How to Target Business Travellers: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Corporate Market

Hello Travelers, are you looking for ways to attract more business travellers to your hotel or accommodation? Knowing how to target business travellers can greatly increase your bookings and revenue. Business travellers have unique needs and preferences and understanding them is key to creating a successful marketing plan. In this article, we will discuss effective strategies on how to target business travellers and make your accommodation the go-to choice for corporate stays.

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Understanding business travelers

Before you start targeting business travelers, it’s important to first understand what they are looking for and how they operate.

What motivates business travelers?

Business travelers are motivated by a variety of factors such as the need to attend meetings, conferences, and other work-related events. Their desire for business travel can also be driven by the opportunity to expand their business networks, explore new places, and gain new experiences. For most business travelers, their top priority is completing their assigned task, and any other activities are secondary.

What are the challenges business travelers face?

Business travelers face several challenges when traveling, which can impact the effectiveness of their trip. These challenges can be as simple as forgetting essential items or as difficult as dealing with time-zone changes. Business travelers also have to deal with disruptions such as flight cancellations, lost luggage, and unexpected changes to their itinerary. All these can result in stress, lost productivity, and reduced satisfaction with their trip experience.

What do business travelers value?

Business travelers value convenience, comfort, and efficiency when they travel. They want to get to their destination quickly and without any hassle. They also prefer accommodations that provide a comfortable space to work and relax after a long day. In addition, business travelers appreciate companies that offer loyalty programs, which reward them for their business and provide incentives for repeat bookings.

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How to attract business travelers

Now that we’ve covered the basic understanding of business travelers, let’s look at how you can attract them to your business.

Offer business-friendly amenities

Business travelers value amenities that cater specifically to their needs. It’s essential to have stable and secure Wi-Fi, as well as a comfortable workspace in your accommodation. Providing access to meeting rooms, printers, and other business equipment can also be an advantage. Additionally, offering complimentary breakfast and airport shuttle services can make a big difference for time-pressed business travelers.

Provide tailored loyalty programs

Many business travelers appreciate being rewarded for their business. Offering a tailored loyalty program that includes perks like airline miles or free nights at hotels, can be an incentive to book with your company again. These rewards can give business travelers a good reason to come back while providing you with a marketing advantage over competitors.

Cater to the needs of business travelers during their stay

Business travelers may have unique requirements during their stay that you can help fulfill. Providing on-site laundry facilities or dry cleaning services can help them maintain their appearance when meeting with potential clients. Additionally, providing healthy meal options, a fitness center, and even concierge services can add value to their stay and help them get the most out of their trip.

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Utilize Social Media to Reach Business Travellers

Social media has not only revolutionized how we communicate but it has also become an essential tool for businesses to reach new audiences. In fact, according to Hootsuite, there are over 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. Here are some ways you can use social media to target business travellers:

Create Social Media Ads

Social media ads are an effective way to reach a targeted audience. You can set specific parameters such as age, location, and interests, allowing your ad to reach the right people. When creating your ad, be sure to make it visually appealing and use relevant CTAs (calls to action) such as “Book Now” or “Learn More.”

Utilize Influencers

Partnering with popular influencers in the travel industry can help increase your brand’s visibility and credibility. Influencers have a loyal following that trusts their recommendations. You can offer them a complimentary stay or activity in exchange for a social media post or review of your business.

Engage with Followers

Engaging with your followers on social media can help build brand loyalty. Respond to comments and messages promptly and provide helpful information. Share content that is relevant to your target audience, such as travel tips or industry trends, to establish your business as a thought leader.

No Social Media Statistics
1 There are over 3.8 billion social media users worldwide (Hootsuite)
2 71% of Gen Z and millennials use Instagram to plan travel (Expedia Group Media Solutions)
3 LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for business travellers (TripActions)
No Important Information
1 Business travellers prefer convenient and comfortable accommodations, such as hotels or serviced apartments with good Wi-Fi and other amenities.
2 The best way to target business travellers is by offering deals and packages that cater to their needs, such as meeting space, airport transportation, and breakfast included.
3 Networking opportunities are important to business travellers, so offering access to local business events or arranging meet-and-greet events with other travellers can be a draw.
4 Technology plays a big role in the travel experience of business travellers, so providing booking and payment options through mobile apps or online portals is important.
5 Business travellers are often short on time, so catering to their needs for efficient travel, such as offering shuttle services to and from the airport, can be a selling point.

Creating content for business travellers

Business travellers are an important consumer market for many industries, including airlines, hotels, car rentals, and restaurants. To attract this demographic, it is important to create content that is relevant, informative, and easily accessible. In this section, we will discuss how to create content that effectively targets business travellers.

Understanding the needs of business travellers

In order to create content that resonates with business travellers, it is important to understand their needs. Business travellers are often time-pressed, stressed, and looking for convenience. They want information that is quick and easy to read, as well as practical and actionable. Consider the following tips when creating content for business travellers:

No Tips
1 Include practical tips for saving time and minimizing stress during travel
2 Provide information on convenient transportation options, such as airport shuttles and ride-sharing services
3 Offer recommendations for fast and healthy food options

Creating valuable and informative content

Business travellers are looking for content that is informative, valuable, and engaging. When creating content for this audience, it is essential to provide information that is both relevant and actionable. Whether you are writing blog posts, social media updates, or email newsletters, consider the following tips:

No Tips
1 Provide insider tips on the best places to stay, eat, and do business in different cities
2 Offer advice on how to stay healthy and productive while on the road, such as tips on exercise, sleep, and work-life balance
3 Keep content concise and easy to read

Optimizing content for search engines

In order to reach business travellers online, it is important to optimize your content for search engines. This means incorporating relevant keywords and ensuring that your content is easy to find and navigate. Consider the following tips when optimizing your content:

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1 Research relevant keywords to incorporate into your content
2 Use descriptive page titles and meta descriptions, including your target keywords
3 Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, as many business travellers use their smartphones to access travel information on the go

Utilize Social Media for Business Traveler Engagement

With the vast amount of people using social media platforms, it is no wonder businesses may want to connect to their audiences using social media tools.

Create Compelling Advertisements

The nature of social media is that it is visually-focused, which means that a video or a captivating graphic advertisement is more likely to grab a business traveler’s attention. Allowing users to engage with a particular product, and providing them with a discount or voucher to redeem their purchase may motivate business travelers to purchase your products and services.

Engage the Business Travelers on Social Media

You need to encourage business travelers to follow your brand actively. That way, when they travel, they can trust your business to provide them with a high-quality experience, putting your brand top of mind. Post often and curate content that your followers may be interested in – and ensure that you are knowledgeable and informative about your industry. That way, business travelers will trust your brand for their needs.

Get Feedback on Social Media

Social media is also great for receiving feedback from your customers. You can collect feedback and opinions easily, thereby allowing you to make informed decisions about your brand and your offerings. Listen closely and respond to your customers’ concerns – a helpful response to an issue can earn their loyalty, even in a less-than-ideal situation.

Social media is a great way to establish a connection with potential customers by sharing helpful information and creating authentic engagement.

No Percentage of Business Travelers Using Social Media Platforms
1 LinkedIn: 93%
2 Facebook: 86%
3 Twitter: 72%
4 Instagram: 41%
5 YouTube: 23%

Leveraging Travel Booking Websites

Travel booking websites are often the go-to for business travelers when they want to make travel plans. It is, therefore, essential for businesses to optimize their online presence so that they appear on search engines and travel booking websites.

Ensure Your Business is Listed on Travel Booking Company Websites

The way that most travel booking companies operate is by listing available destinations for particular dates and the prices for the services or products that a business can offer. By ensuring that your brand is listed with top booking websites, you can increase your visibility to potential clients. Also, provide authentic product descriptions that indicate that your business caters to business travelers.

Monitor Keywords and Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Business travelers tend to search for keywords like “hotels near me” or “flight to [city name]” when they want to book travel-related services. As a business, you can use targeted SEO techniques that will allow your website or social media profiles to rank higher on the search engines for these types of searches. Adding relevant keywords to your site can significantly improve your chances of ranking higher on a hotel or travel booking website and potentially improve traffic to your hotel.

Use Offers Strategically

As a business in a competitive industry, you may need to offer promotions and deals to entice travelers to select your business. Strategically create offers and deals – like a percentage discount, a value-add or a complimentary item – that your potential customers will appreciate, and that will encourage them to take your offer up.

To make the most out of your online presence, it’s essential to keep track of the top travel booking websites and optimize your business and listings to rank higher on them.

No Top Travel Booking Company Websites for Business Travelers
1 Expedia
2 TripAdvisor
4 Travelocity

Provide Business-Focused Facilities and Amenities

Business travelers are often looking for amenities that align with their business needs. By providing your guests with essential amenities, like high-speed internet, access to a printer, or a dedicated area for meetings, you can heighten the appeal of your brand to business travelers.

Offer Meeting and Conference Room Facillities

Booking a hotel room with a large table is a typical expectation for people travelling on business who may need to hold meetings in designated areas. Offer dedicated meeting rooms in your hotel, tailored for business use and equipped with essential technology (like projectors and video conferencing).

Provide High-Speed Internet and Wi-Fi

Many business travelers need to work remotely, which means they need a reliable and fast internet connection. Ensure that the hotels or accommodations offer free Wi-Fi and access to high-speed internet, ensuring a smoother work journey for busy business travelers.

Offer F&B Services in Operational Hours

Busy schedules mean that business travelers may have limited time, including when it comes to dining experiences. Ensure that you offer breakfast and dinner (or lunch, depending on the facility) at times that are convenient for a business traveler; for instance, opening breakfast early or extending dinner hours.

Business-focused facilities and amenities can make all the difference for business travelers and elevate their overall experience.

No Essential Amenities That Appeal to Business Travelers
1 Complimentary Wi-Fi
2 Comfortable Bedding and Linens
3 Business Lounge/Office
4 Free Breakfast
5 Bottled Water
6 Location Proximity to Business District

Partner with relevant businesses

Partnering with other businesses can be a great way to target business travellers. By partnering with companies in the same industry or related industries, you can cross-promote your services, and offer your customers a more comprehensive travel package. Here are some ways to target business travellers through partnerships:

1. Partner with airlines and hotels

Partnering with airlines and hotels is a great way to reach business travellers. By offering bundled packages that include flights, hotel stays, and transportation, you can make it easier for business travellers to book their trips. Additionally, partnering with airlines and hotels can help you get access to exclusive discounts, which you can then pass on to your customers.

2. Partner with event organisers

Partnering with event organisers is another great way to target business travellers. By working together, you can coordinate travel and lodging for attendees, and offer a streamlined booking process. Additionally, attending events where your target audience will be present can give you the opportunity to showcase your services and build relationships with potential customers.

3. Partner with travel agencies

Partnering with other travel agencies can be a great way to expand your reach and offer your customers more options. By partnering with agencies that focus on different types of travel (e.g. adventure travel, luxury travel, etc.), you can offer a wider range of services and attract a more diverse customer base. Additionally, partnering with other travel agencies can help you get access to exclusive deals and promotions.

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Partner with hotels that cater to business travelers

Partnering with hotels that cater to business travelers can provide a great platform to target business travelers.

Look for business-friendly amenities

When looking for hotels to partner with, ensure that they provide amenities that cater to the needs of business travelers. Some of the amenities to look for are:

No Business-friendly amenities
1 Complimentary Wi-Fi
2 Business center
3 Meeting rooms
4 Fitness center
5 24-hour room service

Offer exclusive discounts

It is common for hotels to offer discounts to travel agents, but you can negotiate an exclusive deal for your business travelers. Consider offering a discount and other perks such as a complimentary breakfast or airport shuttle.

Work with hotels in key business locations

The success of your business travels largely depends on the accessibility of the location. Work with hotels that are located in areas that are convenient for business travelers. Such locations could be near airports, business districts, or popular conference centers.

Personalization: The Key to Attracting Business Travelers

Business travelers usually have a tight schedule, and they don’t have time to go through irrelevant information. Hence, as a travel company, it’s important to personalize their experience right from the start. This will help you create a better connection with them and make them feel valued.

Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

To personalize the experience of business travelers, proper data analysis is required. You can use customer relationship management (CRM) software to gather data on their preferences and behaviors. This software will help you develop a deeper understanding and insight into your target audience. This data can be used for personalization and marketing strategies that will attract business travelers.

Prioritize Convenience When Offering Services

Business travelers often prioritize convenience when choosing travel services. Ensure that your services are easy to access, book, and use. Also, consider offering services that cater to the specific needs of business travelers, such as airport transfers, high-speed internet access, and express check-in/checkout.

Make Use of Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Another way to attract business travelers is through the use of influencers and brand ambassadors. These individuals can help you build a brand that appeals to business travelers. They can provide testimonials and recommendations, making it easier for business travelers to trust your brand. Ensure that their content is engaging, informative, and relevant to the business travel industry.

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3 Convenience for business travel
4 Influencers for travel industry

How to Target Business Travellers? – A FAQ Guide

1. Who are business travellers?

Business travellers are people who travel for work-related reasons, such as attending meetings, events, conferences, or visiting clients/building their network.

2. Why is it important to target business travellers?

Business travellers tend to spend more money on travel-related expenses and are often frequent travellers, making them an ideal customer base for travel companies.

3. What are some effective ways to target business travellers?

Some effective ways to target business travellers include utilizing social media marketing, providing loyalty programs, partnering with business organizations or airlines, attending industry events, and offering 24/7 customer service.

4. What kind of accommodations do business travellers look for?

Business travellers typically look for accommodations that are conveniently located and provide amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, 24-hour business centers, and fitness centers.

5. How important is it to offer a loyalty program for business travellers?

Offering a loyalty program can be crucial in attracting and retaining business travellers. By providing incentives such as exclusive rates, room upgrades, and free nights, travellers are more likely to choose your company over competitors.

6. What should my company avoid doing when trying to target business travellers?

Avoid overcharging for services, neglecting customer service, failing to provide necessary amenities, and lacking authenticity. Business travellers are savvy consumers and often conduct research before making a decision.

7. What are some common anxieties business travellers have during their trips?

Some common anxieties for business travellers include flight delays/cancellations, missing out on important work, lack of sleep, feeling isolated from loved ones, and navigating unfamiliar locations.

8. What can my company do to alleviate some of the anxieties business travellers experience?

Providing reliable and speedy communication, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment, offering a variety of amenities, and providing support for common travel issues can all help alleviate anxieties for business travellers.

9. Can providing a shuttle service to and from airports be beneficial for attracting business travellers?

Absolutely. Many business travellers prefer not to rent a car or take a taxi, so offering a shuttle service to and from airports can be a huge perk.

10. How important is it to provide high-speed internet to business travellers?

Extremely important. Business travellers often need to stay connected and wifi speeds can make or break their trip.

11. What are some key points to consider when creating an advertising campaign targeted towards business travellers?

Consider the target audience, budgets for travel and entertainment, convenience of location, amenities, and reputation.

12. How important is it to offer a free breakfast or on-site restaurant to business travellers?

Very important. Offering a free breakfast or on-site restaurant can save business travellers time and money.

13. How can my company appeal to younger business travellers who seek unique experiences?

Offering customizable packages, unique locations or experiences, and providing a social atmosphere can appeal to younger business travellers seeking a memorable and unique travel experience.

14. What is the best way to gather feedback from business travellers?

Providing surveys through email or social media channels can be an effective way to gather feedback and demonstrate a commitment to quality customer service.

15. How can my company make business travellers feel more at home while on the road?

Offering personalized amenities such as a welcome note or in-room refreshments, providing entertainment options, and creating a comfortable atmosphere can make business travellers feel more at home while on the road.

16. How important is a convenient location for business travellers?

Extremely important. Business travellers often have limited time and need to be able to easily access meetings, events, or clients.

17. What are some common challenges of catering to business travellers?

Some common challenges include fluctuating demand, budget constraints for both travellers and companies, and keeping up with competitors.

18. How can my company cater to the needs of international business travellers?

Providing multi-language support, familiarities from their home country such as food or entertainment, and connections to local businesses can cater to the needs of international business travellers.

19. How important is it to offer healthy food and beverage options to business travellers?

Very important. Many business travellers value staying healthy and energized while on the road, and providing healthy options can demonstrate care and consideration.

20. Can offering discounted rates during off-peak seasons be effective in attracting business travellers?

Absolutely. Offering discounted rates or packages during the off-peak season can attract budget-conscious business travellers and provide an opportunity to showcase the company’s offerings.

21. How can my company showcase our commitment to sustainability to business travellers?

By using eco-friendly products and practices, providing waste-reduction options, and seeking out B-Corp certifications or other sustainability recognition, my company can showcase our commitment to sustainability to business travellers.

22. Can my company partner with airlines to attract more business travellers?

Yes. Partnering with airlines can provide exclusive discounts and perks for business travellers and increase visibility for my company.

23. Should my company offer a mobile app to cater to business travellers?

Yes. Offering a mobile app can provide convenience and accessibility for business travellers, including the ability to book services, access directions, and receive relevant travel updates.

24. How can my company make the check-in and check-out process smoother for business travellers?

Providing self-check-in kiosks, online check-in options, and express check-out can streamline the process and provide convenience to business travellers.

25. Can offering conference rooms or meeting spaces be beneficial for attracting business travellers?

Absolutely. Providing conference rooms or meeting spaces can attract business travellers who need a professional setting to conduct business.

26. What is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction for business travellers?

Providing excellent customer service, following up on feedback, and addressing any concerns in a timely manner can ensure customer satisfaction for business travellers.

27. Can my company provide a concierge service to business travellers?

Yes. Providing a concierge service can provide convenience and luxury for business travellers, including help with reservations, scheduling, or transportation.

28. What are some common misconceptions about business travellers?

Some common misconceptions include that business travellers are uninterested in leisure activities, are always traveling in first class, or prefer luxury accommodations.

29. How can my company appeal to business travellers on a budget?

Offering competitive rates, providing basic amenities, and promoting budget travel packages can appeal to business travellers on a budget.

30. Can offering workspaces or office amenities be beneficial for attracting business travellers?

Absolutely. Providing workspaces or office amenities such as printers, fax machines, and meeting spaces can attract business travellers who need a professional setting to conduct business.

Thanks for traveling with us!

We hope this article has given you some great tips on how to target business travelers. Remember, it’s all about understanding your audience and catering to their specific needs and preferences. By offering convenience, flexibility, and personalized experiences, you can win over even the most discerning business travelers. So, goodbye for now, but don’t forget to check back in with us soon for more travel insights and inspiration. Until then, safe travels and happy business tripping, travelers!

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