The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Helicopter Trailer: Why It’s a Must-Have Investment

Kind Reader, are you searching for an efficient way to transport your helicopter? A helicopter trailer could be the answer to your problem. This specially designed trailer allows you to transport your helicopter safely and conveniently. With their unique features, helicopter trailers offer various benefits to helicopter owners, such as easy loading/unloading, reduced maintenance costs, and protection against bad weather conditions. Let’s take a closer look at what makes helicopter trailers so valuable.

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What is a Helicopter Trailer?

helicopter-trailer,Helicopter Trailer,thqHelicopterTrailer

A helicopter trailer is a type of trailer specifically designed to transport helicopters. It is commonly used to move helicopters from one point to another, especially for long-distance transportation. Helicopter trailers are equipped with specialized features that ensure the safety and security of the helicopter during transportation.

Design of a Helicopter Trailer

Helicopter trailers have unique designs that cater to the specific needs of helicopter transportation. They are usually enclosed trailers with a customized interior to hold the helicopter safely in place. The trailer’s exterior is made of durable materials such as aluminum to withstand the weight of the helicopter and resist damage due to environmental factors like wind, water, and dust. The interior is lined with padding and fastened with straps or tie-downs for secure helicopter transportation.

Types of Helicopter Trailer

There are several types of helicopter trailers available in the market. The type of helicopter trailer used depends on the helicopter’s size, weight, and dimensions. Here are the most common types of helicopter trailers:

No Type of Helicopter Trailer Features
1 Enclosed or Box Trailer – Provides optimal protection from weather and environmental factors
– Can accommodate large and small helicopters
– Customizable for specific helicopter sizes
2 Flatbed Trailer – Often used for short distances
– Generally used for small to medium-sized helicopters
– Less expensive than enclosed trailers
3 Lowboy Trailer – Used for heavy transport of large or oversized helicopters
– Lowered bed for easy loading and unloading
– Suitable for long-distance transportation

Types of Helicopter Trailers

helicopter-trailer,Types of Helicopter Trailers,thqTypesofHelicopterTrailers

Helicopter trailers come in various types to accommodate different helicopter sizes, makes, and models. Here are some of the common types of helicopter trailers:

Aircraft Transport Systems (ATS) Helicopter Trailers

The ATS helicopter trailers are known for their longevity and durability, making them ideal for long-term use. They are designed to handle different helicopter model sizes, and their hydraulic lift systems make loading and unloading helicopters easier and safer.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Helicopter Trailers

GSE helicopter trailers are designed for transport and maintenance purposes. They are commonly used for transporting helicopters to and from their maintenance areas to the runway. These trailers come with features like adjustable chocks, which secure the helicopter during transport, and extension ramps, which make loading and unloading easier.

Towable Helicopter Trailers

These trailers are used for smaller helicopters, and their main advantage is that they can be easily towed with a truck or larger vehicle. Towable helicopter trailers feature adjustable chocks, making it easy to secure the helicopter during transport. They are also relatively cheaper compared to other types of helicopter trailers.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Helicopter Trailer

helicopter-trailer,Features to Consider When Choosing a Helicopter Trailer,thqFeaturestoConsiderWhenChoosingaHelicopterTrailer

Choosing the right helicopter trailer has a significant impact on the efficiency and safety of helicopter transport, and as such, there are many features to consider. Here are some of the key features:


The helicopter trailer should match the helicopter’s size and weight capacity. For large helicopters, the trailers need to have a robust hydraulic lift system to safely load the helicopter. Smaller trailers can be towable, but they should have adjustable chocks to secure the helicopter.

Safety Features

The trailer should have safety features in place to prevent helicopter damage or even accidents during transport. These features can include adjustable chocks, extension ramps, and hydraulic lift systems.


Maneuverability is essential, mainly if the trailers are used in tight spaces or rough terrains. The trailer should have sturdy tires, brakes, and suspension systems to handle different terrains.


Cost is a significant consideration when choosing a helicopter trailer. Towable helicopter trailers are generally cheaper than other types, but they are not suitable for large helicopters. More advanced trailers like ATS and GSE helicopter trailers are more expensive but offer more safety features and longevity.

No Information
1 A helicopter trailer is a specialized trailer designed to transport helicopters from one place to another.
2 Helicopter trailers come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different helicopter models and sizes.
3 Most helicopter trailers are equipped with hydraulic systems that make it easy to load and unload the helicopter.
4 Helicopter trailers are used by helicopter manufacturers, operators, and military organizations for transportation purposes.
5 Some popular helicopter trailer manufacturers are Monza, Lider, and Stinger.
6 Helicopter trailers can be customized and modified to fit specific needs and requirements.
7 Helicopter trailers are usually towed by trucks or other heavy-duty vehicles.
8 It is important to follow safety measures and guidelines when operating a helicopter trailer, as failure to do so can result in accidents or damage to the equipment.

Helicopter Trailer Types

helicopter-trailer,Helicopter Trailer Types,thqHelicopterTrailerTypes

Helicopter trailers come in different types and sizes to cater to various helicopter types. Choosing the right type of trailer is important to ensure safe transportation of your helicopter. Here are some of the common types of helicopter trailers:

Enclosed Helicopter Trailer

An enclosed helicopter trailer is perfect for transporting your helicopter in different weather conditions. This type of trailer offers full protection against the elements and other external factors, ensuring that your helicopter arrives at its destination safely. The trailer’s interior can be customized to cater to your helicopter’s specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit to prevent any movement during transportation.

Open Helicopter Trailer

An open helicopter trailer is an affordable option for those who want to transport their helicopter without having to spend much on an enclosed trailer. However, an open trailer is not recommended for long-distance transportation, as it offers minimal protection against harsh weather conditions and external factors. It also requires extra care during loading and unloading to prevent any damage to the helicopter.

Comparison Table of Helicopter Trailer Types

No Enclosed Helicopter Trailer Open Helicopter Trailer
1 Offers full protection against the elements and other external factors Offers minimal protection against harsh weather conditions and external factors.
2 Customizable interior for specific helicopter requirements Affordable option for transportation
3 Recommended for long-distance transportation Requires extra care during loading and unloading

How to Choose the Right Helicopter Trailer for Your Needs?

helicopter-trailer,How to Choose the Right Helicopter Trailer for Your Needs?,thqHowtoChoosetheRightHelicopterTrailerforYourNeeds

If you’re in the market for a helicopter trailer, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a helicopter trailer:

1. Size and Weight Capacity

The size and weight capacity of the trailer are some of the most important factors to consider. You need to choose a trailer that can accommodate the size and weight of your helicopter. Most helicopter trailers can accommodate a range of sizes, but it’s essential to choose one that meets the specific size and weight requirements of your aircraft.

2. Type of Trailer

There are different types of helicopter trailers available, and the type you choose will depend on your needs. Flatbed trailers, enclosed trailers, and hydraulic trailers are some of the most common types of helicopter trailers. Flatbed trailers are the most basic type and are suitable for smaller helicopters, while hydraulic trailers are more advanced and can handle heavier loads.

3. Material

The material used to make the trailer is another critical factor to consider. Most helicopter trailers are made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lighter and more resistant to corrosion, while steel is more robust and durable. Your choice of material will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the right helicopter trailer can be a daunting task, but taking the time to consider your needs and preferences can make the process much easier.

Hiring a Helicopter Trailer

helicopter-trailer,Hiring a Helicopter Trailer,thqHiringaHelicopterTrailer

If you’re only going to transport your helicopter once, it might be more cost-effective to rent a helicopter trailer rather than buy one. In general, the cost of renting a helicopter trailer is around $100 to $200 per day, but this may vary depending on the size of the trailer and the location. Here’s what you should know before renting a helicopter trailer.

What to Consider When Renting a Helicopter Trailer

The most critical consideration when renting a helicopter trailer is the size of the trailer. It’s critical that you choose a trailer that can accommodate your helicopter safely. You might want to consider renting a helicopter trailer that is slightly larger than your helicopter if you’re unsure which size to choose.

You should also look for a trailer that is made entirely of steel, which offers outstanding durability and strength. Furthermore, you should look for a trailer with a sturdy and reliable braking system. Trailer tires should be inspected before and after transport to ensure that they are in good condition. To ensure that the trailer is in good working order, make sure to inspect it completely before renting it.

Where to Rent a Helicopter Trailer

Helicopter trailer rentals are available from a variety of suppliers, depending on your location. You might find suppliers through aviation directories or by contacting your local helicopter manufacturer. Alternatively, conducting an online search for “helicopter trailer rentals near me” may yield results that are closer to your location.

No Supplier Website
1 Halley Trailer https://www.halleytrailer.com/helicopter-trailer-rentals/
2 Redtail Overland https://redtailoverland.com/rentals/
3 Helicopter Express https://helicopterexpress.com/helicopter-trailers/rentals/

Helicopter Trailer for Military Transport

helicopter-trailer,Helicopter Trailer for Military Transport,thqHelicopterTrailerforMilitaryTransport

Military transport is a sensitive and critical task that requires robust and reliable equipment. Helicopter trailers are essential in transporting helicopters to military bases, operation zones, and other locations. When selecting a helicopter trailer for military operations, several factors come into play. These factors include weight capacity, ease of loading and offloading, trailer dimensions, and storage requirements.

Load Capacity and Offloading

Helicopters come in different sizes and weight limits, and this calls for corresponding helicopter trailers. When purchasing a trailer for military use, it is essential to select one with a high capacity load to accommodate most helicopter sizes and models. Similarly, the trailer’s offloading mechanism should be smooth and effortless, considering the highly sensitive equipment’s safety and delicacy.

Dimensions and Storage Requirements

Helicopter trailers come in different dimensions to fit various helicopter sizes, and it is vital to choose the right trailer that will fit your helicopter. A standard helicopter will require a trailer of about 53-feet long, 102 inches wide, and 13.5-feet high. Similarly, the trailer’s storage requirements should be considered, especially for military transport, where mobility is a key factor. The military requires trailers that can be easily dismantled to facilitate quick deployment.

No Website Summary
1 militarytrailer.com Discusses the features of the helicopter trailer and its suitability for military transport.
2 trailersoftheeastcoast.com Provides a list of military helicopter trailers for sale and their respective features and pricing.
3 uhaul.com Outlines the different dimensions and weight bearing capacity of a standard helicopter trailer.
4 aluratrailer.com Describes how a helicopter trailer can be modified to cater to various helicopter models’ unique features.
5 chiceruthven.com Provides insights on how to maintain and improve the lifespan of helicopter trailers for military transport.
6 army-technology.com Discusses various military helicopter care and maintenance tips, including storing in a trailer.
7 aircraftcompare.com Compares different helicopter hauling trailers available in the market and their standout features.

Security Features of Helicopter Trailer

helicopter-trailer,Security Features of Helicopter Trailer,thqSecurityFeaturesofHelicopterTrailer

Transporting a helicopter requires the utmost caution and meticulousness. Therefore, it is important to have a trailer with advanced security features that can guarantee the safety of the aircraft during transportation. Helicopter trailers are equipped with various safety features such as locking mechanisms, wheel chocks, safety chains, and tie-down straps that hold the helicopter securely in place. The locking mechanism is an essential feature of the helicopter trailer that ensures the helicopter stays in one place while on the move. The locking mechanism also prevents the helicopter from rolling or falling, which can cause severe damage or injuries.

Locking Mechanisms

The locking mechanism is designed to secure the helicopter in place during transportation. It must be easy to use and be able to withstand any vibrations or jolts encountered on the road. The locking mechanism also ensures that the helicopter’s blades are not damaged or broken during transportation. There are two main types of locking mechanisms, manual and hydraulic. Manual locking mechanisms are controlled by hand, whereas hydraulic locking mechanisms are operated using a hydraulic system.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are designed to prevent the helicopter from rolling and moving. They are placed in front of and behind the helicopter’s wheels to keep it anchored in one place. Wheel chocks are made of strong materials that can withstand the weight of the helicopter and the vibrations caused by transportation. They are typically made of heavy-duty rubber or aluminum.

Maintenance Tips for Helicopter Trailer

helicopter-trailer,Maintenance Tips for Helicopter Trailer,thqMaintenanceTipsforHelicopterTrailer

Proper maintenance of the helicopter trailer is crucial for its longevity and performance. Regular maintenance ensures that the trailer is in good condition to transport your helicopter safely and efficiently. Helicopter trailer maintenance involves preventive measures to avoid potential problems or damages that can occur during transportation.

Regular Inspection

Inspecting the helicopter trailer regularly is essential to prevent any problems during transportation. Inspect the tires, brakes, lights, and electrical system to ensure they are in good working condition. Check for any cracks, breaks, or damages on the frame, coupler, and lock. Pay close attention to the locking mechanism as it is the most critical safety feature of the helicopter trailer. If any part of the helicopter trailer is damaged or worn out, it should be replaced immediately.

Cleaning the Helicopter Trailer

The helicopter trailer should be cleaned and washed regularly to remove any dirt, debris, or other materials that may have accumulated during transportation. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the helicopter trailer, and let it dry completely before using it again. The use of harsh chemicals or abrasive materials can damage the trailer’s finish and compromise its structural integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Helicopter Trailers

1. What is a helicopter trailer?

A helicopter trailer is a specialized trailer used for transporting helicopters from one location to another. It is designed to securely hold the helicopter in place during transport.

2. What types of helicopters can be transported using a helicopter trailer?

Helicopter trailers are designed to transport various types and sizes of helicopters, from small personal aircraft to larger commercial or military helicopters.

3. How do you secure the helicopter to the trailer?

Helicopters are secured to the trailer using tie-down straps and chains. The straps and chains are attached to specific points on the helicopter to ensure that it is held securely in place during transportation.

4. What is the weight limit for a helicopter trailer?

The weight limit for a helicopter trailer varies depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, most trailers are capable of carrying helicopters that weigh up to 10,000 pounds.

5. How do you load a helicopter onto the trailer?

Most helicopter trailers feature a ramp system that allows the helicopter to be driven or flown onto the trailer. The helicopter is then secured in place using the tie-down straps and chains.

6. Can helicopter trailers be customized according to specific needs?

Yes, helicopter trailers can be customized according to specific needs. Additional features can be added, such as hydraulic lifts, custom paint jobs, and lighting options.

7. How much does it cost to purchase a helicopter trailer?

The cost of a helicopter trailer varies depending on a number of different factors, including size, weight capacity, and additional features. Generally, prices range from $30,000 to $100,000.

8. Do helicopter trailers require a special license to operate?

No, helicopter trailers do not require a special license to operate. However, it is important to ensure that the person operating the trailer is properly trained and licensed to drive the vehicle used to tow the trailer.

9. Can helicopter trailers be used for long distances?

Yes, helicopter trailers can be used for long distances. They are designed to hold helicopters securely in place, even over rough terrain.

10. Do helicopter trailers come with any type of warranty?

Most helicopter trailers come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects or problems that may arise during normal use.

11. What type of maintenance is required for a helicopter trailer?

Regular maintenance is required for helicopter trailers to ensure that they remain safe and reliable. This includes regular inspections, cleaning, and lubrication of moving parts.

12. Can helicopter trailers be rented or leased?

Yes, helicopter trailers can be rented or leased from specialized trailer rental companies.

13. How do you choose the right helicopter trailer for your needs?

Choosing the right helicopter trailer depends on a number of factors, including the size and weight of the helicopter, transportation needs, and budget.

14. Are there any safety concerns associated with using a helicopter trailer?

Proper safety measures should be taken when using a helicopter trailer, including ensuring that the helicopter is properly secured to the trailer and that the trailer is properly maintained and inspected.

15. Can helicopter trailers be used to transport other types of aircraft?

No, helicopter trailers are specifically designed for transporting helicopters and are not suitable for other types of aircraft.

Looking to transport your helicopter? Check out this helicopter trailer that can help you safely and conveniently move your aircraft from one location to another.

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