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Kind Reader, Horizon Helicopters is a reputable charter company that has been operating for over two decades. Offering scenic flights over the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, Horizon Helicopters is known for its top-of-the-line fleet and experienced pilots. With a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, Horizon Helicopters is a popular choice for tourists and locals looking for a unique way to explore the beautiful islands.

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Horizon Helicopters: A Premier Helicopter Charter Company

horizon-helicopters,Horizon Helicopters,thqHorizonHelicopters

Horizon Helicopters is a leading provider of luxury helicopter charter services. Established in 2007, they have been providing safe and efficient helicopter transport for over a decade. Horizon Helicopters is known for their excellent customer service and attention to detail. They offer a range of charters, including executive, scenic, and private tours.

Executive Charters

Horizon Helicopters offers executive charters for business travelers who value efficiency and convenience. With their executive charters, clients can avoid long airport lines and travel to their destination quickly. Their experienced pilots ensure a smooth journey, allowing clients to focus on their work.

Scenic Charters

Horizon Helicopters provides scenic charters that showcase the incredible beauty of each destination. Their team has in-depth knowledge of the best scenic routes, allowing clients to experience breathtaking views. These charters are perfect for tourists who wish to explore a new area from a different perspective.

Private Tours

Horizon Helicopters’ private tours provide a personalized experience for clients who wish to fly solo or in a small group. Clients can customize their itinerary and enjoy a hassle-free journey from start to finish. They can also enjoy the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at a location of their choice.

Horizon Helicopters Fleet

Horizon Helicopters’ fleet comprises state-of-the-art helicopters that are maintained to the highest standards. Their fleet includes the Bell 407 and Eurocopter AS350, which offer a luxurious and comfortable flying experience.

Why Choose Horizon Helicopters?

There are many reasons to choose Horizon Helicopters for your helicopter charter needs. Here are some key features of their service that set them apart:

No Features
1 Experience – With over a decade in the business, Horizon Helicopters is a trusted provider of helicopter charters.
2 Customer Service – Their friendly and professional team is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives the best service possible.
3 Safety – Horizon Helicopters places the utmost importance on safety, adhering to the highest standards in the industry.
4 Flexibility – They offer a range of charters that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client.
5 Luxury – Horizon Helicopters’ fleet comprises modern helicopters that offer a luxurious flying experience.

Horizon Helicopters is committed to providing safe and efficient helicopter charter services. Their experienced team, modern fleet, and excellent customer service make them a premier choice for luxury helicopter charters.

Horizon Helicopters Fleet

horizon-helicopters,Horizon Helicopters Fleet,thqHorizonHelicoptersFleet

Horizon Helicopters takes pride in its fleet, which is composed of well-maintained and high-performing aircraft. Their helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the comfort and safety of their passengers during flights.

The Bell 206L Series

One of the helicopters in the Horizon Helicopters fleet is the Bell 206L Series. It is a high-performance aircraft that is perfect for aerial photography, sightseeing, and executive travel. It can fly at a maximum speed of 138 miles per hour and has a maximum range of 374 miles. The Bell 206L Series can accommodate up to 5 passengers and has an average flight time of 2.5 hours.

The Robinson R44

Another helicopter in the Horizon Helicopters fleet is the Robinson R44. It is a versatile and cost-effective helicopter that is used for a variety of applications, including sightseeing, aerial photography, and pilot training. It has a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour and a range of 300 miles. The Robinson R44 can carry up to 3 passengers and has an average flight time of 2.5 hours.

The Airbus H130

Horizon Helicopters also includes the Airbus H130 in their fleet. It is a modern and elegant helicopter that is ideal for executive transportation, sightseeing, or charter flights. The Airbus H130 has a maximum speed of 155 miles per hour and a maximum range of 400 miles. It can seat up to 7 passengers and has an average flight time of 3 hours.

The Bell 407

The Bell 407 is another high-performance helicopter in the Horizon Helicopters fleet. It is perfect for a wide range of missions, such as aerial surveying, pipeline inspection, and search and rescue. The Bell 407 can fly at a maximum speed of 140 miles per hour and has a maximum range of 408 miles. It can hold up to 6 passengers and has an average flight time of 3 hours.

No Information Details
1 Company Name Horizon Helicopters
2 Location Cairns, Australia
3 Services Scenic flights, charter flights, aerial filming and photography, heli-fishing, helicopters for events
4 Fleet 4 helicopters – AS350, AS355, EC130, and EC120
5 Experience Over 25 years of flying experience in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef region

Horizon Helicopters Safety Standards

horizon-helicopters,Horizon Helicopters safety standards,thqHorizonHelicopterssafetystandards

Horizon Helicopters is dedicated to providing the highest level of safety. With over 30 years of
experience, the company is committed to ensuring that all pilots and staff are well-trained and
knowledgeable in all aspects of aviation safety. This dedication is demonstrated through the
company’s ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) ISO 9001:2015 and FAA Part 135

Training and Certification

Horizon Helicopters ensures that all its pilots, maintenance technicians, and administrative staff
are well-trained in compliance with the safety laws and regulations. The company provides
continuous training and certification to its staff. The training includes theoretical and practical
instruction on various aspects of safety such as weather briefing, navigation, emergency
procedures, and use of safety equipment, to mention a few.

Maintenance Standards

Horizon Helicopters has a team of experienced and skilled maintenance technicians who ensure
that all aircraft are in top-performing condition. The maintenance team adheres to the highest
maintenance standards, including manufacturer and regulatory requirements. The team performs
a thorough inspection on all aircraft before and after each flight. Any issues that are identified are
addressed immediately to ensure that all aircraft are operating safely.

Horizon Helicopters Fleet

horizon-helicopters,Horizon Helicopters fleet,thqHorizonHelicoptersfleet

Horizon Helicopters has a modern fleet of helicopters that are well-maintained and equipped. The
aircraft are fitted with state-of-the-art safety equipment, including night vision goggles and GPS
navigational systems, that enhance safety. The helicopters are designed to provide a smooth
flight experience, with minimal noise and vibrations.

Helicopter Models

Horizon Helicopters has a range of helicopter models to choose from, depending on the client’s
requirements. The company’s fleet includes the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, the Bell 407 GX, the Airbus
H-130, and the Robinson R-44 Raven II, among others. Each model has unique features that meet
specific transportation and safety needs.


The helicopters in Horizon Helicopters’ fleet have varying passenger capacity, ranging from three
to seven passengers. The company’s helicopters are suitable for various transport services, such as
aerial photography, executive transport, and emergency medical services.

Horizon Helicopters for Tours and Charters

horizon-helicopters,Horizon Helicopters for Tours and Charters,thqHelicopter20Tour20Horizon20Air20PhotopidApi

Horizon Helicopters provides various tour and charter services that allow you to experience breathtaking views from the skies. The company offers several options for sightseeing tours, including Grand Canyon Tours, Sedona Red Rock Tours, and custom tours. Enjoy a unique perspective of Arizona’s most beautiful and rugged terrain aboard a helicopter. You can also choose from several charter services, such as executive charters, special event charters, or aerial filming and photography charters.

Grand Canyon Tours

Horizon Helicopters offers several Grand Canyon tours that allow you to experience the canyon from a unique and unforgettable perspective. The company’s most popular tour is the Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour, which includes transportation to and from your hotel, a helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, and a breathtaking flight over the Grand Canyon. You can also choose from the Grand Canyon Sunset Tour, the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour, and the Grand Canyon Private Tour.

Sedona Red Rock Tours

Explore the stunning red rock formations of Sedona from the air with Horizon Helicopters. The Sedona Red Rock Tour offers a panoramic view of the famous red rocks, such as Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Courthouse Butte. You can also choose from the Sedona Sunset Tour, which highlights the city’s stunning sunset and rock formations, or the Sedona Private Tour catered to your needs.

Safety Measures Taken By Horizon Helicopters

horizon-helicopters,Safety Measures Taken By Horizon Helicopters,thqSafetyMeasuresTakenByHorizonHelicopters

Safety is one of the top priorities of Horizon Helicopters. The company takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its passengers and crew. The helicopters used by the company are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they are in top condition. The pilots are all highly skilled and experienced, and are trained to respond effectively to any emergency situation that may arise.

Regular Aircraft Maintenance

Horizon Helicopters ensures the safety of its passengers by performing regular maintenance on its aircraft. The company follows a strict schedule of maintenance checks, which include daily, weekly, and monthly inspections. The helicopters undergo a thorough inspection before and after every flight to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

Pilot Training And Experience

Horizon Helicopters employs only the most experienced and skilled pilots. All pilots must have a minimum number of flight hours and must undergo a rigorous training program. The pilots are trained to fly the helicopters in different weather conditions and to handle any situation that may arise during a flight. They are also trained to communicate effectively with air traffic controllers and ground crew.

Helicopter Tours For Special Occasions

horizon-helicopters,Helicopter Tours For Special Occasions,thqHelicopterToursForSpecialOccasions

If you’re looking for a truly special and unique way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in your life, Horizon Helicopters can help make it happen. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or just a romantic date night, a helicopter tour offers breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience. Horizon Helicopters even offers customizable packages to make your special occasion even more memorable, such as romantic sunset flights or helicopter rides that include a gourmet meal.

Helicopter Tours for Romantic Occasions

If you’re looking for a romantic way to celebrate a special occasion, Horizon Helicopters offers several options. A popular choice is the Romantic Sunset Tour, which takes passengers on a scenic flight as the sun sets over the horizon. This tour includes a complimentary bottle of champagne to toast to your love in the sky. Horizon Helicopters can also customize a tour for you and your significant other, such as a rose petal landing site or a special message written in the sand on the beach.

Helicopter Tours for Group Celebrations

Horizon Helicopters can accommodate groups of all sizes, making it the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, family reunion, or bachelor/bachelorette party, a helicopter tour offers a unique and memorable experience. Horizon Helicopters even offers a “Fly and Dine” package, which includes a scenic flight followed by a gourmet meal at a nearby restaurant.

Horizon Helicopters: Safety Precautions

horizon-helicopters,Helicopter safety,thqHelicoptersafety

Horizon helicopters prioritize the safety of their passengers and staff members. They ensure that all their pilots are FAA-certified and undergo rigorous training before taking passengers on board. Additionally, Horizon Helicopters mandates a pre-flight briefing that educates passengers about safety rules, emergency procedures, and helicopter operations.

Helicopter Inspection

A daily inspection of the helicopter is vital to ensure that all parts are functioning well. Before each flight, our experienced mechanics assess every part of the helicopter, such as its fuel level, landing gear, rotor blades, and engine, to ensure that they are in good condition.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Horizon Helicopters follows a strict maintenance schedule to ensure the safety of their guests. They perform various maintenance tasks, such as replacing parts, checking oil levels, and cleaning the helicopter to ensure that it always functions properly.

Horizon Helicopters: VIP Services

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If you want to travel in style and luxury, Horizon Helicopters offers VIP services for their guests. These services are designed to cater to your specific travel needs while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Private Helicopter Access

Arrive at your destination in style with exclusive helicopter access to luxury hotels, restaurants, and other special events. Our VIP services ensure that you travel in comfort and luxury and avoid the hassle of traffic and long lines.

Personalized Service

Horizon Helicopters prioritizes individualized attention and is committed to providing personalized service to meet your needs. Whether it’s a customized itinerary or a special request, our staff members are ready to assist you with anything to make your trip unforgettable.

Horizon Helicopters – FAQ

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! If you have any questions about Horizon Helicopters, look no further, as we’ve answered some of the common questions and concerns below:

1. What are the operating hours of Horizon Helicopters?

Horizon Helicopters operates every day from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, except on holidays.

2. What are the types of helicopters available at Horizon Helicopters?

Horizon Helicopters offers a range of helicopters including the Robinson R66 and Bell 206.

3. Can children fly on a Horizon Helicopter?

Children under the age of two (2) years old are not allowed to fly on Horizon Helicopters.

4. Are pets allowed on Horizon Helicopters?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on Horizon Helicopters, except for service animals.

5. What should I wear during my Horizon Helicopter flight?

We advise wearing closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions during your flight.

6. How many passengers can fit in a helicopter?

This will depend on the type of helicopter. Our Robinson R66 can fit up to four (4) passengers, while our Bell 206 can accommodate up to six (6) passengers.

7. What happens if the weather conditions are unsuitable for my Horizon Helicopter flight?

If the weather is unsuitable for your flight, we will work with you to reschedule your flight for a later date.

8. How early do I need to arrive for my scheduled Horizon Helicopter flight?

We advise arriving at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled departure time of your Horizon Helicopter flight.

9. What is the cancellation policy for Horizon Helicopter flights?

We require at least twenty-four (24) hours notice for any cancellations or changes. If you cancel or change your flight within this time frame, you will be charged a fee.

10. Is there a weight limit for passengers on Horizon Helicopters?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 250 pounds per person for all passengers on Horizon Helicopters.

11. Can I bring a camera on my Horizon Helicopter flight?

Of course! We encourage you to bring a camera to capture the stunning views during your flight.

12. Can I book a private Horizon Helicopter flight?

Absolutely! We offer private flights for individuals, couples, or groups. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

13. What are some popular routes for Horizon Helicopter flights?

Our most popular flights include the Grand Canyon tour, Las Vegas Strip tour, and Hoover Dam tour.

14. Can I bring food or drinks on my Horizon Helicopter flight?

Unfortunately, we do not allow food or drinks on Horizon Helicopter flights, unless it is necessary for medical reasons.

15. How long is a typical Horizon Helicopter flight?

The length of a typical Horizon Helicopter flight will depend on the route and package you choose. Our flights can range from fifteen (15) minutes to several hours.

If you’re looking for a unique flying experience, consider booking a Horizon Helicopters tour. With their well-maintained fleet and knowledgeable pilots, you’ll be sure to have a memorable adventure.

Farewell for Now, Kind Reader

It was a pleasure sharing my experience with Horizon Helicopters with all of you. I hope that you are now inspired to take your own aerial adventure, soaring high above the world with the experts at Horizon. From the stunning views to the skilled pilots, this company is one of the best in the industry. I cannot wait to book my next tour and see what new and exciting destinations they have to offer. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back soon for more exciting travel experiences to come.

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