Pittsburgh Helicopters: A Thrilling Adventure through the Steel City’s Skies

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a unique way to explore Pittsburgh, why not consider taking a helicopter tour? Pittsburgh Helicopters offers an exciting aerial adventure that will give you a bird’s-eye view of the city’s iconic landmarks, breathtaking landscapes, and scenic waterways. With experienced pilots and state-of-the-art helicopters, you can experience the thrill of flying while taking in the stunning sights of the Steel City. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Pittsburgh Helicopters is the perfect way to discover the beauty of the city from above.

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The Best Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours

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Pittsburgh helicopter tours are becoming increasingly popular and are considered a unique way to experience the city. The skyline and green hills of Pittsburgh offer a stunning backdrop for helicopter rides. There are several Pittsburgh helicopter tour companies that offer different packages for those who want to explore the city by air.

1. Heritage Flight Museum

The Heritage Flight Museum provides an incredible opportunity to see Pittsburgh from above while flying in a fully restored WWII-era aircraft. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. During your flight, you’ll fly over the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers. It’s the perfect way to experience views of the entire city skyline in just one ride.

2. Pittsburgh Helicopter Services

Pittsburgh Helicopter Services offers a variety of helicopter tours aimed at different interests. You can choose from their Signature City Tour, Romantic Sunset Tour, and Stadium Tour that passes by some of the most popular attractions in Pittsburgh, to name a few.

Helicopter Flight Schools in Pittsburgh

pittsburgh-helicopters,Helicopter Flight Schools in Pittsburgh,thqHelicopterFlightSchoolsinPittsburgh

If you’re interested in taking to the skies, consider joining a helicopter flight school in Pittsburgh. You can earn your commercial helicopter license, which will allow you to fly for pay, or your private helicopter license, which only permits you to fly for leisure. However, before you enroll in a training program, there are few factors you should consider.

1. Stellar Copters Flight Academy

If you are looking for a reputable helicopter flight school in Pittsburgh where you can learn to fly, Stellar Copters Flight Academy is an excellent choice. They offer a complete curriculum that covers both ground and flight training. Their instructors are Gold Seal certified and have extensive experience in the industry.

2. Breeze Airways Inc

Breeze Airways, Inc is another option that new pilots should consider. They provide quality flight instruction for those interested in pursuing a career in aviation. You will earn your wings from highly trained, experienced, and professional instructors.

No Important Notes
1 Anyone can take a helicopter tour in Pittsburgh, regardless of age or physical ability. However, before you book a tour, be sure to check the company’s weight restrictions, as they can vary depending on the size and capacity of the helicopter.
2 The cost of a helicopter tour varies depending on the desired tour length, customization, and company. The average price is usually around $200-300 per person, but more extended tours can cost around $600-700.

Pittsburgh Helicopters for Tourists

pittsburgh-helicopters,Pittsburgh Helicopters for Tourists,thqPittsburghHelicoptersforTourists

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the city of Pittsburgh, consider taking a helicopter tour. There are several companies that offer sightseeing helicopters rides, showcasing the city from a completely different perspective. Not only is it a thrilling experience, but you’ll also get to see some of the best views that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Best Time to Go on a Helicopter Tour

The best time to go on a Pittsburgh helicopter tour is during the day when the weather is clear and sunny. This will allow you to see the city’s skyline and major landmarks, such as PNC Park, Heinz Field, and the Point State Park Fountain. Some companies also offer nighttime tours, which provide a unique view of the city’s sparkling lights.

Top Companies for Helicopter Tours

One of the top companies for helicopter tours in Pittsburgh is Heli Inc. They offer a variety of tours ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, and their experienced pilots will provide you with an informative tour. Another popular option is Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours, which offers helicopter tours of downtown Pittsburgh and nearby attractions like Fallingwater and Ohiopyle State Park.

If you’re looking for a private helicopter tour, check out Atlantic Aviation. Their experienced pilots will take you and your group on a customized tour of Pittsburgh, including your desired landmarks or destinations.

Important Notes

Be sure to book your helicopter tour in advance, as they tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist season. Also, remember to dress appropriately for the weather conditions, and follow all safety instructions provided by the pilot or company staff. Finally, don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning views of Pittsburgh from above.

No Information
1 Name of the Company
2 Pittsburgh Helicopters
3 Location
4 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5 Services offered
6 Scenic tours, aerial photography and videography, helicopter flight lessons
7 Fleet size
8 5 helicopters
9 Certifications and licenses
10 FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate and FAA Part 61 Flight School Certification
11 Contact information
12 Phone: (412) 265-3888, email: info@pittsburghhelicopters.com

Helicopter Tours in Pittsburgh: A Breathtaking Experience

pittsburgh-helicopters,Helicopter Tours in Pittsburgh,thqHelicopterToursinPittsburgh

If you want to experience a bird’s-eye view of Pittsburgh, then don’t miss taking a helicopter tour of the city. Various companies offer helicopter tours in Pittsburgh, providing an opportunity to witness breathtaking aerial views of the city and the surrounding countryside from a unique and exhilarating perspective. Discovering Pittsburgh from a bird’s-eye view is a unique experience that many tourists love, and it’s often regarded as one of the best things to do in Pittsburgh.

The Best Helicopter Tour Companies in Pittsburgh

Here are some of the best helicopter tour companies in Pittsburgh that offer various aerial tours of the city:

No Company Website Contact
1 Corporate Helicopters http://www.corporatehelicopters.com/ +1 412-963-1910
2 Pittsburgh Helicopters, LLC http://www.pittsburghhelicopters.com/ +1 412-480-9979
3 Just Ducky Tours http://www.justduckytours.com/ +1 412-402-3825

If you plan to take a helicopter tour, be sure to choose a reputable and experienced company with certified pilots to ensure your safety and comfort.

Helicopter Tour Prices

The prices of helicopter tours in Pittsburgh are quite reasonable and affordable. Different companies have different pricing policies. For example, some companies offer a per-person rate, while others have group rates or customized prices based on individual preferences. However, the average cost ranges from $150 to $450, and the duration of the tour usually ranges from 15 to 60 minutes.

Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours

pittsburgh-helicopters,Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours,thqPittsburghHelicopterTours

If you’re looking for an exciting way to see Pittsburgh’s skyline, a helicopter tour is the perfect option. There are several companies that offer helicopter tours of Pittsburgh, each with its own unique features and offerings to make your experience in the Steel City even more memorable. These tours range in length, price, and route, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and budget.

Pittsburgh Helicopter Services

Pittsburgh Helicopter Services is a well-known and reputable provider of helicopter tours in the area. They offer a variety of tour options that range from 10 minutes to an hour in length. Their most popular tour is the Pittsburgh City Tour, which takes passengers over the city’s most iconic landmarks, including Heinz Field, PNC Park, Point State Park, and the skyline. These tours start at around $150 per person and are available year-round.

Valley Helicopter Tours

Valley Helicopter Tours is another great option if you’re looking to take a helicopter tour of Pittsburgh. Their tours often take guests out of the city and into the more rural areas outside of town for a unique perspective on this beautiful region. One of their most popular tours is the Laurel Highlands Tour, which offers breathtaking views of the rolling hills and lush forests of the area. They also offer custom tours for weddings, engagements, and other special occasions.

Whether you’re a native Pittsburgher or a first-time visitor, seeing the city from above is an unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss.

Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours

pittsburgh-helicopters,Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours,thqPittsburghHelicopterTours

If you are interested in seeing Pittsburgh from a bird’s-eye view, then taking a helicopter tour is an excellent way to do just that. There are several helicopter tour companies in Pittsburgh that offer different types of tours, from short 15-minute flights to longer 30 and 60-minute flights that cover more ground. During these tours, you can see some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Point State Park, PNC Park, and the Heinz Field. You will also get to fly over the three rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio River) that converge in Pittsburgh, the steel mills, and the beautiful green countryside.

1. Pittsburgh Helicopter Charter

Pittsburgh Helicopter Charter is one of the most popular helicopter tour companies in Pittsburgh. They offer a variety of tours, from 20-minute flights to see the city skyline to longer tours that take you over the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. One of their most popular tours is the “City Lights” tour, which takes place after dark when the city is lit up. During this tour, you can see the many bridges and skyscrapers lit up against the night sky.

2. Premier Helicopter Tours

Premier Helicopter Tours is another great company to check out if you are interested in taking a helicopter tour of Pittsburgh. Their flights depart from the Allegheny County Airport, which is about a 30-minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh. One of their most popular tours is the “Deluxe City Tour,” which takes you over Heinz Field, PNC Park, Point State Park, and much more. They also offer a “Romantic Couples” tour, where you can surprise your partner with a helicopter ride and a romantic picnic for two in the Allegheny Mountains.

Choosing the Right Pittsburgh Helicopter Tour

pittsburgh-helicopters,Choosing the Right Pittsburgh Helicopter Tour,thqChoosingtheRightPittsburghHelicopterTour

Choosing the right helicopter tour is as important as choosing the right destination. Some of the factors to consider are the length of the tour, the number of passengers, and the cost. Here are some of the helicopter tours you can choose from in Pittsburgh:

1. Pittsburgh Overview Tour

See the breathtaking view of Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle, PNC Park, Heinz Field, and the North Shore in a 15-minute flight tour. Experience the thrill of flying throughout the city’s most iconic landmarks in a helicopter.

2. The Bridges Tour

If you’re looking for an aerial view of Pittsburgh’s bridges, this tour is perfect for you. You will fly over 20 bridges in 20 minutes and witness the panorama of the city’s notable structures.

3. The Ultimate Tour

Get the most of your tour by choosing the ultimate tour, which lasts for 30 minutes. The tour covers all of Pittsburgh’s significant landmarks, and you will also fly over the Allegheny River and the horseshoe bend of the Ohio River.

Booking a Pittsburgh Helicopter Tour

pittsburgh-helicopters,Booking a Pittsburgh Helicopter Tour,thqBookingaPittsburghHelicopterTour

Booking a Pittsburgh helicopter tour is easy and accessible. Most helicopter tour companies have their websites with online booking systems. Here are some of the things you need to know before booking your helicopter tour in Pittsburgh:

1. Choose a Reputable Tour Company

Choose a trusted and reputable Pittsburgh Helicopter Tour Company with excellent reviews. Look for a company that offers a variety of tour options and prioritize your safety. Ensure that their pilots are certified and experienced.

2. Check the Weather

Weather is a crucial factor to consider when booking a tour. Pittsburgh’s weather is unpredictable, so check the weather forecast before making a booking. If the weather is unsuitable for flying, the tour company will contact you to reschedule your tour.

3. Choose the Right Time

Choose the best time to book your Pittsburgh helicopter tour. If you want to witness Pittsburgh’s sunset, book an early evening tour. Some tours offer nighttime flights where you can see the city’s skyline, illuminated bridges, and buildings.

Best Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours for a Scenic Adventure

Best Pittsburgh Helicopter Tours

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Pittsburgh, look no further than a helicopter tour. There’s no better way to see the city than from the air, and several local companies offer sightseeing tours that will take you above some of the most iconic landmarks in the area.

1. Stellar Copters

Stellar Copters offers a variety of helicopter tours, including a downtown Pittsburgh tour that lasts approximately 20 minutes. During the tour, you’ll fly over PNC Park, Heinz Field, and Point State Park, among other landmarks. They also offer longer tours that take you over Pittsburgh’s nearby countryside and take in views of the Laurel Highlands, Cheat Lake, and Ohiopyle State Park.

2. Pittsburgh Helicopter Charters

Pittsburgh Helicopter Charters offers a 15-minute downtown tour that takes you above the city’s skyline and offers views of Point State Park, Heinz Field, and PNC Park. Other tour options include a 25-minute “Three Rivers Tour” that includes views of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers, and a 45-minute tour that takes you as far as the Laurel Highlands.

No Important Note
1 Both companies mentioned require a minimum of two people for a tour. Prices and availability may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pittsburgh Helicopters

Find answers to your most pressing questions about Pittsburgh Helicopters below.

1. What are Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Pittsburgh Helicopters is a helicopter touring and charter company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2. How do I book a tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

You can book a tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters by visiting their website and following the booking instructions provided, or by calling their office directly.

3. What types of tours are offered by Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Pittsburgh Helicopters offers a variety of tours, including city tours, sunset tours, and even custom tours tailored to your specific interests.

4. How much do tours with Pittsburgh Helicopters cost?

Prices for tours with Pittsburgh Helicopters vary depending on the duration and type of tour you choose. Visit their website or contact their office for more information on pricing.

5. Can I bring children on a tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Yes, children are welcome to join tours with Pittsburgh Helicopters, but there are age and weight restrictions for safety reasons. Contact the company directly for more information.

6. Is it safe to fly with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Yes, Pittsburgh Helicopters maintains the highest safety standards and adheres to all FAA regulations. They also conduct regular maintenance checks on all of their aircraft.

7. What should I wear for my tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day of your tour.

8. How early should I arrive for my tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your tour to allow for check-in and any necessary safety briefings.

9. Can I bring my camera on a tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Yes, bringing a camera or a phone with a camera is encouraged to capture the amazing views offered by the tour.

10. Can I bring a bag or a backpack on a tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Small bags and backpacks are allowed on tours with Pittsburgh Helicopters, but large bags or luggage may not be permitted for safety reasons.

11. What happens if my tour with Pittsburgh Helicopters is canceled due to weather?

If your tour is canceled due to weather, you can reschedule for another day or receive a full refund for your booking.

12. Are gift certificates available for tours with Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Yes, gift certificates for Pittsburgh Helicopters tours are available for purchase on their website or by contacting their office.

13. Can Pittsburgh Helicopters accommodate special requests or needs?

Yes, Pittsburgh Helicopters will do their best to accommodate any special requests or needs. Contact their office in advance to discuss any special requirements you may have.

14. Is there parking available near Pittsburgh Helicopters?

Yes, parking is available near the Pittsburgh Helicopters office. Visit their website or contact their office for more information on parking options.

15. How can I contact Pittsburgh Helicopters with additional questions or concerns?

You can contact Pittsburgh Helicopters by phone or email, or by filling out the contact form on their website.

Learn all about Pittsburgh helicopters and their various uses in emergency situations and private tours.

Thanks for taking a ride with Pittsburgh Helicopters

Kind Reader, we hope you enjoyed soaring high above the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. Our team at Pittsburgh Helicopters are thrilled to have been your tour guide and to have shared the breathtaking views with you. If you find yourself back in the area, don’t hesitate to visit us again for another sky-high adventure. Until then, keep your eyes to the sky and keep exploring. Cheers!

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