Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime with Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

Kind reader, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Columbus, Ohio, then a helicopter tour is a must-do activity! Helicopter tour Columbus Ohio offers a unique and breathtaking way to explore the city and view its stunning skyline from above. With experienced pilots, comfortable helicopters, and a range of customizable tours, it’s no wonder why this tour is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. So why not take to the skies and see Columbus like never before?

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Explore Columbus from Above with Helicopter Tours

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Helicopter tours are an excellent way to see Columbus from a new perspective. These tours offer a unique and thrilling experience that cannot be matched by any other type of sightseeing tour. Whether you are a company looking to entertain clients or a family looking for a fun outing, helicopter tours are a great option.

Experience the City like Never Before with Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

Helicopter tour Columbus Ohio offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the city in a novel way. From above, one can view Columbus’ landmarks, landmarks, and natural beauty. Depending on the chosen tour, one may fly over the Hocking Hills region, The Ohio State University campus, or downtown Columbus. Regardless of the tour chosen, one is guaranteed to see Columbus like never before.

See Columbus’ Landmarks with a Helicopter Tour

One of the perks of taking a helicopter tour is being able to see Columbus’ top landmarks and attractions. Depending on the tour, visitors can see landmarks such as the Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Stadium, and the Columbus Museum of Art. Additionally, one can also see more natural attractions like the Scioto River and Ohio State Parks

Helicopter Tour Options in Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,Helicopter Tours Columbus Ohio,thqhelicopter-tours-columbus-ohio

There are different tour options when it comes to helicopter tours Columbus Ohio. Choosing the best type of tour depends on personal preference and budget. It can be a romantic experience for couples, a group bonding moment, or just a personal time-out to reflect and snap unforgettable photos. Here’s a breakdown of available tour options in Columbus Ohio.

Basic Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

The basic tour option is the most affordable one and is excellent for people who want to try helicopter rides for the first time. On this tour, you will see many of the landmarks and attractions in Columbus, and it usually lasts about 15-20 minutes.

Extended Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

This tour provides visitors with an extended view of Columbus. It usually lasts between 30 – 60 minutes with extra attractions and landmarks. The extended tour is perfect for tourists who want to spend more time and get more aerial shots of Columbus.

Columbus Custom Helicopter Tour

The Custom tour is an excellent option for those who want to create their itinerary. Do you have a special place you want to see or want to create the perfect tour experience? This option is tailored to meet personal preferences and includes helicopter rental, pilot services and an excellent tour experience.

What to Expect on a Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,What to Expect on a Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio,thqhelicoptertourcolumbusohio

If you’ve never taken a helicopter tour before, you might be wondering what to expect. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect on a helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio:

The Check-In Process

Before anything else, you’ll need to check in for your tour. During check-in, you’ll sign any required waivers or agreements and be given a safety briefing. This is also an excellent time to ask any questions you may have about the tour.

Boarding the Helicopter

Boarding a helicopter is not the same as boarding an airplane. Unlike an airplane, helicopters take off and land vertically, so you will board the helicopter from the rear. Your pilot or guide will assist you with putting on any required safety gear and getting settled into your seat before takeoff.

Top Helicopter Tour Companies in Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,Top Helicopter Tour Companies in Columbus Ohio,thqtophelicoptertourcolumbusohio

If you’re planning a helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio, you’ll want to book your tour with the best company available. Here are the top helicopter tour companies in Columbus Ohio:

1. Buckeye Helicopter Tours

Buckeye Helicopter Tours is the premier helicopter tour company in Columbus Ohio. They offer a range of tour packages, including city tours, countryside tours, and custom tours. Buckeye Helicopter Tours also offers private charter services.

2. Mason Helicopter Services

Mason Helicopter Services is another highly rated helicopter tour company in Columbus Ohio. They offer a variety of tour packages as well as private charter services. One unique feature of Mason Helicopter Services is their romantic dinner flight package, which includes a helicopter tour, dinner, and wine.

No Important Information
1 The name of the helicopter tour company
2 The length of the helicopter tour
3 The price of the helicopter tour
4 The number of passengers allowed per helicopter tour
5 The landmarks or attractions that will be seen during the helicopter tour
6 The level of expertise or experience of the pilot conducting the helicopter tour
7 The safety measures and requirements during the helicopter tour

Best Time for a Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,Best Time for a Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio,thqHelicoptertourcolumbusohiotiming

If you’re planning to visit Ohio and want to take a helicopter tour, you may want to know the best time to do so. Typically, the months of April to October are the best time to experience a helicopter tour in Columbus, Ohio. During these months, the weather is generally warm and mild, and the skies are usually clear, making for optimal flying conditions.


Spring in Columbus, Ohio is beautiful. The weather is beginning to warm up, and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom. This is a beautiful time to take a helicopter tour. People can see lush green sceneries that remain unique to Ohio. The beauty of the budding flowers and the beginning of nature’s metamorphosis is certainly worth viewing from a bird’s eye view.


Summer is the high season for helicopter tours in Columbus, Ohio. The weather is hot and sunny, providing perfect conditions for flying. Summer is a popular time, and helicopter tours are usually in high demand during this season. Therefore, it would be best to make reservations for your tour early on in the season to avoid missing out.


The months of September to November is the most colourful season in Ohio. The autumn brings with it beautiful foliage and scenic beauty that can only be witnessed in Ohio. Tourist flocks the area to witness the transformed environment. The Fall Season presents a different view of the city below, ideal for photography enthusiasts.


The winter months are snowy and cold in Ohio, and it is not the ideal time to take a helicopter tour. However, for daring tourists seeking for adventure in the sky, the cold months may present a unique opportunity. The snow and the cold make the city look entirely different from the rest of the year.

The Best Helicopter Tour Companies in Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,The Best Helicopter Tour Companies in Columbus Ohio,thqhelicoptertoursColumbusOhio

There are a number of companies offering helicopter tours in Columbus Ohio, and it can be difficult to choose which one to go with. Below are three of the best, which are highly rated and offer a range of tour options:

1. Sky Helicopters

Sky Helicopters offers two helicopter tour options in Columbus Ohio: the Columbus Heli-Tour and the Romantic Sunset Flight. The Columbus Heli-Tour is a 20-minute flight that takes you over some of the city’s most iconic sights, including Ohio Stadium, the Ohio Statehouse, and downtown Columbus. The Romantic Sunset Flight, as the name suggests, is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, such as a proposal or anniversary.

2. Buckeye Helicopters

Buckeye Helicopters offers three tour options in Columbus Ohio: the Columbus City Tour, the Buckeye Lake Tour, and the Scioto River Tour. Each tour is 30 minutes long and offers a unique perspective on the city and the surrounding areas. The Columbus City Tour takes you over downtown Columbus and Ohio State University, while the Buckeye Lake Tour takes you to picturesque Buckeye Lake. The Scioto River Tour takes you along the scenic Scioto River, where you can see the Columbus skyline and some of the city’s most stunning parks.

3. Columbus Helicopter Tours

Columbus Helicopter Tours offers a variety of tour options, from short 5-10 minute flights to longer 30-60 minute flights. One popular option is the City Lights Tour, which takes you over Columbus at night, when the city is aglow with lights. Another popular option is the Scioto River Run, which takes you along the Scioto River.

Booking a helicopter tour of Columbus Ohio with one of these reputable companies is a fantastic way to see the city from a new perspective.

No Company Name Tour Options
1 Sky Helicopters Columbus Heli-Tour, Romantic Sunset Flight
2 Buckeye Helicopters Columbus City Tour, Buckeye Lake Tour, Scioto River Tour
3 Columbus Helicopter Tours City Lights Tour, Scioto River Run, and more

Best Time for a Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,Best Time for a Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio,thqHelicoptertourcolumbusohiotiming

If you’re planning a helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio, it’s crucial to pick the right time. The best time for a helicopter tour in the city is during the autumn season, which ranges from September to November. During this season, you get to see the breathtaking foliage of Ohio’s trees turn into vibrant colors of yellow, orange, and red. The cool breeze of the season ensures that your helicopter ride will be tranquil and enjoyable. But if you would like to capture the stunning winter landscape of the city, then you can enjoy a helicopter tour during the winter season, which runs from December to February. During this period, the city is covered in snow, and the view from above is a sight to behold.

Helicopter Tours in Autumn

Columbus Ohio is a sight to behold during the autumn season, and helicopter tours give a fantastic vantage point to appreciate the colorful view. During this season, helicopter tours offer tours that cover major gardens and parks where you can see the foliage in all its stunning glory. The helicopter pilots are knowledgeable, and they give their customers the best experiential tour possible.

Helicopter Tours in Winter

Winter in Columbus Ohio is a magical time, and the snow dramatically enhances the beauty of the city. A helicopter tour during winter offers a memorable experience where you get to see the snow-covered buildings and the city’s winter wonderland at an extraordinary vantage point. It’s a beautiful sight that will leave you in awe of Columbus Ohio.

How to Choose the Best Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,How to Choose the Best Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio,thqHowtoChoosetheBestHelicopterTourinColumbusOhio

Choosing the best helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio can be a daunting task. With many options available, it’s essential to know what to look for to ensure that you get the best experience possible. To ensure you choose the right tour, here are some things to consider:

Safety Precautions

The first thing to consider before choosing any helicopter tour is safety. Ensure that the operator is licensed to operate, and their company has a good safety track record. Check if the company has qualified pilots with many years of experience. Before boarding the helicopter, ensure that all the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure your safety.


Another crucial factor to consider is the tour route. Different helicopter tours in Columbus Ohio cover various routes and landmarks. Take your time to research which tour covers the places you want to see. Some tours offer tours of museums, parks and gardens, while others offer a comprehensive city tour.


Before making any booking, read the reviews of the company online to make sure they are trustworthy and live up to their promises. Choose a tour operator that has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Best Time for a Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,Best Time for a Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio,thqHelicoptertourismindustryColumbusOhio

If you’re planning to go on a helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio, it’s important to know the best time to do so. Generally, the best time for a helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio is during the spring and summer months when temperatures are mild and there are fewer chances of rain.

The Spring Months

In the spring months, temperatures in Columbus Ohio range from the high 50s to the mid-70s. This is a great time for a helicopter tour as the landscape is vibrant, and you may catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The best time to take a tour is typically in late-April to early May when the weather is the best.

The Summer Months

The summer months are also an ideal time for a helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio. With temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to low 80s, the weather is perfect for a tour. During this time, you will get a clear view of the city, and the lush green landscape of the area and the rural countryside is stunning.

What to Expect During a Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio

What to Expect During a Helicopter Tour in Columbus Ohio

A helicopter tour in Columbus Ohio promises to be an unforgettable experience that gives you a unique perspective on the city. Before you go on your tour, however, it’s important to know what to expect.

The Helicopter

The helicopter used for the tour will depend on the tour operator. However, most helicopters used for tours are typically small and can accommodate 2 to 4 people. The cabin is climate-controlled, so you can expect to be comfortable throughout the tour.

The Flight

The helicopter will take off from a designated helipad or airport, and the flight will typically last between 15 and 60 minutes. During the flight, you can expect to see some of Columbus Ohio’s most iconic landmarks such as Ohio Stadium, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and the downtown area. You will be flying at a height that allows for breathtaking views.

Pre-Flight Briefing

Before the flight, you will receive a safety briefing from your pilot. This will cover the basic safety procedures and equipment usage. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your pilot.

What to Expect During Your Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio

helicopter-tour-columbus-ohio,What to Expect During Your Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio,thqHelicopterTourColumbusOhio

If you’re eager to experience a stunning aerial view, then a Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio is just what you need. Guided by expert pilots who know the city well, you’ll explore Columbus from the sky and get a bird’s eye view of famous skyscrapers, the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, and the Horseshoe Stadium. Making your way through the blue skies, you will discover many popular tourist destinations that you never knew existed. You can also schedule a helicopter tour during sunset, which makes the perfect romantic ride for couples.

Why Choose a Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio?

There are many reasons why tourists flock to Columbus, Ohio, for helicopter tours above any other modes of city exploration. Here are some of the reasons why:

No Reasons
1 Helicopter tours provide a unique aerial view of Columbus that no other mode of transportation can offer.
2 Helicopter tours are a thrilling experience that you will never forget
3 Helicopter tours are great for tourists who have a limited amount of time to explore the city.
4 Helicopter tours offer personalized experiences that can be customized to meet your preferences.

What are the Helicopter Tour Columbus Ohio Safety Protocols?

It’s understandable to have concerns about helicopter tours, given the perception of them being riskier than traditional transportation. However, rest assured that commercial helicopter tours are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, ensuring safety standards are met. Experienced pilots will also carry out a safety protocol briefing to passengers before taking off, which should inform and alleviate any concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Helicopter Tours in Columbus, Ohio

1. What is a helicopter tour?

A helicopter tour is a way to experience a bird’s-eye-view of various scenic destinations from a helicopter. It’s a unique and exhilarating way to enjoy a sightseeing tour or special occasion.

2. What can I expect during a helicopter tour?

You can expect a fantastic aerial view of Columbus, Ohio from the comfort and safety of a helicopter. You’ll experience breathtaking views and unforgettable photo opportunities. You’ll also have a knowledgeable pilot guide you along the adventure.

3. How long does a helicopter tour last?

The duration of a helicopter tour varies depending on the package and destination. Typically, tours range from 10 minutes to an hour. Contact the tour operator for specifics on tour times.

4. What should I wear during a helicopter tour?

We suggest you wear comfortable clothes, including comfortable shoes. Dress according to the weather conditions and temperature. Carrying a light jacket or sweater is advisable for cooler temperatures.

5. What happens if the weather changes during my scheduled tour?

Helicopter tours are dependent upon weather conditions. If the operator determines that weather conditions may compromise operational safety or negatively impact the experience, the tour may be rescheduled or canceled.

6. Is there an age limit for helicopter tours?

Age requirements for helicopter tours may vary according to the operator. Most tour providers allow children above the age of two on board, but it’s advisable to check with the tour agency beforehand.

7. Can I bring my camera or phone on the tour?

Yes. Most helicopter tours allow recording devices during the tour. However, it’s advisable to check with the tour operator beforehand.

8. Are there any limitations on the number of passengers for a helicopter tour?

Helicopter tour providers have a standard passenger capacity limit set to maintain adequate weight distribution, balance, and safety. Contact the tour agency to inquire about capacity limits.

9. Can I customize my helicopter tour to include specific destinations?

Yes. Many tour operators offer customizable tours that allow you to choose the destinations and landmarks you wish to see. Contact the tour operator to learn more about customization options.

10. Are there weight limits for helicopter tours?

Yes. Most helicopter operators set weight limits for passengers, and it may vary depending on the aircraft. Contact the tour agency for weight restrictions.

11. Can I bring food and drinks on the helicopter?

Food and drink are not permitted on the helicopter. However, most tour operators can provide food and refreshments for an additional fee. Check with the tour agency for available options.

12. Do I need to make reservations for a helicopter tour in advance?

Yes. Reservations for a helicopter tour should be made in advance to secure a spot. You can check for availability on the tour operator’s website or by calling the agency directly.

13. What happens if I miss my scheduled helicopter tour?

If you miss your scheduled helicopter tour, contact the agency as soon as possible to reschedule or refund your payment.

14. Is it safe to take a helicopter tour?

Yes. Helicopter tours are safe with trained and experienced pilots. Helicopter tours undergo stringent safety checks and maintenance routines, ensuring the highest level of safety and security.

15. What is the cancellation policy for helicopter tours?

The cancellation policy for helicopter tours varies according to the operator. Some operators allow full refunds if you cancel a specific number of days before the tour, while some may not offer refunds at all. Contact the tour agency to check their cancellation policy.

If you want to experience stunning scenery from above, why not take a helicopter tour in Columbus, Ohio? With breathtaking views of the city and surrounding areas, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Until We Meet Again

Kind Reader, I hope this article has piqued your interest in experiencing the beauty of Columbus from a bird’s eye view. A helicopter tour is a unique and unforgettable way to see the city and its surroundings. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend giving it a try. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope to see you again soon for more exciting adventures!

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