Experience the Ultimate Thrill with UFC Travel Packages

Hello Travelers! Are you a fan of the UFC and looking to attend an upcoming event in style? Look no further than the amazing UFC travel packages available now! With options for tickets, accommodations, and exclusive experiences, these packages are the perfect way to elevate your UFC experience to the next level. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the sport, these packages offer something for everyone. Read on to learn more about the exciting options available with UFC travel packages.

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Top UFC Travel Packages

If you’re planning to watch your favorite UFC fighters live, purchasing a travel package is a great way to get the most out of your experience. Here are some of the top UFC travel packages that you can choose from:

1. UFC 264 Fight Week Ultimate Experience

If you want to be part of the ultimate UFC experience, this package is for you. The UFC 264 Fight Week Ultimate Experience includes:

No Inclusions
1 Four-night hotel accommodations at a 4-star hotel
2 VIP pre-fight party with UFC celebrities
3 Guided tour of the UFC Performance Institute
4 Access to the official weigh-ins
5 Lower-level tickets to UFC 264

Booking this package provides you with the chance to experience the best of what the UFC has to offer, from access to the weigh-in to a guided tour of the UFC Performance Institute.

2. UFC 263 Fight Week Package

The UFC 263 Fight Week Package includes:

No Inclusions
1 3-night stay at a 4-star hotel
2 Access to official weigh-ins and pre-fight parties
3 Floor seats to UFC 263

This package includes lower-level tickets to UFC 263. This package also offers access to official weigh-ins and pre-fight parties, which adds to the overall experience of the UFC event.

3. UFC 261 Fight Week VIP Experience

The UFC 261 Fight Week VIP Experience is one of the best UFC travel packages available, providing VIP access to UFC events. This package includes:

No Inclusions
1 4-night stay at a 4-star hotel
2 Access to VIP pre-fight parties and weigh-ins
3 Lower-level seating at UFC 261
4 VIP pre-fight backstage tour and access to fighter meeting

This package provides experience and access to two VIP pre-fight parties, official weigh-ins, fighter meetings, and backstage tour. This package also includes lower-level seating at UFC 261.

What to expect in UFC Travel Packages?

If you are planning on purchasing a UFC travel package, it is essential to know what you can expect from your experience. UFC travel packages usually include accommodation, fight tickets, and exclusive access to events and parties. The specifics of what is included in a package can vary depending on the provider and the event. Generally, UFC travel packages consist of the following:


The majority of UFC travel packages include hotel accommodations as a part of the package. The location and quality of the hotel can vary, and often customers have the option to upgrade their room or amenities for an additional cost. Some providers even offer options for luxury villas or apartments for those who want a more high-end experience.

Fight Tickets

The primary purpose of a UFC travel package is to secure tickets to the fight, and typically all packages include them. The quality of the seats and the location within the arena will depend on the package you purchase. Some companies even offer special VIP seating, which includes premium seating and access to the VIP lounge to enhance the experience.

Exclusive Event Access

In addition to accommodation and fight tickets, many UFC travel packages include exclusive access to events and parties. For example, some packages include access to pre-fight or post-fight parties where you can meet and greet UFC fighters, industry professionals, and celebrities. Other packages may offer access to training sessions, weigh-ins, or even backstage tours.

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2 Hotel accommodations
3 Tickets to UFC fights
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5 Special VIP seating
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No Information
1 UFC offers travel packages for fans to attend live events.
2 Package prices vary based on the location and prestige of the event.
3 Travel packages may include tickets to the event, hotel accommodations, and other perks such as meet and greets with fighters.
4 Fans must purchase travel packages directly from the UFC or a designated travel partner.
5 UFC travel packages are popular among international fans, as they offer a convenient way to attend events in different countries.
6 Some fans have reported issues with the quality of hotel accommodations included in travel packages.
7 UFC offers VIP travel packages for some events, which include premium seats, backstage access, and exclusive events.

Best UFC Travel Packages for Fans

Attending a UFC event is an exciting experience for die-hard fans. From seeing their favorite fighters live to soaking in the electrifying atmosphere, fans will surely have an unforgettable experience. To fully maximize the UFC experience, fans have the option to purchase UFC travel packages. These packages provide a range of perks such as event tickets, hotel accommodations, transportation, and exclusive merchandise. Here are some of the best UFC travel packages available for fans:

1. UFC VIP Experience

The UFC VIP Experience is an all-inclusive travel package that offers fans an unrivaled opportunity to attend a UFC event. The package includes premium seating, backstage tours, fighter meet and greets, and access to the VIP lounge. Fans will also receive exclusive commemorative merchandise, photo opportunities, and a chance to witness the weigh-ins.

If you’re a die-hard UFC fan, then the VIP Experience is perfect for you. The package starts at $2,750 and is available for purchase on the UFC’s official website.

2. UFC Fight Week Experience

The UFC Fight Week Experience package provides fans with an immersive UFC experience. Fans will attend multiple events throughout the week, including fighter autograph sessions, Q&A sessions, and open workouts. The package also includes tickets to the UFC Fan Expo, which includes access to the UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony and other exclusive events.

This package is perfect for fans who want to dive deep into the UFC world and experience all the events leading up to the fight. The package starts at $2,800 and can be purchased on the UFC’s official website.

3. Travel with the UFC

If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, Travel with the UFC provides fans with a stress-free travel experience. The package includes airfare, transportation, and hotel accommodations, as well as prime seating at the UFC event. Fans will also receive exclusive merchandise and a UFC gift bag.

This package is perfect for fans who want a seamless travel experience without worrying about the logistics. The package starts at $1,750 and can be purchased on the UFC’s official website.

No Best UFC Travel Packages For Fans
1 UFC VIP Experience
2 UFC Fight Week Experience
3 Travel with the UFC

Top UFC Travel Packages for 2021

Watching UFC fights live is an incredible experience that every fan should experience at least once in their lifetime. And to make the trip even more memorable, travel packages that include accommodations, tickets, and other perks are available to fans. Here are some top UFC travel packages for your next adventure:

1. UFC VIP Experience

The UFC VIP Experience is the ultimate travel package for passionate fans that offers access to VIP-only events, fighter meet and greets, and backstage tours. The package includes a three-night stay at a luxury hotel, premium seating for the fights, a private transportation service, and more. Prices for the UFC VIP Experience start at $1,750.

2. UFC International Fight Week

UFC International Fight Week takes place annually in Las Vegas and brings together fans from around the world for a week-long festival celebrating MMA. The official travel packages include hotel accommodations, access to exclusive events, and tickets to the International Fight Week events. Prices for the travel package start at $1,065.

3. UFC 264 Watch Party Cruise

If you want to enjoy the excitement of a UFC fight while cruising the Caribbean Sea, the UFC 264 Watch Party Cruise is the perfect package for you. The package includes two-nights aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, meals, drinks, and access to watch the fights on a big screen. Prices start at $439 per person.

No Important Notes
1 The UFC Watch Party Cruise package is only available for the UFC 264 card at the time of writing.
2 Prices are subject to change depending on availability and demand.

Best UFC Travel Packages for International Fans

If you are a fan of the UFC from outside of the United States, attending a UFC event can be an exciting but expensive adventure. Here are some of the best UFC travel packages tailored for international fans.

1. UFC VIP Experience

The UFC VIP Experience offers unparalleled access and the ultimate experience for international fans. The package includes up-close views of the weigh-ins, backstage tours, access to VIP events, and thousands of dollars in exclusive merchandise. In addition, VIPs also get to meet and greet with UFC fighters and personalities.

No Package Details Price Range
1 UFC VIP Experience – Domestic and International Packages $1,599 – $3,999

2. Flight and Hotel Packages

Many travel companies offer flight and hotel packages specifically for UFC events. Some of the top-rated travel sites that provide these packages include Expedia,, and Travelocity. International travelers can book these packages before even obtaining visas if they present an invitation from an event-qualified sponsor to the United States Embassy.

No Travel Company Price Range
1 Expedia $600 – $2,500
2 $500 – $3,000
3 Travelocity $800 – $2,000

3. UFC Fan Travel Packages

The UFC offers official fan travel packages that include event tickets, hotel accommodation, and transportation. These packages are ideal for international fans who have specific event preferences in mind. Depending on the fans’ interests, these packages offer unique UFC experiences, such as Fighter Meet & Greets and Octagon Tours.

No Package Details Price Range
1 UFC International Fight Week – Official Package $750 – $2,000
2 Ultimate Getaway – Official Package $1,000 – $2,500

Top UFC Travel Packages for Fans

There are numerous UFC travel packages available that cater to the diverse interests of UFC fans. These packages cover tickets, accommodation, and transportation, making it easier for fans to attend events without having to worry about the logistics. Here are some of the top UFC travel packages:

1. UFC VIP Experience

The UFC VIP Experience is an all-inclusive package that offers fans the opportunity to watch fights from premium seating, access the pre-fight weigh-ins and post-fight press conferences, and enjoy exclusive meet and greets with UFC fighters. The package includes hotel accommodations, transportation, and meals, making it a hassle-free experience for fans.

No Features
1 Premium seating during fights
2 Access to pre-fight weigh-ins and post-fight press conferences
3 Meet and greets with UFC fighters
4 Hotel accommodations
5 Transportation and meals

2. UFC International Fight Week

The UFC International Fight Week is an annual event that takes place in Las Vegas and includes a three-day fan expo, workouts by UFC fighters, and pool parties. The package includes hotel accommodations, transportation to and from events, and VIP passes that provide access to a range of events, including the UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

No Features
1 Access to a three-day fan expo
2 Workouts by UFC fighters
3 Pool parties
4 Hotel accommodations
5 VIP passes to various events

3. UFC Fight Island

Following the COVID-19 outbreak and travel restrictions, the UFC introduced Fight Island, located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island. UFC Fight Island packages include hotel accommodations, transportation, and VIP tickets for the event. Fans can enjoy watching fights in a unique location, with beaches and luxury hotels nearby.

No Features
1 VIP tickets for the event
2 Hotel accommodations
3 Transportation
4 Unique location with beaches and luxury hotels

Choosing the Best UFC Travel Package

When it comes to selecting the best UFC travel package, there are plenty of factors to consider. Here are some of the top things to look for:

1. Location and Venue

The location and venue of the UFC event should play a huge role in determining which travel package to select. Consider if you’d prefer to attend a domestic or international event, as well as the size and reputation of the venue where the fight will take place. For example, a highly anticipated fight night at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena may be a more sought-after experience than a smaller event in a less frequently traveled city.

2. Inclusions and Extras

Travellers should also pay close attention to the inclusions and extras provided with each travel package. As we’ve outlined above, packages may include flights, accommodation, event tickets and plenty of other add-ons such as transfers, meet-and-greets and access to behind-the scenes events. Be sure to choose a package that includes options that are most important to you.

3. Budget-Friendliness

Of course, budget is also a primary consideration when it comes to selecting the package that best suits your travel needs. There are many different packages available at different price points that offer varying inclusions and tiers of access. As these packages can add up quickly, it’s important to determine your budget early on and choose a package that provides value for the price point you desire.

No LSI Keywords
1 Choosing the Best UFC Travel Package
2 Location and Venue
3 Inclusions and Extras
4 Budget-Friendliness

UFC Travel Packages FAQ

If you’re looking to travel to watch UFC fights live, you may be wondering about the best way to do it. Here are some frequently asked questions about UFC travel packages to help you make an informed decision.

1. What are UFC travel packages?

UFC travel packages are pre-organized trips that include UFC fight tickets, hotel accommodations, and transportation.

2. What is included in a typical UFC travel package?

A typical UFC travel package includes hotel accommodations, admission to the weigh-ins, admission to the UFC Fan Expo, commemorative merchandise, and of course, a ticket to the UFC fight.

3. How much do UFC travel packages cost?

The cost of a UFC travel package varies based on a variety of factors, including the location of the event, the time of year, and the level of the package you choose. They can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

4. How can I book a UFC travel package?

You can book a UFC travel package through a travel agency that specializes in UFC travel packages or through the official UFC website.

5. Is airfare included in a UFC travel package?

Most UFC travel packages do not include airfare, but some may offer it as an add-on option.

6. Can I customize my UFC travel package?

Some travel agencies may allow you to customize your package by adding extra nights to your stay, selecting a different hotel, or choosing a different ticket package.

7. What types of seating are available in UFC travel packages?

The seating that comes with a UFC travel package can vary depending on the package you select. Generally, the higher the package level, the better the seats.

8. Are UFC travel packages refundable?

Refund policies vary by travel agency or vendor, so it’s important to read the fine print before purchasing a package.

9. What happens if the fight is canceled?

You may be eligible for a refund or for a credit toward a future UFC event if the fight is canceled.

10. Can I transfer my UFC travel package to someone else?

Some travel agencies may allow transfers, but others may not. Be sure to check with the agency before making any plans.

11. Can I extend my stay beyond the UFC event?

Yes, many travel agencies offer options for extending your stay before or after the UFC event.

12. How do I receive my UFC fight tickets?

You will receive your UFC fight tickets electronically via email or as hard copies in the mail, depending on the package you select.

13. How do I get to the UFC event?

Transportation to the UFC event is usually included in a UFC travel package, either by shuttle bus or other means of transportation.

14. Can I bring a guest with me on my UFC travel package?

Most travel agencies offer packages that allow guests, but some may charge an additional fee.

15. Do UFC travel packages include meals?

UFC travel packages do not typically include meals, but some packages may offer meal vouchers or include meals in the cost.

16. How early should I book a UFC travel package?

It’s best to book a UFC travel package as early as possible to ensure availability and the best pricing.

17. Can I purchase UFC travel packages outside of the United States?

Yes, UFC travel packages are available for purchase internationally.

18. Can I resell my UFC travel package?

It is usually against the terms and conditions to resell or promote resale of UFC travel packages. It’s important to read the fine print before making any purchases.

19. What should I do if I have a problem with my UFC travel package?

If you have any issues with your UFC travel package, it’s best to contact the travel agency or vendor directly.

20. What is the UFC Fan Expo?

The UFC Fan Expo is a fan experience that takes place in conjunction with a UFC event. It includes interactive exhibits, athlete autograph sessions, and merchandise vendors.

21. Can I attend just the UFC Fan Expo?

Yes, you can purchase entrance to the UFC Fan Expo without purchasing a UFC fight ticket.

22. What is the dress code for a UFC fight?

The dress code for a UFC fight is casual, but most people choose to dress up as if they are going to a nightclub.

23. Can I bring a camera to a UFC event?

Most UFC events allow cameras, but the use of flash photography is usually prohibited.

24. Should I purchase travel insurance for my UFC travel package?

It’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance for any trip you take, including a UFC travel package.

25. Will there be any celebrities at the UFC event?

It’s possible that celebrities may attend a UFC event, but there is no guarantee.

26. Will I be able to meet any UFC fighters?

The UFC Fan Expo usually includes athlete autograph sessions, so there may be an opportunity to meet and greet UFC fighters.

27. What is the age limit for attending a UFC event?

The age limit for attending a UFC event varies by location, but minors are usually allowed to attend with a parent or legal guardian.

28. Can I bring food and drink to a UFC event?

Most UFC events do not allow outside food or drink inside the arena.

29. What is the best seat location for a UFC fight?

The “best” seat location is a matter of personal preference and depends on whether you prefer to be closer to the action or have a better view of the overall event.

30. What is the most popular UFC event for travel packages?

The most popular UFC event for travel packages varies from year to year, but events in Las Vegas and international events tend to be popular options.

See You at the Next Fight, Travelers!

Thanks for reading about UFC travel packages. We hope you found this article informative and helpful in planning your next fight trip. Remember, with a travel package, you can have peace of mind and fully enjoy the event without worrying about the details. Don’t forget to check out the various packages offered by UFC and explore other travel tips on our website. We wish you happy travels and exciting experiences!

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