Experience the Ultimate Adventure with Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier

Kind Reader, if you’re planning a trip to Juneau, Alaska, one of the most thrilling experiences you can have is taking a helicopter tour to Mendenhall Glacier. This incredible ice formation is a breathtaking sight, spanning over 13 miles and boasting a beautiful blue shade due to compacted ice crystals. On a helicopter tour, you can get a bird’s eye view of this natural wonder, as well as the surrounding Tongass National Forest and Juneau Icefield. It’s an adventure you won’t soon forget, and an excellent way to experience the rugged beauty of Alaska.

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The Best Time to Take a Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,The Best Time to Take a Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier,thqJuneauHelicopterToursMendenhallGlacier

If you’re planning to experience one of the most unforgettable tours in Juneau, then a helicopter tour to the Mendenhall Glacier is a must-do activity that lets you experience the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness exquisitely. Whether you’re a photographer, adventurer, or nature lover, taking the helicopter tour offers a chance to witness the truly epic and one-of-a-kind scenery in Alaska. You’ll get to behold bird’s eye of the stunning waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and lush greenery that’s hard to find anywhere else. But, when’s the perfect time to take the Juneau helicopter tours Mendenhall Glacier?

Juneau Helicopter Tour in Summer (June to August)

Visiting Juneau during the summer season (June to August) is arguably the best time to take the helicopter tour because the summer season offers the best climate conditions for an unforgettable aerial adventure. The days are longer, which means you get to experience a longer helicopter trip as well as enjoying the fascinating views of Glacial ice caves and magnificent blue ice formations that you won’t find in other seasons. Also, the summer season allows you to witness the Glacier at its peak beauty, with blooming wildflowers surrounding the base and melting snow washing through the area. Visiting Juneau between June to August is a guarantee that you get the best out of your exciting helicopter tour adventure.

Juneau Helicopter Tour in Winter (September to May)

Visiting Juneau in winter may seem challenging due to the snowfall and cold weather, but it is also a good time to take the helicopter tour, especially if you want to behold the serenity and tranquility of the Glacier. Also, if you’re an aurora borealis enthusiast, visiting Juneau between the months of September to May offers you an opportunity to witness the magnificent Northern lights illuminating the Alaskan wilderness in a fascinating display that you’ll never forget. The downside of visiting Juneau in winter is that the days are shorter, and the temperature could drop quite low, so you will need to dress appropriately for cold weather.

What To Expect During Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier?

What To Expect During Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier?

Helicopter tours of the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau offer an unforgettable adventure for travelers, but what should you expect during the trip?

Stunning Scenic View of the Mendenhall Glacier

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the stunning Mendenhall glacier, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll experience the magnificent views of the glacier with its blue ice formations, snow-covered peaks, and serene waters of the lake below. The best part of the helicopter tours is that they give you an excellent perspective of the vastness of the Mendenhall glacier.

Chance to Experience the Glacier Via Helicopter

Choosing to take the helicopter tour is a guarantee that you’ll experience the Glacier intimately, making the trip a one-of-a-kind memory in your life. You’ll be able to witness the sheer magnitude of the Glacier and get up close and personal with the ice formations and the waterfalls as they tumble down to the lake below. Unlike hiking to the Glacier, taking a helicopter tour provides an aerial view that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

A Professional and Safe Tour Experience

While taking the helicopter tour to the Mendenhall Glacier, safety is a top priority. You’ll have a reputable flight crew who will provide you with all the necessary safety instructions that will keep you safe during the entire tour. Your professional guide will offer you invaluable information about the Glacier, its formation, and the surrounding ecology.

Discover the Mendenhall Glacier through Juneau helicopter tours

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,Discover the Mendenhall Glacier through Juneau helicopter tours,thqDiscovertheMendenhallGlacierthroughJuneauhelicoptertours

To fully experience the greatness of the Mendenhall Glacier, many tourists say that Juneau helicopter tours are the best way to discover it. Flying over the glacier allows you to take in the enormity of it and see the blue crevasses that are otherwise hard to spot from the ground. Seeing the glacier from the air also gives you a perspective of the simple fact that the Mendenhall Glacier is one of Earth’s most powerful natural wonders.

The thrill of the trip

The helicopter tour to the Mendenhall Glacier lasts roughly 30 minutes, giving you a bird’s-eye view of Alaska’s natural beauty. These helicopter rides can seat a maximum of four tourists or visitors, and each person gets a window seat. Be prepared to get up close and personal with the glacier as the pilot will take you on a ride that sees you glide over and land on top of it.

Things to note

Before getting on the helicopter, visitors have to undergo a pre-flight safety briefing. This is not aimed to scare anyone but to ensure that all precautions have been taken, and the trip runs smoothly. Another thing that visitors should note is the importance of dressing appropriately. The temperature on the glacier can change dramatically, so wearing layers is an excellent decision.

The magic of the Mendenhall

The Mendenhall Glacier’s beautiful blue hue is a spectacle that cannot be seen from afar. To get the full effect, approaching the glacier by air or walking up to it on a tour is the best option. The Mendenhall Glacier is not the only site visible from the helicopter tours; you can also peek at the lush greenery that surrounds it, including giant cedars, evergreen trees, and wildflowers that bloom in the spring and summer months.

No glacier melting here

The Mendenhall Glacier is not immune to the power and effects of climate change. As a result, Juneau helicopter tours to the glacier have become a way to raise awareness about the impact of global warming on nature. The tours also generate revenue that contributes to funding research to preserve the Mendenhall Glacier. While tourism cannot halt the forces that harm the glacier, it can promote smart practices that help preserve it for future generations.

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Preparing for your Juneau Helicopter Tour to Mendenhall Glacier

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,Preparing for your Juneau Helicopter Tour to Mendenhall Glacier,thqPreparingforyourJuneauHelicopterTourtoMendenhallGlacier

If you want to have the best helicopter tour experience to Mendenhall Glacier, you need to come prepared. Consider the following tips for a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe ride:

1. Dress in Layers

The weather in Juneau can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to dress in layers. Wear comfortable clothes that can keep you warm and dry. Opt for waterproof clothes, jackets, and shoes that can withstand a drizzle or rain. Gloves and hats are also necessary, especially when cruising above the glacier.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

It’s crucial to wear comfortable shoes that won’t slide or slip when you’re walking on the glacier. During the summer months, the glacier can be slippery, so hiking shoes with good traction are needed. Sandals, flip flops, or heels are a no-go.

3. Bring a Camera

A helicopter tour experience to Mendenhall Glacier is a once in a lifetime opportunity worth capturing. Make sure to bring a camera – a professional DSLR, a smartphone, or a GoPro. Take lots of pictures, so you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.

4. Listen to Your Pilot

Your pilot knows a lot about the area and the glacier. Listen and follow their instructions carefully. They’ll provide important safety tips and commentary during the flight, so pay attention and enjoy the ride.

5. Be on Time

Helicopter tours are scheduled, and your pilot won’t wait for latecomers. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled flight to check-in, gear up, and attend a safety briefing. Arriving early will also give you enough time to relax and take in the view.

6. Consider Motion Sickness

Some people are prone to motion sickness, and flying on a helicopter may trigger it. If you’re one of them, consider taking motion sickness medication before your flight. It’s best to consult your doctor first before taking any medication.

7. Respect the Environment

Mendenhall Glacier is a magnificent natural wonder that should be preserved for future generations. During your tour, respect the environment by not littering, taking only photos, and leaving only footprints. The area is home to several wildlife, so make sure to follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities.

Best Time to Experience Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,Best Time to Experience Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier,thqBestTimetoExperienceJuneauHelicopterToursMendenhallGlacier

If you want to experience Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier to the fullest, you need to come when the weather is good. The best time to visit Juneau, Alaska is in the summer months when the daylight is longer, and the temperature is warm. From mid-May to mid-September, the temperature in Juneau ranges from 50-65°F (10-18°C). During these months, the weather is relatively mild and the days are longer. This makes it easier to see the glaciers, mountains, and wildlife.

Summer Months

The summer months in Juneau are from May to September. These months are the busiest and most crowded times of the year. During these months, the daylight is longer, and the temperature is warm. The glaciers and icebergs melt, and the waterfalls flow more, creating a beautiful landscape. This season is the ideal time to visit the Mendenhall Glacier because you will have access to the glacier’s visitor center and trails.

Bonus Tips

If you plan to visit Juneau during peak season, you may want to make reservations ahead of time to avoid missing out on the experience. If you do not mind the cold weather and would prefer fewer crowds, you can visit Juneau in the winter months. However, you will miss out on some activities like whale watching and hiking.

“The best time to visit Juneau, Alaska is in the summer months when the daylight is longer, and the temperature is warm.”

Clothing Recommendations

It is essential to pack the right clothing for your Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier experience. Even in the summer months, it can be chilly near the glaciers and out on the water. Here are some clothing recommendations for your tour:

No Clothing Recommendations
1 Dress in Layers
2 Wear Waterproof Shoes or Boots
3 Wear a Waterproof Jacket
4 Wear Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and a Hat

What to Bring on Your Juneau Helicopter Tour to Mendenhall Glacier?

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,Things to bring on Juneau helicopter tour to Mendenhall Glacier,thqThingstobringonJuneauhelicoptertourtoMendenhallGlacier

To make the most out of your Juneau helicopter tour to Mendenhall Glacier, you need to be well-prepared, and bringing the right things with you can make or break the experience. Here are some of the essentials that you should never forget when going on a helicopter tour to the glacier:

1. Camera

You do not want to miss a chance to capture the stunning landscape of Mendenhall Glacier. Whether you bring a professional camera or just use your smartphone, make sure it is fully charged and has enough storage space.

2. Layered Clothing

Temperatures can change drastically throughout the day and at different altitudes, so layering your clothes is essential. Bring a waterproof jacket, gloves, and a hat in case of rain or strong winds.

3. Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Alaska’s summer sun can be intense, and the reflection off the ice can make it worse. Protect your eyes and skin by bringing sunglasses and sunscreen with high SPF.

4. Cash or Credit Card

You might want to bring some cash or a credit card to buy souvenirs or tip your tour guide, especially if they provide excellent service.

5. Motion Sickness Medication

If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s best to bring medication to avoid ruining your experience. Also, avoid eating heavy meals before the tour.

6. ID or Passport

For security purposes, you might need to bring a valid ID or passport, especially if you are an international traveler.

7. Patience and a Sense of Adventure

Finally, enjoy your experience with a smile on your face and a sense of adventure. Be prepared for any unexpected situations, and listen to your tour guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

The Best Time for Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,The Best Time for Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier,thqJuneauHelicopterToursMendenhallGlacierSummer

If you’re planning to visit Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier, you should be aware of the time of year that you can visit. Fortunately, the Mendenhall Glacier is open year-round. However, the best time to visit is in the summer months, between May and September. During this season, the weather is much friendlier, less rainy, and the daylight hours are much longer. This means that you’ll have more time to explore and take in all the sights and sounds.

Summer (May – September)

Summer is the most popular time for Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier. During this time, temperatures are mild and pleasant, which makes for a comfortable time exploring the glacier. At the same time, the wildlife in the area is more active, and there is a better chance of seeing animals, big and small. On the downside, summer is the busiest time of year, so you can expect crowds and higher prices.

Winter (October – April)

Winter is the least popular time for Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier. During this time, temperatures are much colder, and the hours of daylight are shorter. This means that there is less time to explore, and conditions are less favorable. At the same time, tours during the winter months can be less crowded, which makes for a more intimate experience.

Best Time to Take Juneau Helicopter Tours to Mendenhall Glacier

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,Best Time for Juneau Helicopter Tours to Mendenhall Glacier,thqJuneauHelicopterToursMendenhallGlaciertime

Mendenhall Glacier helicopter tours are available all year round. But choosing the right time can enhance your experience many times over.

Summer Time

Summer, which starts in June and lasts until August, is the most popular time. Visitors can take advantage of the longer daylight to take an evening helicopter tour. The warm weather also ensures that helicopters are not canceled due to heavy rain.

Winter Time

For winter sports aficionados, you can consider visiting Mendenhall Glacier between November and April. During this season, you can also enjoy a helicopter tour over Mendenhall Glacier, but it is not as popular as summer. However, you’ll get a unique experience, flying over the frozen river, and trees blanketed by snow.

Best Experience on Mendenhall Glacier

juneau-helicopter-tours-mendenhall-glacier,Best Experience on Mendenhall Glacier,thqJuneauHelicopterToursMendenhallGlacierexperience

Visiting the Mendenhall Glacier through helicopter tours is an unforgettable experience. To make the most of this adventure, these are the experiences you should look forward to.

Glacier Walk

One way to have an otherworldly experience on Mendenhall Glacier is by taking a walk on it. You can walk on the expansive, frozen terrain and experience the ice formations below your feet. It’s different from an ordinary walk outside, and the texture of the ice and the noise it makes under you is unique.

Wildlife Seeing

Being on the helicopter provides a bird’s eye view of the Mendenhall Glacier, but also the flora, fauna, and wildlife around it. Watch out for different animals, such as wolves, moose, and bears, in the surrounding forests.

NOTE: As much as possible, do not approach these wildlife.

Juneau Helicopter Tours Mendenhall Glacier FAQ

1. What is the duration of the helicopter tour to Mendenhall Glacier?

The helicopter tour to Mendenhall Glacier typically lasts for about 25-30 minutes.

2. Do I need any special clothing for the tour?

We recommend wearing warm clothes and comfortable shoes, as the temperature can be quite low at the glacier. Additionally, please bring sunglasses and a camera.

3. Is there an age limit for the tour?

Children of all ages are welcome on the tour, but we recommend that they be at least 2 years old. Infants must be held on a lap, and we provide small life jackets for them.

4. Are transfers to and from the glacier included in the tour price?

Yes, roundtrip transfers from your hotel to the tour location are included in the tour price.

5. How many people can go on the tour together?

Our helicopters can accommodate groups of up to six people per flight.

6. Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the tour, it is not wheelchair accessible.

7. Is there a weight limit for the tour?

Yes, the weight limit for the tour is 250 pounds per person.

8. Are there any safety precautions in place?

Yes, we take the safety of our guests very seriously, and all of our pilots are experienced professionals with extensive training. Additionally, before each flight, we conduct a safety briefing with our guests.

9. Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes, there is a cancellation fee if the tour is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. However, we offer a full refund if the tour is cancelled due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances.

10. Can I bring my own food and drinks on the tour?

We provide complimentary snacks and water on the tour, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks if you would like.

11. Can I book a private tour?

Yes, we offer private tours for groups who would like to have a more personalized experience.

12. What is the altitude of the helicopter during the tour?

The altitude of the helicopter during the tour is typically between 3000-4000 feet above sea level.

13. Is there a restroom on the glacier?

Unfortunately, there are no restrooms on the glacier. Please use the restroom before the tour.

14. Will I see any wildlife during the tour?

While we cannot guarantee any wildlife sightings, it is common to see eagles, mountain goats, and occasionally bears during the tour.

15. How do I book a tour?

You can book a tour by visiting our website and selecting your preferred date and time, or by calling us directly.

If you want to see stunning views of the Mendenhall Glacier from above, consider taking a Juneau helicopter tour during your Alaska trip. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the massive glacier, waterfalls, and lush forests from a unique perspective.

Thank You for Soaring with Us to Mendenhall Glacier

Kind Reader, we hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to the majestic Mendenhall Glacier with our Juneau Helicopter Tours. From the comfort of your home, you have witnessed the breathtaking beauty of the glacier and its surrounding landscapes. We aim to offer an experience that feels lifelike and leaves an indelible mark on your soul. We invite you to join us in person when the world resumes its normal pace. Until then, stay safe and keep exploring the world through our eyes. See you soon!

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