Experience the Breathtaking Beauty of Seward Alaska with Helicopter Tours

Kind Reader, if you’re seeking an adventurous, breathtaking experience while visiting Seward, Alaska, helicopter tours are the way to go. These tours take you soaring above the glaciers, mountains, and stunning vistas of Alaska, allowing you to witness the natural beauty of this awe-inspiring state from a whole new perspective. Seward, Alaska, helicopter tours are perfect for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure, and they offer a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful Alaskan wilderness in a way that few people ever get to experience.

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Best Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

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Experience the beauty of Alaska from a unique perspective with the best Seward Alaska helicopter tours. Take a thrilling adventure and see the breathtaking glaciers and mountains. The tours are conducted by experienced pilots who offer informative commentary throughout the trip.

Best Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours Providers

There are several aviation companies providing helicopter tours in Seward Alaska. Here are some of the best:

No Helicopter Tour Provider Price Range
1 Major Marine Tours $245-$499
2 Seward Helicopter Tours $200-$600
3 Alaska Helicopter Tours $289-$599

What to Expect During the Tour

During your helicopter tour in Seward Alaska, you can expect to see glaciers, mountains, wildlife, and pristine landscapes in their natural surroundings. Your pilot will provide commentary on the history and culture of the area. Most helicopter tours in Seward Alaska usually last between one and two hours. The tours generally depart from the Seward Airport or Seward Harbor.

Guidelines for Choosing Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

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There are several factors you should consider when choosing a helicopter tour in Seward Alaska.

Tour Duration

The duration of the tour is an essential factor to consider. If you have a limited budget and time, you can choose a shorter tour. However, if you want to explore more places and have budget and time, you can select a more extended tour.

Reputation of Tour Providers

You should always opt for well-established and reputable tour providers to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. You can read online reviews of the tour providers to know their reputation.

Types of Helicopters

When choosing a tour provider, consider the type of helicopter they use. Make sure the helicopters are well-maintained and have large windows for optimal viewing.


The price of a helicopter tour differs for each provider. Compare the prices of different tour providers to find the best value for your budget.

How to Choose the Best Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,How to Choose the Best Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqglacierhelicoptertoursewardalaska

If you’re planning on visiting Seward and taking a helicopter tour, it’s important to choose the best one for you. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a tour:

1. Tour Provider

Make sure to research the tour provider beforehand. Read reviews from previous customers and check their safety records. Look for companies that have experienced pilots, modern equipment, and knowledgeable guides.

2. Tour Length

Determine how long of a tour you’d like to take. Tour lengths can vary from 20 minutes to several hours. Consider your budget and how much time you have to spend on a tour. Some tours also offer landing options for a more immersive experience.

3. Tour Route

Consider the route of the tour. Do you want to fly over glaciers or mountains? See wildlife or waterfalls? Choose a tour that aligns with your interests and preferences.

4. Tour Price

Helicopter tours can be pricey, so make sure to consider the cost when selecting a tour. Look for companies that offer package deals or discounts. Keep in mind that a more expensive tour may provide a higher quality experience.

5. Tour Availability

Make sure to check the tour availability for the date and time you’d like to take the tour. Summer months are peak tourist season, so book in advance to ensure availability.

6. Weather Conditions

Weather can significantly impact the quality of your tour. Look for companies that have flexible cancellation policies due to inclement weather. Some tours may offer refunds or rescheduling options.

7. Safety Measures

Safety should be a top priority when selecting a tour. Check to see if the tour provider has a safety policy in place and if their equipment is regularly maintained. Make sure to follow all safety instructions given by the pilot and/or tour guide.

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Best Time to Take Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Best Time to Visit Seward Alaska,thqbesttimetovisitsewardalaska

If you’re planning to go for Seward Alaska helicopter tours, it’s important to know the best time to visit the place. Seward Alaska is known for its chilly weather, and it can get darker and colder in the winter months. Therefore, the best time to go for a helicopter tour is during the summer season, particularly from mid-June to August, where you will have longer daylight and milder temperature.

Mid-June to August: Perfect Time for a Helicopter Tour

The summertime in Seward Alaska is popular for helicopter tours due to the ideal weather condition. The temperature ranges from 60°F to 70°F, with daylight lasting up to 19 hours in a day, giving you ample time to explore the breathtaking glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

What to Expect During Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqsewardalaskahelicoptertours

Seward Alaska helicopter tours offer unique experiences that will mesmerize you with glaciers, rugged coastline, mountains, and wildlife as you never experienced before. Here are some of the things you can expect to explore during the tour:

1. Awe-inspiring Views

Seward Alaska helicopter tours allow you to experience the awe-inspiring views of the Kenai Fjords National Park, a protected area known for its wildlife, coastal scenery, glaciers, and fjords. The helicopter tour will take you deep into the rugged coastlines, offering glimpses of abundant marine life, seals, whales, otters, bald eagles, and other creatures.

2. Opportunity to Land on the Glacier

Some helicopter tours offer you the chance to land on a glacier during the tour. You can walk around the glacier and explore the icy world with ice caves, crevasses, and moulins from a unique perspective.

3. Professional Guides and Pilots

Seward Alaska helicopter tours come with professional helicopter pilots with vast experience and knowledge of the area. They will ensure you have safe and memorable experiences during your tour.

Best Time to Book Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Best Time to Book Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqBestTimetoBookSewardAlaskaHelicopterTours

If you want to experience the scenic beauty of the Seward Alaska area to the fullest, you should choose the best time for booking Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours. The helicopter tours are mostly available from May through September. The temperature during this time is mild, and the weather is less unpredictable. The average temperature during this duration is 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the best time to book helicopter tours in Seward Alaska is definitely in July and August, where the weather is typically most beautiful and offers the highest chances of favorable conditions for flight.

May and June

May and June are beautiful months in Alaska when the weather is mild and warm. You can see lots of flowers, wild animals, and rivers during this time. However, the temperature can be chilly, and it may rain frequently. These months are a great time to visit the area, although we recommend wearing warm clothing and preparing for all types of weather.

July and August

July and August are the peak months for tourists visiting the area. The weather is at its finest and most suitable for helicopter tours. The days are long, and the temperature is warm, making it the perfect time to enjoy the scenic beauty of Alaska from a helicopter. The glaciers look magnificent under the sunlight, and the fauna is in full bloom during these months. Book your helicopter tour early in advance because seats fill up fast during these peak months.

The Benefits of Taking A Seward Alaska Helicopter Tour

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,The Benefits of Taking A Seward Alaska Helicopter Tour,thqBenefitsofTakingASewardAlaskaHelicopterTour

If you want to experience Alaska like never before, taking a Seward Alaska Helicopter tour will provide you with an experience that you will cherish for years to come. Here are some benefits of taking a helicopter tour in the area:

Capture Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Alaska offers a lot of scenic beauty that no one should miss. The aerial view from the helicopter allows you to take an unmatched bird’s eye view of the entire area and capture memories that will last a lifetime. The breathtaking beauty of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife will inspire you.

Safety and Reliability

The helicopters used for tours are well maintained, newer models, and have a great safety record. The experienced pilots are certified in mountain flying and have ample experience touring Alaska. Safety is their priority, and they have a rigorous safety protocol.


Taking a helicopter tour makes it easy to explore Alaska. Unlike hiking or other excursions, you get to see a lot more in a short amount of time, with convenience. Additionally, you can do it in a comfortable and temperature controlled environment.

Learn About The Area From Your Pilot

During your tour, pilots will provide you with interesting information about the area like geology, history, and the native flora and fauna. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about this beautiful place.

What to Expect on Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,What to Expect on Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqWhattoExpectonSewardAlaskaHelicopterTours

If you’re planning to take a helicopter tour in Seward, then it’s important to know what to expect. Firstly, you’ll experience the thrill of being up in the air and seeing the stunning Alaskan landscape from a completely different perspective. You can expect to see glaciers, mountains, and fjords, as well as wildlife such as bears and whales.

The Best Time for Helicopter Tours in Seward

The best time to take a helicopter tour in Seward is during the summer months of June, July, and August, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer. This means that there is more daylight to see the stunning Alaskan scenery.

What to Wear on Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

It’s important to dress appropriately for a helicopter tour in Seward, as the weather can be unpredictable and it can get cold up in the air. Therefore, we recommend wearing warm, layered clothing and sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Sunglasses are also a must to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight reflecting on the snow and ice.

Best Time to Take Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Best Time to Take Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqBestTimetoTakeSewardAlaskaHelicopterTours

If you’re planning to take a Seward Alaska helicopter tour, it’s best to consider the time of year. The spring and summer months are the busiest times for tourists to visit Seward, but it’s also the best time to see the spectacular views from the helicopter tour. The months between May and September offer the best weather for helicopter flying, and visitors can experience daylight for up to 20 hours per day. It is advisable to book your helicopter tour well in advance if you plan to visit during this time, as spots fill up quickly.

Summer Helicopter Tours

The summer months between June and August are the most popular for visitors. These months offer the best weather, with temperatures reaching into the 60s and 70s. It’s the perfect time to take a helicopter tour, as you get better visibility of the glaciers and wildlife. It’s also the busiest tourist season, so it’s important to make your reservations early to secure your spot.

Winter Helicopter Tours

While the summer months are the busiest, winter also offers great views for Seward Alaska helicopter tours. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and experience a different side of Seward, winter can be a great time to visit. Winter helicopter tours offer a unique view of the snow-covered landscape and the Northern Lights. The months between November and March offer the best opportunity to see the aurora borealis, and helicopter tours are a great way to experience this natural wonder.

Safety Tips for Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Safety Tips for Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqSafetyTipsforSewardAlaskaHelicopterTours

Seward Alaska helicopter tours are a fantastic way to explore the Kenai Fjords National Park. However, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable:

Choose a Reputable Tour Company

Before booking your tour, make sure to research the tour company. Look for reviews from previous customers and check if the company is properly licensed and insured. Also, make sure the company has well-maintained helicopters and experienced pilots.

Check the Weather

Weather conditions can change rapidly in Alaska, especially in the mountains. Make sure to check the weather forecast and be prepared for changes in temperature and weather conditions.

Dress Appropriately

Regardless of the time of year, it’s important to dress appropriately. Wear layers of warm clothing to avoid hypothermia, even during the summer months. If you’re taking a winter tour, make sure to wear a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat.

Listen to Your Pilot

Your pilot is experienced and knowledgeable and will give you important safety instructions before take-off. Be sure to listen carefully and follow their instructions throughout the tour.

Best Time to Go on a Seward Alaska Helicopter Tour

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Best Time to Go on a Seward Alaska Helicopter Tour,thqBestTimetoGoonaSewardAlaskaHelicopterTour

The best time to go on a Seward Alaska helicopter tour is during the summer months of May to September when the weather is milder, and the days are longer. This is also the peak tourist season, and the helicopter tours can get booked out quickly, so it is recommended to book in advance. If you are looking for a more unique experience, then consider a winter helicopter tour where you can experience the northern lights.

Peak Tourist Season

The peak tourist season for Seward Alaska helicopter tours is during the summer months, with July being the busiest month. The weather is usually around 60-70°F, and the days are longer, giving you more time to explore the area. However, prices can be higher, and the tours can get booked out quickly, so it is recommended to book in advance.

Winter Helicopter Tours

If you are looking for a more unique experience, then consider a winter helicopter tour where you can experience the northern lights. The best time to see the northern lights in Seward is from December to March when the sky is darker. The temperatures can be below freezing, with an average of 25-30°F, so make sure to dress warmly. Winter tours are also less busy, and prices can be lower.

Safety Tips for Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours

seward-alaska-helicopter-tours,Safety Tips for Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours,thqSafetyTipsforSewardAlaskaHelicopterTours

While a Seward Alaska helicopter tour is an incredible experience, it is important to consider safety. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Choose a Reputable Tour Company

Make sure to choose a reputable tour company that has experienced pilots and follows all safety regulations.

Dress Appropriately

The weather in Alaska can be unpredictable, so dress in layers and bring appropriate clothing for the conditions. Also, wear closed-toe shoes and avoid loose clothing or scarves that could get caught in the rotors.

Listen to the Pilot

Pay attention to the safety briefing from the pilot and follow their instructions during the flight. If the pilot advises against a particular action, such as standing up or leaning out of the helicopter, listen to them.

Buckle Up

Always wear your seatbelt during the flight and ensure it is properly fastened. Also, do not remove it until the pilot says it is safe to do so.

Do Not Touch Anything

Do not touch any controls or buttons in the helicopter unless instructed to do so by the pilot.

Seward Alaska Helicopter Tours – FAQ

Get answers to common questions and concerns about Seward, Alaska helicopter tours.

1. What are the benefits of taking a helicopter tour?

Helicopter tours allow you to see stunning views of Seward’s landscapes and wildlife from a unique vantage point. You can access areas that are otherwise off-limits and enjoy a memorable experience.

2. How long do helicopter tours usually last?

The duration of your helicopter tour may vary depending on the provider and the tour route. Most tours last around one hour.

3. What should I wear on a helicopter tour?

Dress comfortably with weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear. Avoid loose clothing, hats, and scarves as they can fly off and interfere with the helicopter’s rotors.

4. Is there an age or weight limit for helicopter tours?

Most providers have a minimum age requirement of six years old and a weight limit of around 275 lbs per person. However, some providers may have different policies, so it is best to check with the tour operator beforehand.

5. Is it safe to take a helicopter tour?

Yes, helicopter tours are safe as long as you follow all safety instructions provided by your tour operator. All helicopter tours meet and exceed FAA safety standards.

6. Can I bring my camera on the helicopter tour?

Yes, most providers allow you to bring a camera or smartphone on the helicopter tour to capture stunning views and memories.

7. Can I bring food or drinks on the helicopter tour?

Most tour providers do not allow food or drinks on the helicopter tour due to safety reasons. However, you can bring a bottle of water or a small snack.

8. Can I bring my pet on the helicopter tour?

No, pets are not allowed on the helicopter tour due to safety concerns and FAA regulations.

9. What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my scheduled tour?

If there is bad weather, the tour provider will reschedule your tour for another day. If the weather is not suitable for flying, you will receive a full refund.

10. What if I have motion sickness?

If you are prone to motion sickness, it is best to take medication beforehand. Also, try to avoid looking down for extended periods during the tour.

11. Will there be a guide or narration during the tour?

Most tours have a guide or narration to provide fascinating information about Seward, Alaska’s history, landscapes, and wildlife.

12. Can I request a specific tour route?

Some tour providers allow you to customize your tour route. However, the final decision depends on the weather, safety, and availability of the tour route.

13. Is there a restroom on the helicopter?

No, helicopters don’t have a restroom. It is best to use the restroom before boarding the helicopter.

14. Do I need a reservation to book a helicopter tour?

Yes, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance as most tours fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist season. You can make a reservation online or by phone.

15. Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

Most providers allow you to cancel or modify your reservation at least 24 hours in advance without incurring any fees. However, it is best to check the tour operator’s cancellation and refund policies before making the reservation.

If you’re planning a trip to Seward, Alaska and are interested in taking a helicopter tour, check out this list of Seward Alaska helicopter tours for some options.

Thank You for Soaring with Us, Kind Reader

We hope you enjoyed this journey with us through the breathtaking glaciers of Seward, Alaska. We are thrilled to have shared these incredible helicopter tours with you, and we hope that it left you with unforgettable memories. We invite you to visit us again soon, as there’s always something new to explore. Until then, take care and keep traveling!

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