Unleashing the Power of the S64 Helicopter: A Closer Look at its Capabilities

Kind reader, let’s talk about the impressive capabilities of the S64 helicopter. Also known as the Skycrane, this aircraft is a heavy-lift helicopter originally designed for the military. With its immense lifting power and precision controls, the S64 has become a popular choice for firefighting, construction, and other heavy-duty tasks. Its unique design allows it to transport up to 9,000 pounds of cargo, making it an invaluable tool for a variety of industries.

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Overview of the S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,s64 helicopter,thqs64helicopter

The Sikorsky S64 helicopter, also known as the Skycrane, is a heavy-lift helicopter that was designed for the United States Army. With its unique twin rotors and heavy-duty construction, the S64 is capable of carrying oversized cargo, including heavy equipment and building materials, as well as firefighting operations and logging.

History and Development

The S64 helicopter was developed in the late 1950s by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which had previously designed the H-19 Chickasaw and H-34 Choctaw helicopters for the United States Army. The S64 was based on the earlier Skycrane prototype, which was developed as a transport helicopter for the Marine Corps. The S64 was first flown in 1962, and was later used in the Vietnam War for troop transport and cargo operations.

Technical Specifications

No Specifications
1 Crew: 3
2 Maximum Speed: 120 knots (138 mph, 222 km/h)
3 Ceiling: 9,500 feet (2,896 m)
4 Range: 225 nautical miles (259 miles, 417 km)
5 Maximum Payload: 20,000 pounds (9,071 kg)
6 Length: 88 ft 6 in (26.97 m)
7 Height: 18 ft 11 in (5.77 m)
8 Main Rotor Diameter: 72 ft (22 m)
9 Empty Weight: 19,669 pounds (8,925 kg)

The S64 helicopter is powered by two Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-4A turboshaft engines, which provide a combined 4,800 horsepower. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 120 knots and a range of 225 nautical miles. It also has a maximum payload of 20,000 pounds and can carry up to 54 troops or passengers.

Applications of the S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,s64 helicopter,thqs64helicopter

Heavy-Lift Operations

The S64 helicopter is primarily used for heavy-lift operations. Its twin-rotor design gives it exceptional lifting ability, and it is capable of carrying large and heavy loads over long distances. The S64 is often used in construction, logging, and firefighting operations, as well as for military transport and reconnaissance missions.


The S64 is also commonly used for firefighting operations. With its ability to carry large buckets of water or fire retardant, the S64 is an efficient tool for fighting wildfires. It can drop water on a target with pinpoint accuracy, which is critical for controlling fires in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

The Development of S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,The Development of S64 Helicopter,thqDevelopmentofS64Helicopter

The S64 helicopter, commonly referred to as the Sikorsky Skycrane, was developed by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. Its development began in 1958, and it was primarily designed to carry heavy cargo and equipment. However, over the years, the helicopter has been upgraded and modified to perform various tasks.

The First Prototypes and Early Service

The development of the S64 helicopter started in 1958, and the first prototype, known as the YCH-54A Tarhe, was completed in May 1962. The Tarhe was tested in various areas, including lifting heavy loads and firefighting. The helicopter showed great promise, and soon, the US Army ordered 54 more helicopters. The Army eventually used the Tarhe for various missions, including artillery emplacement, missile transport, and logistical support.

Upgrades and Modifications

Over the years, the S64 helicopter underwent several upgrades and modifications to improve its performance. In 1992, Sikorsky introduced the S-64E model, which had a more powerful engine and other enhancements that increased lift capability. The helicopter could now carry a maximum external payload of 20,000 pounds.

In addition to the new engine, the S-64E model had an extended fuel tank, a new fire-fighting tank, and other modifications that made it more versatile. The helicopter could now perform a range of tasks, including firefighting, construction, and transport of heavy cargo.

The S64 Helicopter Today

Today, the S64 helicopter is still in service and continues to perform various tasks worldwide. The helicopter is commonly used by firefighting agencies because of its ability to carry large amounts of water. The S64 has been used to fight wildfires in countries like Canada, Chile, and Australia.

The helicopter is also used in construction, oil and gas exploration, and other industries that require heavy-lift capability. In recent years, Sikorsky has also developed the S-64 Air Crane, which is an upgraded version of the helicopter with even greater lift capability. The S-64 Air Crane is commonly used in mining, oil and gas, and other industries that require heavy cargo transport.

No S64 Helicopter Model Maximum External Payload Primary Use
1 YCH-54A Tarhe 9,000 pounds Artillery emplacement, missile transport, logistical support
2 S-64E 20,000 pounds Firefighting, construction, transport of heavy cargo
3 S-64 Air Crane 25,000 pounds Mining, oil and gas, heavy cargo transport
No Category Details
1 Performance Max speed: 320 km/h
2 Capacity Up to 14 passengers
3 Range 1,056 km
4 Engine type Twin-engine
5 Weight Empty weight: 3,800 kg. Max takeoff weight: 7,200 kg.
6 Cost Average cost of $12 million.

History of S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,History of S64 Helicopter,thqHistoryofS64Helicopter

The S64 helicopter, originally developed in the United States in the 1950s, is a heavy-lift aircraft designed to transport cargo and military equipment. The helicopter is recognizable by its distinctive twin rotors that spin in opposite directions.

Development of S64 Helicopter

The S64 Helicopter was developed by the Sikorsky Aircraft Company as the CH-54 Tarhe. The CH-54 was developed as a successor to the Sikorsky CH-37 Mojave. It was designed to provide a means of transporting cargo and vehicles in locations that were inaccessible to other aircraft, such as the UH-1 Iroquois helicopter. The CH-54 prototype first flew in 1962 and was capable of lifting up to 12,000 pounds of cargo.

Usage of S64 Helicopter

The Sikorsky S64 has been used by various countries’ armed forces and air forces. The United States Army began operating the S-64A in 1966, primarily for heavy-lift purposes. It was used during the Vietnam War to transport troops, cargo, and equipment. The CH-54 was also used in the Afghanistan War, where it was fitted with armor and defensive systems.

In addition to military use, the S64 has been used to fight forest fires, lift heavy equipment, construction work, and disaster relief. It has the ability to lift up to 25,000 pounds and transport them to remote locations. The helicopter’s maneuverability and power make it an invaluable tool for various heavy-lift operations.

Features of S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,Features of S64 Helicopter,thqFeaturesofS64Helicopter

Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, a versatile heavy-lift helicopter capable of accommodating payloads ranging from fuel tanks to construction materials. It is a twin-engine aircraft with a capacity of up to 20,000 pounds for external cargo. The aircraft has a large 72.7 ft. diameter rotor system with a folding tail boom and rear pylon that make it easier for the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane to transport large payloads. Its fuel capacity is enough to support a mission of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Let’s explore some of the features in more detail:


The S64 helicopter is capable of lifting up to 9,000 kg(20,000 lbs) externally. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney JFTD12A-4A engines rated at 4,500 shp each. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 125 knots and can fly at an altitude of up to 15,700 feet. It has a range of 130 nautical miles and has a maximum flight endurance of 2 hours and 45 minutes.


The Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane is designed to be a rugged and durable aircraft capable of carrying heavy payloads in harsh environments. Its large rotor system and high thrust-to-weight ratio make it an excellent choice for lifting heavy objects. The aircraft is also equipped with a folding tail boom and rear pylon, making it easier to transport between job sites. Additionally, the S-64 is equipped with a weather radar system to help pilots avoid dangerous weather conditions.

“Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane is designed to be a rugged and durable aircraft capable of carrying heavy payloads in harsh environments.”

No Specifications
1 Crew: 2 (pilot and co-pilot)
2 Capacity: 20,000 lbs (9,000 kg)
3 Length: 88 ft 6 in (26.97 m)
4 Height: 25 ft 10 in (7.87 m)
5 Empty weight: 20,135 lb (9,129 kg)
6 Max takeoff weight: 49,000 lb (22,226 kg)
7 Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney JFTD12A-4A turboshaft engines, 4,500 shp (3,357 kW) each.


The S64 helicopter is known for its versatility, making it an ideal option for a range of industries, including:

Firefighting Services

The S64 helicopter has been used in firefighting applications for over 50 years. With its ability to carry up to 2,650 gallons of water, the S-64 is perfect for fighting wildfires and other large-scale fires. The helicopter’s precision operation makes it one of the most effective firefighting tools in the world.


The S64 helicopter is perfect for moving equipment and materials on a construction site. Its heavy-lift capabilities mean that it can move large items such as steel beams and pre-fabricated building sections with ease. The helicopter’s precision is also an asset on construction sites, allowing equipment to be accurately placed in even the most challenging of locations.

The S64 Helicopter’s Features

s64-helicopter,S64 Helicopter Features,thqS64HelicopterFeatures

The S64 helicopter is a versatile aircraft that can perform various tasks. It has key features that make it an effective helicopter, such as:

1. Heavy Lift Capability

One of the unique features of the S64 helicopter is its heavy lift capability. It is designed to lift up to 20,000 pounds, which makes it ideal for transporting large equipment and cargo. This feature has made the S64 helicopter a popular choice for firefighting, construction, and military operations.

2. Dual Rotor System

The S64 helicopter has a dual rotor system that creates powerful lift, which helps it to fly in a variety of weather conditions. It also has a unique control system that allows it to maneuver more easily compared to other helicopters. The dual rotor system and control system make the S64 helicopter an effective aircraft for rescue operations and transporting cargo.

3. Water Tank System

The S64 helicopter can also be fitted with a water tank system, making it an effective aerial firefighting tool. A large capacity tank is installed in the helicopter’s cargo bay that can hold thousands of gallons of water or fire retardant chemicals. The pilot can release the water or chemicals in a controlled manner over a fire, significantly reducing its intensity.

4. Fuel System

The S64 helicopter is equipped with a special fuel system that allows it to fly for several hours without refueling. It also has quick refueling capabilities, significantly reducing turnaround times. The fuel system is one of the reasons why the S64 is a popular helicopter for offshore operation.

5. Cargo Hook System

The S64 helicopter also has a cargo hook system that can lift heavy objects from the ground and transport them to precise locations. This feature makes the S64 helicopter an effective tool for construction, mining, and logging operations. With its cargo hook system, the S64 helicopter can easily transport equipment and supplies to remote locations.

S64 Helicopter Specifications

s64-helicopter,S64 Helicopter Specifications,thqS64HelicopterSpecifications

The S64 helicopter was designed to be used for a variety of purposes that require heavy lifting. Here are some of its specifications:

The Performance

The S64 has a maximum speed of 96 knots (111mph) and has a maximum range of 275 nautical miles. It has a service ceiling of 15,000 feet. The helicopter is powered by two General Electric T64-GE-416/416A engines. It has a maximum gross weight of 41,000 lbs and is capable of carrying a payload of up to 20,000 lbs.

The Dimensions

The S64 has a length of 72 feet and a rotor diameter of 62 feet. Its tail rotor diameter is 13 feet. The helicopter’s height, with rotors turning, is 18 feet.

No Specifications
1 Maximum Speed 96 knots (111mph)
2 Maximum Range 275 nautical miles
3 Service Ceiling 15,000 feet
4 Engine 2 × General Electric T64-GE-416/416A
5 Maximum Gross Weight 41,000 lb
6 Payload Up to 20,000 lb
7 Length 72 feet
8 Rotor Diameter 62 feet
9 Tail Rotor Diameter 13 feet
10 Height (with rotors turning) 18 feet

Top Features of S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,Top Features of S64 Helicopter,thqTopFeaturesofS64Helicopter

The S64 helicopter is known to be a heavy-lift and utility helicopter that is used for many different tasks. Here are some of the top features of the S64 helicopter:

1. Dual Rotor Blades

The S64 has a unique design that is unlike most helicopters. Instead of having one main rotor blade, it has two. This design helps to distribute the weight more evenly, which allows for the helicopter to carry heavier loads.

2. External Hooks

The S64 helicopter is equipped with external hooks which gives it the ability to lift and transport heavy equipment. This feature makes it a popular choice for construction and transportation companies.

3. Large Cargo Area

The cargo area of the S64 helicopter is quite large, which allows for it to transport a wide range of equipment. The cargo area can also be modified to fit specific equipment which makes it a versatile option for many different industries.

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Applications of S64 Helicopter

s64-helicopter,Applications of S64 Helicopter,thqApplicationsofS64Helicopter

The S64 helicopter has been used extensively for many different purposes. Some of the notable applications of the S64 helicopter include:

1. Firefighting

The S64 helicopter is often used for firefighting purposes due to its ability to carry large amounts of water and its heavy lift capabilities. The helicopter can be fitted with a large water tank that can be easily refilled, making it an efficient tool for firefighters.

2. Construction

The S64 helicopter is commonly used in construction due to its ability to transport heavy equipment and construction materials. The helicopter can easily lift and transport large items, which allows for construction projects to be completed more efficiently.

3. Logging

The S64 helicopter is also used in the logging industry to transport logs from remote areas to sawmills. The helicopter can lift and transport logs that would be difficult to reach by ground vehicles.

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S64 Helicopter FAQ

S64 Helicopter FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the S64 helicopter.

1. What is the S64 Helicopter?

The S64 Skycrane is a heavy-lift helicopter typically used for firefighting and logging, but also has various military and civilian uses.

2. What is the maximum weight the S64 can lift?

The S64 has a maximum gross weight of 42,000 pounds and can lift up to 10,000 pounds when equipped with a 7,000-pound external load

3. What type of engine does the S64 have?

The S64 is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-4A (T73-P-1) turboshaft engines, each producing 4,500 horsepower.

4. How fast can the S64 Helicopter fly?

The S64 has a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour and a cruise speed of approximately 90 miles per hour.

5. What kind of missions is the S64 best suited for?

The S64 is best suited for heavy-lift operations such as firefighting, logging, construction, and military operations.

6. Is the S64 Helicopter safe to fly in?

Yes, the S64 is a safe and reliable aircraft. It undergoes stringent safety checks and is maintained at high standards by its operators.

7. How many people can the S64 Helicopter carry?

The S64 can carry up to three crew members and a limited number of passengers depending on the mission and configuration.

8. How long can the S64 Helicopter stay airborne?

The S64 has a maximum endurance of approximately 2.5 hours, but typically remains airborne for shorter durations due to its heavy-lift operations.

9. What is the range of the S64 Helicopter?

The S64 has a range of approximately 300 miles, but this varies depending on payload and other mission factors

10. Is the S64 Helicopter difficult to fly?

The S64 requires highly skilled pilots due to its unique characteristics and heavy-lift capabilities. It requires extensive training and experience to fly successfully.

11. How does the S64 drop water to fight fires?

The S64 is equipped with a specialized water bucket that is filled by dipping it into a body of water. The bucket is then transported to the fire area and dropped onto the flames.

12. What is the cost of an S64 Helicopter?

The cost of an S64 varies depending on the configuration, age, and other factors. But it typically has a price tag of several million dollars.

13. Can the S64 Helicopter fly in bad weather?

The S64 is capable of flying in various weather conditions, but it is ultimately up to the discretion of the operator and pilot to determine if conditions are safe for flight.

14. What is the maintenance schedule for the S64 Helicopter?

The S64 has a strict maintenance schedule that is determined by the manufacturer and regulated by aviation authorities. It includes regular inspections and repairs to ensure the aircraft is safe and reliable.

15. What type of landing gear does the S64 Helicopter have?

The S64 has a retractable tricycle-style landing gear that is designed for rough terrain and allows for easier loading and unloading of cargo.

Learn more about the features and specifications of the S64 helicopter used for heavy-lift missions and firefighting operations.

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