Discover the Thrilling Views of Santa Monica by Helicopter

Kind reader, Santa Monica helicopter is one of the most exciting ways to explore the beautiful city of Santa Monica, California. The sightseeing tours offer breathtaking views of the stunning coastline, towering mountains, and iconic landmarks, all from the comfort of a modern helicopter. This thrilling experience is perfect for those looking for an adrenaline rush or a unique way to celebrate a special occasion.

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The Beauty of Santa Monica Helicopter Tours

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Santa Monica, California is a beautiful place to visit, and what better way to experience its beauty than from above? Santa Monica helicopter tours are an excellent way to see the city’s landmarks, the stunning coastline, and the surrounding hills from a bird’s-eye view.

Discover Santa Monica’s Landmarks

Take in the amazing architecture of the city’s landmarks during a Santa Monica helicopter tour. You’ll see famous sites like the Santa Monica Pier and the Santa Monica Mountains, the Third Street Promenade, and the famous hotels on Ocean Avenue, all from a unique and unforgettable perspective.

Fly Over the Coastline

Admire the stunning coastline of Santa Monica from the air. The brilliant blue ocean stretched out as far as you can see, and you’ll spot dolphins, surfers, and maybe even some whales during migration season!

Get a Glimpse of the Surrounding Hills

Take your Santa Monica helicopter tour to the next level with the beautiful surrounding hills. Flying over the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest is an unforgettable experience. If you’re lucky, you might even get to witness the famous pink clouds at sunset.

The Best Time to Book a Santa Monica Helicopter Tour

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The best time to book a Santa Monica helicopter tour is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is at its best. However, keep in mind that this is peak season, so prices may be higher and tours could be busier.

Book Early

If you want to book a Santa Monica helicopter tour during peak season, it’s essential to book early, at least six weeks in advance. This allows you to get the best prices and the ideal time slots.

Consider Shoulder Season

If you’re looking for more affordable pricing and fewer crowds, consider booking during the shoulder season, which is late spring or early fall. The weather is still fantastic, and prices are lower.

Be Flexible

If you have a flexible schedule, take advantage of last-minute deals or stand-by rates. Some helicopter tour companies offer these, which can get you a great tour at a lower price.

No Important Notes
1 Quotes for quotes: “seeing Santa Monica from a helicopter is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have” – Jon Doe, Travel Enthusiast.
2 Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing, and a camera!

The Best Time to Take a Santa Monica Helicopter Tour

santa-monica-helicopter,The Best Time to Take a Santa Monica Helicopter Tour,thqbesttimetotakesantamonicahelicoptertour

If you’re planning to take a helicopter tour in Santa Monica, the first thing you need to do is choose the best time of day to do it. While helicopter tours can be done anytime during the day, there are certain times that are just perfect for this activity.

Early Morning

The best time to go on a helicopter tour is during early morning. The sky is clear, the winds are calm, and the view is simply breathtaking. This is also the best time to avoid traffic and crowds. You can have an unobstructed view of the city without having to share it with too many people.


Another great time to go on a helicopter tour is during sunset. This is the perfect time to see the city’s famous landmarks as they light up one by one. The colors of the sky are also stunning during this time, giving you an even more beautiful backdrop for your photos and videos.

No Pros Cons
1 You can avoid traffic and crowds Limited availability and higher prices
2 Spectacular view of the city as it lights up during sunset May require prior planning and reservation


“The best time to take a Santa Monica Helicopter Tour either early in the morning or during sunset but could have limited availability and higher prices. Prior planning and reservations may required.”

No Key Information
1 Location
2 Service Provider
3 Flight Times
4 Flight Routes
5 Fare
6 Helicopter Models
7 Passenger Capacity
8 Weight Restrictions
9 Safety Measures

Helicopter Tours in Santa Monica

santa-monica-helicopter,Helicopter Tours in Santa Monica,thqHelicopterToursinSantaMonica

If you want to experience the ultimate sightseeing adventure in Santa Monica, a helicopter tour is the perfect solution. Visitors can take advantage of a selection of helicopter tours, which vary in duration and itinerary, and can be tailored to suit your preferences. With panoramic views of the California coastline and landmarks such as the Santa Monica Pier and Palisades Park, these tours allow you to experience the sights of Santa Monica like never before.

Popular Helicopter Tour Providers

There are various helicopter tour providers in Santa Monica, and it’s important to choose a reputable company that provides a safe and reliable service. Listed below are three of the most popular helicopter tour providers in Santa Monica, along with information about their tours.

1. Elite Helicopter Tours

The tours offered by Elite Helicopter Tours provide a unique and unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Santa Monica. Their tours last between 10 and 30 minutes and include views of Los Angeles, Malibu, and Santa Monica Beach. Private tours are also available for ultimate luxury and comfort.

2. Star Helicopters

Star Helicopters offer several different tours in Santa Monica, ranging from 12 minutes to an hour. Some of the highlights of their tours include the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign, and the Santa Monica Pier. Customers can also create their own custom tours.

3. Orbic Air

With Orbic Air, you can choose from several custom tours or book a private helicopter charter. Their tours provide breathtaking views of the Southern California coastline and iconic landmarks like the Staples Center, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

Cost and booking

The cost of helicopter tours in Santa Monica can vary depending on the provider, the length of the tour, and the itinerary. However, most tours cost between $150 and $400 per person. Be sure to book your tour in advance to ensure availability.

No Cost (per person) Tour Provider Tour Length
1 $150-$250 Elite Helicopter Tours 10-30 minutes
2 $210-$360 Star Helicopters 12 minutes – 1 hour
3 Variable Orbic Air Custom tours or private charter

The Best Routes to See Santa Monica from the Air

santa-monica-helicopter,The Best Routes to See Santa Monica from the Air,thqbesthelicoptertoursinsantamonica

If you’re looking for a bird’s eye view of Santa Monica, you’re in luck! There are several routes to choose from, all offering stunning views of the city, the coastline, and the Pacific Ocean. The best routes to see Santa Monica from the air include:

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is a popular choice for those who want to see as much of Santa Monica as possible. This route takes you over the city’s famous beaches, including Venice Beach and Muscle Beach, as well as the Santa Monica Pier and the Palisades Park. You’ll also fly over the Getty Museum, the Hollywood Sign, and the Universal Studios Hollywood. The Grand Tour typically lasts around 60 minutes.

The Coastal Tour

The Coastal Tour focuses on the scenic coastline of Santa Monica and the surrounding areas. During this tour, you’ll fly over some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach. You’ll also see the Marina del Rey and the stunning cliffs of Palos Verdes. The Coastal Tour typically lasts around 30 minutes.

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or proposal, consider booking a sunset helicopter tour. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean from the air!

The Night Tour

The Night Tour is a great way to see Santa Monica from a different perspective. During this tour, you’ll fly over the city’s brightly lit streets and buildings, as well as the iconic Santa Monica Pier. You’ll also see the glittering lights of downtown Los Angeles in the distance. The Night Tour typically lasts around 30 minutes.

Safety Measures for Santa Monica Helicopter Tours

santa-monica-helicopter,Safety Measures for Santa Monica Helicopter Tours,thqSafetyMeasuresforSantaMonicaHelicopterTours

While helicopter tours in Santa Monica can be a thrilling experience, safety should never be compromised. Tour companies are aware of this fact, and several measures have been put in place to ensure that all passengers have a safe ride. Below are some safety measures to look out for when booking a Santa Monica helicopter ride:

Well-maintained Helicopters

The helicopters used for tours should be well-maintained with regular checks and servicing done on them. Regular checks on the rotor blades, engines, and navigation equipment should be done.

Experienced Pilots

The helicopter tour company should employ experienced and licensed pilots who have undergone thorough training. Check if the pilots have adequate flying hours, and the response to emergency situations should be swift.

Safety Briefings

Before taking off, the tour company should provide safety briefings and demonstrations on the use of the seat belts and life jackets. Passengers should be made aware of what to do in the event of an emergency landing.

Proper Weather Conditions

Helicopter tours in Santa Monica should be conducted in the right weather conditions. Companies should not fly in unfavorable weather conditions including heavy rains, thunderstorms, and winds exceeding 25 knots among others.

Proper Use of Helicopter Doors

The tour company should give clear directions on how to open and close the helicopter doors. Passengers should be made aware of the dangers of opening doors mid-flight.

Seat Belt Use

All passengers should be required to wear their seat belts throughout the duration of the flight. The tour company should provide well-fitting seat belts.

Weight Restrictions

Helicopters have weight restrictions to ensure that the aircraft is balanced. The tour company should communicate to passengers on the maximum weight limits allowed to board.

Helicopter Tours in Santa Monica

santa-monica-helicopter,Helicopter Tours in Santa Monica,thqHelicopterToursinSantaMonica

If you want to explore the beauty of Santa Monica from a unique perspective, consider taking a helicopter tour. It’s a fantastic way to see the city’s landmarks and attractions from above. There are several tour operators in Santa Monica that offer helicopter tours, ranging from short, 15-minute rides to longer, more comprehensive tours that last for an hour or more. Some popular tours include:

Famous Film Sites Tour

This tour takes you to see the sites where some of the most famous movies and TV shows were filmed in Santa Monica. You’ll get to see the Ferris wheel from “The Santa Clause 2”, the Santa Monica Pier from “Iron Man”, and the beach from “Baywatch”, just to name a few. You’ll also get to fly over the mansions of some of the biggest Hollywood stars.

Coastal Tour

The coastal tour takes you along the Santa Monica coastline, giving you an incredible view of the beaches and cliffs. You’ll also get to see the Venice Boardwalk, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Pacific Palisades. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins or whales in the ocean.

If you’re interested in booking a helicopter tour, we recommend checking out some of the top-rated tour operators on TripAdvisor to get an idea of what other travelers have enjoyed. Make sure to book your tour in advance, as they can sell out quickly, especially during peak tourist season.

Santa Monica Helicopter Tours: An Adventure of a Lifetime

santa-monica-helicopter,Santa Monica Helicopter Tours,thqSantaMonicaHelicopterTours

If you’re looking for a unique way to see Santa Monica, you can’t beat a helicopter tour. There are several companies that offer aerial tours of the city and surrounding coastline, providing breathtaking views that you won’t get from the ground.

What to Expect on a Santa Monica Helicopter Tour

A typical helicopter tour of Santa Monica will take you over some of the most iconic sights in the area. You’ll see the Santa Monica Pier, the famous Ferris wheel, Muscle Beach, and the sprawling beaches that draw so many visitors each year.

Beyond that, the exact itinerary will depend on the tour company and the tour package you select. Some tours focus on the coastline, while others head inland to provide views of the Hollywood Hills and downtown Los Angeles. Some tours also offer longer flight times, allowing you to see more of the city and surrounding wilderness.

Choosing a Santa Monica Helicopter Tour Company

If you decide to take a helicopter tour of Santa Monica, you want to make sure you select a reputable company that prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction. Here are a few companies to consider:

No Santa Monica Helicopter Tour Company
1 Elite Helicopter Tours
2 Orbic Air
3 Star Helicopters

All of these companies have a strong reputation for safety and customer satisfaction, and offer unique tour packages that are sure to be memorable.

Santa Monica Helicopter FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Santa Monica Helicopter

1. What can I expect on a Santa Monica Helicopter tour?

You’ll fly over some of the most scenic locations in the area, including the beaches, mountains, and iconic landmarks. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of Santa Monica from a unique perspective.

2. Is flying in a helicopter safe?

Yes, helicopter companies take safety very seriously and conduct regular maintenance on their aircraft. Additionally, pilots are highly trained and experienced in flying helicopters.

3. Are there any age or weight restrictions for Santa Monica Helicopter tours?

There may be restrictions based on weight and age. It’s best to check with the tour company directly for specific details.

4. Is motion sickness a concern when flying in a helicopter?

Some people may experience motion sickness during the flight. If you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s best to take medication beforehand or choose a tour with less turbulence.

5. How long are the Santa Monica helicopter tours?

The length of a tour will vary depending on which option you choose. Most tours are between 15 and 30 minutes long.

6. Can I bring a camera or other personal items on the helicopter?

Yes, you can bring a camera or other small personal items on the helicopter. However, it’s best to check with the tour company about their specific policies.

7. Do I need to wear a seatbelt during the helicopter tour?

Yes, it’s required to wear a seatbelt during the Santa Monica helicopter tour. This helps ensure your safety while in the air.

8. What happens if there’s bad weather on the day of my tour?

If the weather is too severe to fly safely, the tour company will reschedule your tour for another day. It’s best to plan your tour for a day when the weather is expected to be clear and calm.

9. Can I schedule a private helicopter tour?

Yes, many tour companies offer private helicopter tours for those who want a more personalized experience. Contact the tour company directly to discuss your options.

10. Are there any discounts available for Santa Monica helicopter tours?

Some tour companies may offer discounts for military personnel, students, or groups. Check with the tour company directly for any available discounts.

11. How early should I arrive for my helicopter tour?

It’s best to arrive at the helicopter tour meeting location at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. This gives you enough time to check in and get ready for the tour.

12. Can I book a Santa Monica helicopter tour online?

Yes, many tour companies offer online booking options for added convenience. Check the tour company’s website for more information.

13. What if I need to cancel my helicopter tour?

If you need to cancel your tour, contact the tour company as soon as possible. Some companies will offer refunds or rescheduling options, while others may have specific cancellation policies.

14. Do I need any special clothing or gear for the helicopter tour?

No, there are no specific clothing or gear requirements for the Santa Monica helicopter tour. However, it’s best to dress comfortably and avoid loose items that could fly out of the helicopter during the flight.

15. Will I get to see any celebrities’ homes during the Santa Monica helicopter tour?

It’s possible to see some celebrity homes during the flight, but keep in mind that privacy laws prevent tour companies from flying too closely to private residences.

Looking for helicopter tours in Santa Monica? Check out Santa Monica helicopter rides for an unforgettable experience with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and iconic landmarks.

Thank You, Kind Reader!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Santa Monica helicopter and how it is a vital part of the community. From above, the views are breathtaking, and we encourage you to take a ride for yourself. So, if you ever find yourself in Santa Monica, book a ride on a helicopter and experience the beauty of this Californian city for yourself! Until next time, thank you for reading and come back soon for more exciting news and adventures.

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