Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime with Homer Helicopter Tours

Kind Reader, if you want to experience the unparalleled natural beauty of Homer, Alaska, then Homer Helicopter Tours is the way to go. From the sky, you will witness breathtaking views of glaciers, mountains, fjords, and beaches that you cannot see anywhere else. With over a decade of experience, Homer Helicopter Tours has a record of safe and comfortable service that will leave you with long-lasting memories. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, this adventure is a must-do activity for anyone who wants to explore Alaska’s wilds like never before.

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Explore the Beauty of Homer with Homer Helicopter Tours

homer-helicopter-tours,Homer Helicopter Tours,thqHomer-Helicopter-Tours

Set on the banks of Kachemak Bay, Homer is a small town in Alaska that boasts striking natural beauty. From snow-capped glaciers to unique wildlife, Homer is truly a sight to behold. And what better way to experience it all than with Homer helicopter tours?

Why Take a Homer Helicopter Tour?

While there are many ways to explore Homer, a helicopter tour allows you to see the town and surrounding areas from a unique perspective. You’ll be able to soar above the rugged coastlines, stunning mountains, and sparkling waters. Plus, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide to point out all the sights and share fascinating information about the region.

What to Expect on a Homer Helicopter Tour

The experience begins at the airport in Homer, where you’ll be greeted by your pilot and guide for the tour. You’ll receive a safety briefing and then board the helicopter for your adventure. Depending on the tour you choose, you may get to see glaciers up close, explore remote wilderness areas, or even land on a mountain peak for an unforgettable photo opportunity.

Types of Homer Helicopter Tours

There are a variety of helicopter tours available in Homer, each offering a unique perspective on this stunning region. Some popular ones include:

No Tour Type Description
1 Glacier Tours These tours take you right up to some of the area’s most impressive glaciers, providing stunning views and photo opportunities.
2 Wilderness Tours These tours allow you to explore the remote wilderness areas around Homer, experiencing the rugged terrain and unique wildlife from above.
3 Volcano Tours These tours take you up close and personal with some of Alaska’s most impressive volcanoes, offering a rare glimpse into their raw power and natural beauty.

Booking Your Homer Helicopter Tour

If you’re ready to experience the beauty of Homer from above, booking a helicopter tour is easy. Simply visit the website of a local tour provider, choose the tour you want, and reserve your spot online. Then, get ready to take to the skies and discover the natural wonders of this incredible part of Alaska.

Experience the Stunning Beauty of Kachemak Bay with Homer Helicopter Tours

homer-helicopter-tours,Kachemak Bay Homer Helicopter Tours,thqKachemakBayHomerHelicopterTours

One of the most popular tour options of Homer Helicopter Tours is the Kachemak Bay Flightseeing Tour. This tour allows you to explore the stunning wilderness of Kachemak Bay, which is one of the richest marine environments in the world. You’ll fly above the rugged coastline while keeping an eye out for whales, sea otters, seals, porpoises and various seabirds. You’ll also have the opportunity to see several glaciers from above, including the Grewingk and Harding Icefield glaciers, which are some of the most spectacular glaciers in the area.

Enjoy a Unique Bird’s Eye View of Kachemak Bay

A bird’s eye view of the beautiful Kachemak Bay is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Homer Helicopter Tours provides you with an unforgettable experience. The tour starts at the Beluga Lake Floatplane Dock, where you’ll board a helicopter that can accommodate up to three passengers. You’ll fly over Kachemak Bay for a total of 50 minutes, and it offers you a spectacular view of the bay from above. Your experienced pilot will provide you with a detailed narration of the area’s history and ecosystems while you’re in the air.

Important Note: Dress Appropriately

It’s important to dress appropriately for the tour so you’ll be comfortable during the flight. Wear warm and comfortable clothing, including a jacket and a hat. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, as the glare from the snow and ice can be quite bright from up high. Also, be sure to wear sturdy shoes with good traction.

No Information
1 Name of the tour company
2 Location of the company
3 Type of tours offered
4 Duration of tours
5 Price range of tours
6 Number of passengers per tour
7 Number of tours per day
8 Additional services offered

Helicopter Tours in Homer – The Ultimate Adventure

homer-helicopter-tours,Helicopter Tours in Homer,thqhelicoptertoursinhomer

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, then a helicopter tour of Homer is an absolute must. There’s no better way to take in the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan wilderness than from above. Whether you’re interested in viewing magnificent glaciers up close, exploring the amazing coastline, or spotting wildlife in its natural habitat, a helicopter tour will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Glacier Tours

One of the most popular helicopter tours in Homer is the glacier tour. You’ll soar above spectacular glaciers and icefields that are simply beyond words. You’ll see the Kenai Mountains from a unique and unforgettable perspective and get up close to the wildlife that calls this stark landscape home. Whether you opt for a scenic flight, a glacier landing, or a combination tour, you won’t be disappointed.

Coastal Tours

A coastal helicopter tour is another popular option among visitors to Homer. You’ll see some of the most stunning coastline in the world, including the famous Kachemak Bay. Keep your eyes peeled for sea otters, whales, and other marine life that can be spotted from the air. Some tours even include a stop at a remote beach where you can take a stroll and enjoy a freshly prepared seafood lunch.

Scenic Flights Over Homer

homer-helicopter-tours,Scenic Flights Over Homer,thqScenicFlightsOverHomer

Homer, Alaska is one of the most spectacular places in the world to experience by air. The pristine wilderness of the Kenai Peninsula and the Cook Inlet offer breathtaking views that are unmatched anywhere else. A scenic flight over Homer is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that nobody should miss. During the tour, visitors get to see Homer from the air, and will witness the panoramic beauty that Alaska has to offer, including stunning glaciers, snowcapped mountains, fjords, and marine wildlife, including whales and seals.

The Most Popular Scenic Flight Tours

There are several scenic flight tours to choose from, and all offer different perspectives of the area. Some of the most popular tours include:

No Tour Name
1 Kachemak Bay Tour
2 Volcano & Glaciers Tour
3 Grizzly Bear Viewing Tour
4 Fjords & Peaks Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

We recommend dressing in layers, as the temperature can change quickly during the flight. Comfortable shoes and a jacket are essential. Sunglasses may also be useful to help reduce glare.

Do I Need to Make Reservations?

It is always best to book your scenic flight tour in advance. During peak season, tours book up quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on this unique experience.

What to Expect During a Homer Helicopter Tour?

homer-helicopter-tours,Homer Helicopter Tour,thqHomer20Helicopter20Tour

If you’re planning a Homer helicopter tour, you’re in for a treat! Exciting aerial views of Kachemak Bay, the glaciers, the Harding Icefields, the Kenai Mountains, and the wildlife are just some of the things you can expect during this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Typically, Homer helicopter tours last from 1.5 hours to 3 hours and expose riders to a wide range of amazing scenery and Alaska’s unique natural beauty. While the experience could vary according to the preferences of each tour operator, there are some common things you can expect during your Homer helicopter tour.

The Take-Off and Flight

As you take off, the scenery below you will quickly turn into breathtaking views of the Kachemak Bay State Park. The tour pilot would usually take a particular route, depending on your preferences and the weather, giving you a closer view of the stunning glaciers and waterfalls. As you fly across the Kenai Mountains, you’ll have a unique aerial perspective on the numerous valleys and canyons. Your pilot will also provide a commentary on the sights below you.

Sightseeing and Wildlife Spotting

The beauty of Homer helicopter tours is the chance to see Alaska’s wildlife in its natural environment. You may spot seals basking on the rocks along the shorelines of the rugged coastal areas, or moose or bears wandering through the woods below you! Ecological resources like tidal estuaries, seabirds, and other wildlife are viewed at a safe altitude with the aid of your pilot. Therefore, bring your camera lenses and binoculars to capture these cherished moments, and witness the world in all its glory!

No The Best Time to Go on a Homer Helicopter Tour
1 Helicopter tours are available from mid-May to mid-September, which is Alaska’s peak tourism period. Late May to mid-June is ideal for bird watching, while July to August offers clearer skies, calmer weather patterns and an array of wildlife. The month of september is perfect for colorful foliage compositions and Northern Lights viewing, which is a breathtaking sight from the sky.

Best Time to Take Homer Helicopter Tours

homer-helicopter-tours,Best Time to Take Homer Helicopter Tours,thqBestTimetoTakeHomerHelicopterTours

If you are planning your adventure to Homer, Alaska, you may want to consider when the best time to take a helicopter tour is before scheduling your excursion. The best time to enjoy a helicopter tour is during the summer months of June through August. This is the time when the weather is at its best, and the sun is shining the longest.


The month of June is just the start of summer, and it’s also a good time to visit Homer because the days are already longer than in other months. It’s a popular time for fishing trips and outdoor excursions. June offers 19 to 20 hours of daylight per day with temperatures averaging from 50°F to 57°F.


The warmest month of the year in Homer is July, with temperatures averaging from 53°F to 60°F. You can enjoy nearly 20 hours of daylight per day, which means you can cram as many outdoor activities as you want into your itinerary. July is also the time when wild animals, such as bald eagles, are frequently spotted.


The temperature in August averages from 51°F to 58°F, and you can enjoy about 17 hours of daylight per day. It’s still a comfortable temperature to explore Homer, and the visibility remains excellent for helicopter touring. You can expect to see glaciers, mountains, and wildlife during your tour in August.

What to Expect During Homer Helicopter Tours

homer-helicopter-tours,What to Expect During Homer Helicopter Tours,thqWhattoExpectDuringHomerHelicopterTours

Experience one of the best helicopter tours in the world by booking a tour with Homer Helicopters. Here are some things to expect during your tour:

Experienced Pilots

When taking a helicopter tour, safety is a top priority, and a team of skilled and experienced pilots provide comprehensive training before and during the tour. All pilots at Homer Helicopters have expert knowledge of the Alaskan region, which makes it easier to explore and learn more about the wildlife and scenery.

Breathtaking Views

The best part of taking a helicopter tour in Homer is the unbelievable views. You will experience an exclusive and breathtaking view as you fly over glaciers, mountains, and oceans—all very different from what you can see on the ground. The view from above gives you a whole new perspective on Alaska.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

A trip to Alaska is one that provides experiences that are extremely rare in other parts of the world. The helicopter tour in Homer provides the unique opportunity to experience intimate moments with nature, wildlife encounters, and adventure-seeking excursions that stay with you for a lifetime, and it’s something you won’t want to miss.

Best Time to Book a Homer Helicopter Tour

homer-helicopter-tours,Best Time to Book a Homer Helicopter Tour,thqBestTimetoBookaHomerHelicopterTour

When planning a Homer helicopter tour, it’s important to know the best times to book to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Generally, the summer months of June to August offer the best weather conditions with clear skies and warmer temperatures. This makes for ideal visibility and comfortable flying conditions. However, this period is also the peak tourist season, which means higher prices and more crowds.

Off-Season Homer Helicopter Tours

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and get a good deal on a Homer helicopter tour, consider visiting during the off-season. The fall season of September to November offers beautiful autumn colors and fewer visitors. Winter from December to February offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and the chance to see the Northern Lights. However, be aware that winter conditions can be more challenging, and tours may be affected by weather conditions.

Booking Early vs. Last Minute

Booking a Homer helicopter tour in advance gives you more options and ensures your preferred tour isn’t sold out. It also gives you time to plan and prepare for your trip. However, booking last minute may result in better deals as tour companies may offer discounted rates to fill unsold spots. This option is best for those with flexible schedules and those comfortable with uncertainty.

FAQ on Homer Helicopter Tours

1. What is Homer Helicopter Tours?

Homer Helicopter Tours is a helicopter tour company operating in Homer, Alaska, offering scenic tours and adventures through the Alaskan wilderness.

2. What kind of tours do you offer?

We offer various tours, including glacier tours, wildlife tours, and private charters for events and weddings.

3. How long are the tours?

The length of our tours varies, but they typically range from 1 hour to 3 hours.

4. How many people can go on one tour?

Our helicopter can accommodate up to 5 passengers plus the pilot.

5. Is there an age limit for the tours?

No, there is no age limit, but we recommend that children under the age of 2 ride on an adult’s lap and that children wear headphones to protect their hearing.

6. What should I wear during the tour?

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Dressing in layers is also recommended, as it can be cooler at higher altitudes or over glaciers.

7. Can I bring a camera on the tour?

Yes, you are encouraged to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the stunning sights throughout your tour.

8. What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is unsafe for flight, we will reschedule your tour for another time or issue a full refund.

9. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, the weight limit per passenger is 275 pounds.

10. How far in advance do I have to book my tour?

We recommend booking your tour at least a week in advance, especially during busy seasons. However, we welcome last-minute bookings based on availability.

11. Can I bring food or drinks on the tour?

No, food and drinks are not allowed on the tour. However, we provide complimentary water before the flight.

12. Can I request a specific tour guide or pilot?

We cannot guarantee a specific tour guide or pilot, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

13. How do I pay for the tour?

You can pay for your tour online through our website, or in-person using cash or credit card at our office before the flight.

14. Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, if you need to cancel your tour, please give us at least 24 hours notice for a full refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the tour may result in a partial or no refund.

15. Are there any restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are following all local health guidelines and limiting capacity in the helicopter to ensure social distancing. Additionally, we require all passengers and staff to wear masks during the tour.

Looking for an unforgettable aerial experience in Homer, Alaska? Check out Homer Helicopter Tours for breathtaking views of glaciers and wildlife. You won’t regret soaring above the stunning Alaskan landscape.

Thank You for Flying with Homer Helicopter Tours!

Kind Reader, we hope you enjoyed this thrilling ride with us and that you were able to witness the beauty of Homer from a new perspective. We are passionate about providing unique and unforgettable experiences, and we can’t wait to take you on another adventure in the future. Make sure to keep us in mind for your next date night, anniversary, or family outing! Thank you for choosing Homer Helicopter Tours.

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