thqTopYachtswithHelicopters

There are several luxurious yachts equipped with helicopters for those who want to optimize their experience onboard. These yachts offer an unparalleled level of freedom and flexibility, allowing their guests to embark on unforgettable adventures and explore remote destinations that few have ever seen. Here are some of the top yachts with helicopters:


The 282-foot Aquila is a superyacht equipped with a spacious helicopter deck that accommodates an Airbus H130. This yacht has an extensive collection of tenders and toys, including Jet Skis, kayaks, and dive gear. Aquila has a capacity of up to 12 guests and 28 crew members, ensuring that everyone onboard is well taken care of.


Lana is a massive yacht that measures a staggering 351 feet in length. This yacht features a helipad that can accommodate helicopters weighing up to 5,000 kg. In addition to its helicopter capabilities, Lana has a 6m swimming pool, two jacuzzi spas, and a wealth of other amenities to ensure that guests enjoy their time onboard to the fullest.

No Top Yachts with Helicopters
1 Aquila
2 Lana

Accessories and Safety Measures for Helicopter Landings on Yachts

yachts-with-helicopters,Accessories and Safety Measures for Helicopter Landings on Yachts,thqAccessories-and-Safety-Measures-for-Helicopter-Landings-on-Yachts

A helicopter landing on a yacht requires certain safety measures and accessories to keep everyone on board safe. The helicopter landing area, also known as the helipad, must be equipped with an aluminum or steel frame to ensure the helipad does not move when the helicopter lands.


A windsock is an essential accessory when landing a helicopter on a yacht. This tool measures the direction and speed of the wind, helping the pilot determine the safest landing approach. A windsock also alerts the pilot to any sudden wind direction changes that may affect the landing.

Helicopter Refueling System

Most yachts have a helipad with a built-in refueling system, allowing the helicopter to refuel without leaving the yacht. This system reduces the flight time and increases the landing time on the yacht.

No Safety Measures
1 The helipad should be located at the stern of the yacht, reducing the helicopter’s downwash impact on the deck and avoiding any possible damage to the yacht’s superstructure.
2 The helipad should be fitted with an anti-slip surface and surrounded by a safety net or railings to prevent crew or passengers from falling overboard.
3 The helicopter landing area should be free of any loose objects that could be blown around by the downwash impact and damage the helicopter or cause injury to crew and passengers.
4 The yacht’s captain should communicate with the helicopter pilot in advance, providing information about wind speed, landing directions, and other pertinent details.
5 The yacht’s crew should use hand signals to guide the helicopter pilot into the landing area, avoiding any communication breakdowns due to loud engine noise.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Yacht with a Helicopter

yachts-with-helicopters,Pros and Cons of Investing in a Yacht with a Helicopter,thqPros-and-Cons-of-Investing-in-a-Yacht-with-a-Helicopter

There are both pros and cons in investing in a yacht equipped with a helicopter. This section of the article aims to provide insights into both sides of the coin, allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions.


The main advantage of owning a helicopter-equipped yacht is the freedom it affords its owners to travel. With easy air access, yacht owners can quickly travel to more remote areas of the world, comfortably and luxuriously.

Additionally, a yacht with a helicopter provides a valuable escape route in the event of an emergency, such as a medical situation or an onboard fire.

Furthermore, owning a helicopter-equipped yacht projects a luxurious and powerful image and enhances the yacht’s resale value.


The main disadvantage of owning a helicopter-equipped yacht is the high cost of maintenance and upkeep. Helicopters require a high degree of servicing and maintenance, which can be costly and time-consuming. The cost of operating the helicopter adds to the overall expense, including fuel, insurance, and salaries for pilots.

Another challenge yacht owners face is the limited number of authorized heliports in many locations around the world. When searching for a suitable landing spot, the pilot must consider the weather conditions, including wind and sea state.

Lastly, installing and certifying a landing pad requires significant planning and investment. The regulations and safety standards governing helicopter landing pads vary depending on the country and region, which adds considerably to the project’s cost.

Yachts with Helicopters FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding yachts with helicopters below.

1. What is a yacht with a helicopter?

A yacht with a helicopter is a luxury vessel that has a helipad and/or hangar designed specifically for a helicopter.

2. What types of helicopters can land on a yacht?

The types of helicopters that can land on a yacht depend on the size and weight capacity of the helipad. Typically, small to medium-sized helicopters are used for yacht landings.

3. Do I need a pilot license to fly a helicopter onto a yacht?

Yes, you need a pilot license to fly a helicopter onto a yacht. Additionally, the pilot must have experience with helipad landings and takeoffs.

4. Can I store my helicopter on a yacht?

Yes, some yachts with a helicopter hangar are designed to store the helicopter onboard. However, it is important to note that storage capacity may be limited depending on the size of the yacht and hangar.

5. How do I know if a yacht with a helicopter is right for me?

A yacht with a helicopter is ideal for individuals who frequently travel by air and want the convenience of having a private landing and takeoff option while at sea.

6. Can the helicopter be used for sightseeing while on the yacht?

Yes, the helicopter can be used for sightseeing while on the yacht. However, it is important to consider the cost of fuel and the helicopter pilot’s availability.

7. Is there an additional cost to have a yacht with a helicopter?

Yes, there is an additional cost associated with having a yacht with a helicopter, as it requires specialized design and maintenance. Additionally, there are operating costs for the helicopter itself.

8. Can the helicopter be used for emergencies while on the yacht?

Yes, the helicopter can be used for emergencies while on the yacht, such as medical evacuations or search and rescue operations.

9. What safety measures are in place for helicopter landings and takeoffs?

Yachts with helicopters are designed with safety features such as non-skid landing pads, integrated lighting, and tie-downs to secure the helicopter in rough seas.

10. What is the maximum weight capacity for a helicopter landing on a yacht?

The maximum weight capacity for a helicopter landing on a yacht depends on the size and design of the helipad. It is important to consult with the yacht manufacturer for specific weight limits.

11. Can multiple helicopters land on a yacht at once?

Multiple helicopters can land on a yacht at once, but it is important to consider the size and design of the helipad and the weight capacity of the yacht.

12. How do I book a yacht with a helicopter?

You can book a yacht with a helicopter through a yacht broker or directly through the yacht manufacturer.

13. Can I rent a yacht with a helicopter for a day?

Yes, some yacht manufacturers offer day rentals with a helicopter option. However, availability may be limited and pricing may vary.

14. What should I pack for a yacht trip with a helicopter?

It is important to pack comfortable clothing, sun protection, and any necessary travel documents. Additionally, consider bringing items for helicopter flights, such as headphones and cameras.

15. Are there any restrictions on where I can fly the helicopter while on the yacht?

Yes, there may be restrictions on where you can fly the helicopter while on the yacht, depending on local regulations and airspace limitations. It is important to consult with local authorities before taking off in the helicopter.

If you’re in the market for a yacht with a helicopter, yachts with helicopters are available for purchase. These luxurious vessels come equipped with a helipad that allows passengers to travel by air in ultimate comfort and style.

Until Next Time, Kind Reader

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about yachts with helicopters and the lavish lifestyle that comes with it. Who wouldn’t? We’re happy to bring you the latest updates and news on everything luxury and we hope to bring you more in the future. So, sit back, relax, and dream about the possibility of owning your own yacht with a helicopter on board. Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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