Discover the Incredible Capabilities of the Smallest Helicopter Ever Built

Kind reader, have you ever wondered what the smallest helicopter looks like and how it operates? The smallest helicopter is a flying machine that can carry one or two passengers and is a marvel of modern engineering. Despite its small size, it can fly high and far, making it a popular mode of transportation for short-distance travel and sightseeing. In this article, we will explore the world of the smallest helicopter and discover more about its features, capabilities, and advantages. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting journey into the fascinating world of the smallest helicopter.

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The Smallest Helicopter in the World

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A helicopter is an aircraft that can take off and land vertically. They are commonly used for transportation, rescue missions, and military operations. However, helicopters come in different sizes and designs. Today, we will be discussing the smallest helicopter in the world.

The Guinness World Records Smallest Helicopter

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The Guinness World Records acknowledged the GEN H-4 as the smallest helicopter ever made. It was invented by Genesio Toninelli from Italy in 2006 and is an ultralight helicopter with an empty weight of only 155 pounds.

The GEN H-4 is a two-seater helicopter that uses two rotors instead of one, which makes it unique from most helicopters. However, it is restricted to fly in some countries due to its unconventional design and the safety risks involved.

The Mosquito Helicopter

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Another contender for the smallest helicopter title is the Mosquito Helicopter. It has been designed and produced by Innovator Technologies based in Rocky Mount, Virginia. The helicopter has a length of 18.5 feet and a rotor diameter of 19 feet 3 inches, making it one of the smallest helicopters available for purchase and personal use worldwide.

The Mosquito can carry a single person and is equipped with a safety parachute system. With a fuel tank capacity of 18 liters, it can fly up to two hours continuously. It is commonly used for aerial work, surveying, and exploration purposes, as well as for private entertainment and aviation enthusiasts.

The AirScooter II

smallest-helicopter,AirScooter II,thqairscooterhelicopterpidApimkten-USadltmoderatet1

The AirScooter II is a unique personal helicopter developed by AirScooter Corporation. It has a compact design with two rotors that make it stable in the air and easy to maneuver. It can fly at a top speed of 55 knots, making it perfect for short trips and recreational purposes.

The AirScooter II has undergone many improvements since it was first introduced in 2006. The latest model has increased fuel efficiency, improved safety features, and a more comfortable seating arrangement. It is targeted at private pilots and enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of flying in a helicopter without the complexities of larger helicopters.

World’s Smallest Helicopter: The Guinness World Record Holder


Guinness World Record holder for the smallest helicopter is the GEN H-4 developed by the Japanese engineer Gennai Yanagisawa. The GEN H-4 weighs only 155 lbs with a height of 5.1 ft and a rotor length of 18 ft. This helicopter can fly at a speed of up to 50 mph and has a maximum altitude of 2,600 ft. The GEN H-4 is a single-seater aircraft and is best suited for short-distance flights, as it runs on gasoline and has a flight range of just 30 minutes.

The GEN H-4’s Development Process

The GEN H-4 was designed and developed over a period of 25 years by Japanese engineer Gennai Yanagisawa, who started his work on the helicopter in 1971. After numerous trial and errors, Yanagisawa was finally able to complete the model in 1994. The helicopter’s unique design consists of two rotors that rotate in opposite directions, and the pilot-controlled the aircraft’s movement using a joystick attached to the main rotor. Yanagisawa’s vision was to develop a compact, affordable, and easy-to-operate helicopter for personal use, and his dream came true with the GEN H-4.

The Current State of the GEN H-4

Although the GEN H-4 was developed in 1994, it still holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest operational helicopter. The helicopter gained popularity worldwide and has been featured in several TV shows, news articles, and documentaries. Yanagisawa’s company, Yanagisawa Technology, still sells the GEN H-4, with the current model known as the Yanagisawa GYROPLANES. The company has made several modifications to the original model, improving its performance, safety, and flight duration. The Yanagisawa GYROPLANES are not only used for personal use but also for commercial purposes like surveying, photography, and law enforcement.

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World’s Smallest Helicopter


World’s smallest helicopter is a category of helicopters in which the size and weight of the helicopter are minimal. These helicopters are designed to be flown by a single pilot. They are ideal for personal transport or use in remote areas where larger aircraft are unable to land. There are several different models of the world’s smallest helicopter, each with its own unique features and capabilities.


The GEN H-4 is considered the world’s smallest helicopter. It is designed to carry a single passenger and is powered by two small engines. The helicopter is compact and lightweight, making it a great option for personal use. The GEN H-4 can fly up to 55 miles per hour and has a range of approximately 100 miles on a single tank of fuel.


The KA-26 is a small, twin-engine helicopter that can carry up to six passengers. It is designed for use in remote areas where larger aircraft are unable to land. The KA-26 is equipped with a winch and can be used for utility work, such as transporting supplies or carrying out fire-fighting duties. The helicopter has a range of approximately 200 miles and can fly at speeds up to 110 miles per hour.

The World’s Smallest Helicopter


The Guinness World Records recognized GEN H-4 as the smallest helicopter in the world. The GEN H-4 is 3.7 meters long, 90 cm wide and 2 meters high. The empty weight of the GEN H-4 is 70 kg; the maximum take-off weight, meanwhile, is 140 kg. The GEN H-4 is powered by a twin rotor contrarotating system and has a seating capacity of one person only.

The Making of GEN H-4

The GEN H-4 was invented by Gennai Yanagisawa of Japan in 2005. Yanagisawa was inspired to create a small, lightweight helicopter that could be flown without a pilot’s license after experiencing a helicopter ride while on vacation in Canada. Yanagisawa used his former experience in designing radio-controlled model airplanes to build the GEN H-4.

Where is the GEN H-4 Now?

The GEN H-4 is currently owned by Prince Rudolf Liechtenstein, who purchased it for €250,000 in 2018. The helicopter is displayed at the Museum of Flight in Austria.

Smallest Helicopter in the World

smallest-helicopter,smallest helicopter,thqsmallesthelicopter

If you are looking for the smallest helicopter available on the market, you might want to consider the following models:

1. Gen H-4

The Gen H-4 is known as the smallest helicopter in the world. This helicopter is so small that it can fit on a person’s palm, weighing only 155 pounds. It can fly up to 59 miles per hour and reach a maximum altitude of 1,640 feet. The Gen H-4 is also the only helicopter that is allowed to fly in Japan without a license.

2. Mosquito XE

The Mosquito XE is another helicopter that is considered to be small. It weighs only 289 pounds and has a length of 18 feet and a height of 8.4 feet. The helicopter can fly up to 93 miles per hour and reach an altitude of 10,000 feet. The Mosquito XE is also known for its fuel efficiency as it only consumes 5 to 7 gallons of fuel per hour.

Smallest Helicopter in the World by Height

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In this section, we will talk about the smallest helicopter in the world by height. We have gathered information from various sources to declare the world’s smallest helicopter by height.


GEN H-4 is known as the smallest helicopter by height that any civilians can operate without any license or permission. It is a product of Kyushi Heli craft and weighs only 155 lbs. The rotor diameter of GEN H-4 is 20 feet and is powered by two 125cc 2-cycle engines. The helicopter has only two rotors, each with two blades, and can fly up to the maximum altitude of 1000 feet. The maximum flight duration of GEN H-4 is only 30 minutes.

Revolution Mini-500

Revolution Mini-500 is one of the smallest helicopters by height, also called an ultralight helicopter. The rotor diameter of Revolution Mini-500 is 18 feet and 6 inches and weighs only 312 lbs. It requires less maintenance and travel at a speed of 65 mph. The lightweight design of Revolution Mini-500 delivers a quicker response to rotor inputs and better maneuverability.

Smallest Helicopter in the World

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Helicopters are fascinating machines that have been in use for decades and are widely used for various purposes, from military operations to medical emergencies. However, when it comes to size, some helicopters are much smaller than others. In this section, we will take a look at the smallest helicopters in the world, their features, and potential uses.


smallest-helicopter,GEN H-4,thqGENH-4

The GEN H-4 is one of the smallest helicopters in the world, weighing only 155 pounds. It was developed by Aki Suokas, a Finnish inventor, and has been in production since 2006. This tiny helicopter is powered by four horizontally mounted engines and can fly up to a height of 1,000 feet. The GEN H-4 is able to stay in the air for around 30 minutes and has a top speed of 56 mph, making it a perfect helicopter for aerial photography and recreational flying.

UH-13P Ultra-light Helicopter

smallest-helicopter,UH-13P Ultra-light Helicopter,thqUH-13Pultra-lighthelicopter

The UH-13P Ultra-light Helicopter is another small helicopter that was designed and developed in the US. It was created by the UltraFlight Aviation company and has been in production since 1984. This helicopter can fly at speeds of up to 70 mph and can stay in the air for around 2 hours with a full tank of gas. The UH-13P Ultra-light Helicopter is mainly used for recreational flying, but it can also be used for aerial photography, traffic surveillance, and livestock management.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Smallest Helicopter

Below are some common questions and concerns regarding the smallest helicopter.

1. What is the smallest helicopter and how does it work?

The smallest helicopter is the Gen H-4, which is a single-seater helicopter powered by four engines. It works by rotating its blades to generate lift, allowing it to hover and fly.

2. Is the smallest helicopter safe to fly?

As with any form of aviation, safety is crucial. The Gen H-4 has undergone extensive testing and has been approved for use by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). However, it is advisable to only fly with the appropriate training and licensing.

3. How far can the smallest helicopter fly?

The Gen H-4 has a flight time of around 30 minutes and a maximum range of 30 miles. It is not suitable for long-distance travel and is designed for recreational use.

4. How much does the smallest helicopter cost?

The Gen H-4 is priced at around $30,000, although prices may vary depending on the supplier and location.

5. Do I need a license to fly the smallest helicopter?

Yes, a pilot’s license is required to fly any type of helicopter, including the smallest one.

6. Can the smallest helicopter be flown in bad weather?

The Gen H-4 is not equipped to fly in adverse weather conditions, including rain, snow, or high winds. It is best to avoid flying in inclement weather and to keep an eye on the forecast before taking off.

7. What kind of terrain can the smallest helicopter fly over?

The Gen H-4 is designed for flying over flat or gently rolling terrain. It may struggle to fly over mountainous areas or steep hills.

8. How difficult is it to learn to fly the smallest helicopter?

The Gen H-4 requires a certain amount of training and experience before it can be flown safely. However, with patience and dedication, anyone can learn to fly a helicopter.

9. Can the smallest helicopter be used for commercial purposes?

Due to its limited range and flight time, the Gen H-4 is not ideal for commercial use. It is more suited to personal and recreational flights.

10. How noisy is the smallest helicopter?

The Gen H-4 is relatively quiet compared to other helicopters, although it can still generate some noise during flight.

11. How fast can the smallest helicopter fly?

The Gen H-4 has a maximum speed of around 55mph.

12. How long does it take to assemble the smallest helicopter?

The Gen H-4 can be assembled in around one hour with the right tools and knowledge.

13. Can the smallest helicopter be transported easily?

Yes, the Gen H-4 can be disassembled and transported in the back of a small truck or trailer.

14. What is the maximum weight limit for the smallest helicopter?

The Gen H-4 is designed for single-person use and has a maximum weight limit of around 220lbs.

15. How long does the battery last for the smallest helicopter?

The Gen H-4 is powered by gasoline and does not have a traditional battery. However, there is a small battery for the electronic ignition system, which should last around one year with proper maintenance.

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Flying off: See you in the skies, Kind Reader

And that concludes our journey into the world of the smallest helicopter. It’s amazing to see how technology has developed these mini machines that once only existed in our imaginations. Thank you for joining us in this adventure. We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. Make sure to return later for more exciting content. Till next time, happy flying!

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