Discover Atlanta’s Hidden Gems from Above with a Thrilling Helicopter Tour

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a truly unique way to experience Atlanta, Georgia, then a helicopter tour Atlanta is the way to go. With a bird’s eye view of the metropolitan city, you can not only witness the breathtaking skyline in a new perspective, but also get a glimpse of the lush greenery of its surrounding suburbs. Helicopter tours in Atlanta are an exhilarating way to sightsee and create unforgettable memories.

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Things to Consider Before Booking a Helicopter Tour in Atlanta

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Atlanta Skyline,thqAtlanta-Skyline

If you’re planning to take a helicopter tour over Atlanta, there are a few things you should consider before booking your flight. First, it’s important to choose a reputable tour company with experienced pilots and well-maintained helicopters. Safety should be your top priority, so don’t be tempted by rock-bottom prices from unknown operators. Second, you’ll need to decide on the type of tour you want to take. Options may include sightseeing flights over the city, romantic sunset tours, or even aerial photography sessions. Finally, you should check the weather forecast before booking to ensure clear skies and optimal visibility for your flight.

Reputable Tour Companies

There are several helicopter tour operators in Atlanta, but not all of them are created equal. Do your research to find a company with a good safety record and well-trained pilots. Look for reviews from other customers and check the company’s safety certifications. Some of the most popular helicopter tour companies in Atlanta include Atlanta Helicopters, Prestige Helicopters, and Helicopter Express.

Type of Tour

Once you’ve chosen a reputable tour company, it’s time to decide on the type of tour you want to take. Most helicopter tours in Atlanta last between 10 and 30 minutes, with prices starting around $100 per person. Some popular tour options include:

No Tour Type Description
1 Sightseeing Tour A narrated tour of Atlanta’s landmarks, including the Georgia Dome, Centennial Olympic Park, and the Coca-Cola Museum.
2 Sunset Tour A romantic flight over the Atlanta skyline at sunset.
3 Aerial Photography A customized tour for photographers, offering a bird’s-eye view of the city’s most iconic sights.

Weather Conditions

Before booking your helicopter tour, it’s important to check the weather forecast. Clear skies and sunny weather are essential for a safe and enjoyable flight. If the forecast calls for rain, thunderstorms, or other adverse weather conditions, you may need to reschedule your tour. Most tour operators have a flexible cancellation policy in case of bad weather, but it’s best to check with the company before booking.

Helicopter Tours in Atlanta: A Unique Perspective of the City

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Helicopter Tours in Atlanta,thqHelicopterToursinAtlanta

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Atlanta, a helicopter tour should be at the top of your list. Not only does it offer a thrilling adventure, but it also gives you a bird’s eye view of the city that you can’t get anywhere else. As you soar above the skyline, you’ll have the chance to take in breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like the Georgia Dome, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the Centennial Olympic Park. You can also enjoy sweeping vistas of the Chattahoochee River, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and more.

Best Helicopter Tours in Atlanta

There are several helicopter tour companies in Atlanta that offer amazing experiences for visitors and locals alike. The following are some of the best options:

No Company Duration Price (per person)
1 Peachtree Helicopters 10-60 minutes $89-$375
2 Atlanta Helicopters 10-60 minutes $95-$415
3 Blue Ridge Helicopters 20-60 minutes $100-$550

What to Expect on a Helicopter Tour in Atlanta

Before you take off on your helicopter tour, there are a few things you should know:

  • The weight limit for most helicopter tours is around 300 pounds per person.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Most helicopter tours depart from DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, but there are also some options departing from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and other locations.
  • During the flight, you’ll be given headphones to listen to the pilot’s narration and communicate with them.
  • Don’t forget your camera! You’ll want to capture the stunning views from above.
No Information
1 The company name is Experience of A Lifetime.
2 The tour departs from two locations: Anniston and Peachtree-DeKalb airport.
3 There are three tour options available: 15-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute tours.
4 The tour takes customers over Atlanta landmarks such as the Georgia Dome, Turner Field, and Stone Mountain.
5 The prices for the tours range from $75 to $399.
6 The tours can accommodate up to three passengers at a time.
7 The company’s helicopters are Bell JetRanger models.
8 Customers are encouraged to book the tour in advance.

Helicopter Tour Atlanta Prices and Packages

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Helicopter Tour Atlanta Prices,thqHelicopterTourAtlantaPrices

If you’re interested in taking a helicopter tour in Atlanta, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the cost. While helicopter tours are often associated with luxury, there are a range of packages and price points available in Atlanta to fit various budgets. On average, a 20-25 minute tour of Atlanta will cost around $250-$300 per person, while longer tours or private tours can cost upwards of $1000. Some companies may also offer group discounts or various specials throughout the year.

Top 3 Helicopter Tour Atlanta Packages

Here are three of the top packages offered by helicopter tour companies in Atlanta:

  1. Buckhead Tour: This tour takes you over some of Atlanta’s most upscale neighborhoods, including Buckhead and Midtown. It typically lasts 20-25 minutes and costs around $250-$300 per person.
  2. City Tour: This tour provides an overview of Atlanta’s top landmarks, including the Georgia Dome, the CNN Center, and Centennial Olympic Park. It typically lasts 30-40 minutes and costs around $350-$400 per person.
  3. Private Tour: For a special occasion or just an extra luxurious experience, you can book a private tour for just you and your party. Prices for private tours vary depending on length and itinerary, but start at around $1000.

Important Notes:

Please keep in mind that prices and packages are subject to change, as well as availability depending on the time of year. Be sure to contact each tour company directly to confirm pricing and reservation details.

What to Expect on a Helicopter Tour Atlanta

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Atlanta Helicopter Tour,thqAtlantaHelicopterTour

No matter which package you choose, there are a few things you can expect on a helicopter tour of Atlanta. First and foremost, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of some of the city’s top landmarks, attractions, and neighborhoods. Some popular sights you might see include the Atlanta skyline, Stone Mountain, the Chattahoochee River, and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

What to bring on a Helicopter Tour:

  • A camera or GoPro to capture the stunning views.
  • Sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes, as you’ll be sitting for the duration of the tour.

Important Notes:

Be sure to arrive at the designated helipad at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time to allow for check-in and safety briefing. Additionally, some companies may have weight restrictions or other requirements, so be sure to read all information provided by the tour company before booking.

Things to Consider Before Booking a Helicopter Tour

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Things to Consider Before Booking a Helicopter Tour,thqThingstoConsiderBeforeBookingaHelicopterTour

If you’re planning to go on a helicopter tour in Atlanta, here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you get the best experience:


Helicopter tours in Atlanta come in a wide range of prices. Make sure you know how much you’re willing to spend and choose a tour that fits your budget. Keep in mind that tours with longer flight times or more scenic routes will typically be more expensive.


Choose a tour route that interests you the most. Do you want to see the city skyline, Stone Mountain, or Lake Lanier? Research the different routes available and select the one that appeals to you the most.


Helicopter tour duration can range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or longer. Consider how much time you have available and how long you’re willing to be in the air.


Air tours, particularly helicopter tours, might be cancelled if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Check the weather forecast, and pick a day that seems to be clear of any severe weather so that you can get the best experience.


Check to see which tours are available on the dates you’ll be in Atlanta. Peak tourist seasons may have more limited schedules, so it’s best to book well in advance.

Group size

Think about who is part of your tour group. Are you going solo, with a special someone, or with friends and family? Some tours have different seating configurations that could affect your experience, so consider what you want ahead of time.

Tour provider

Finally, choose the best tour provider that you’re comfortable with. Check on reviews, the quality of service provided, and the credentials. A credible and experienced helicopter tour provider will provide a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience.

Top Helicopter Tour Companies in Atlanta

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Top Helicopter Tour Companies in Atlanta,thqhelicoptertourcompaniesinatlanta

Atlanta offers some of the best helicopter tour companies that provide a bird’s eye view of the city’s breathtaking skyline. Visitors can choose from private and group tours with each of these companies providing unique and tailored experiences that suit the need of their customers. Below are some of the top-rated helicopter tour companies in Atlanta:

Prestige Helicopters

Prestige Helicopters is a top-rated helicopter tour company that offers customers an unforgettable experience at an affordable price. The company provides aerial tours ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, giving customers a chance to enjoy Atlanta’s skyline, including the Downtown, Buckhead, and Stone Mountain.

Atlanta Helicopter Tours

Atlanta Helicopter Tours is another great tour company that specializes in private and group tours within and around the city of Atlanta. The company offers a 30-minute tour around Atlanta, including landmarks such as Centennial Olympic Park, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and the State Capitol.

No Helicopter Tour Companies Duration of Tour Cost per Person
1 Prestige Helicopters 20 min – 1 hour $60-$600
2 Atlanta Helicopter Tours 30 min $198-$397
3 Blue Ridge Helicopters 15 min – 2 hours $40-$700
4 Biplane Adventures 15-20 min $235-$265
5 Helicopter Express 30-60 min $198-$597
6 Flying T&T 30 min – 1 hour $329-$649
7 Phoenix Air 2-4 hours $2,500-$8,000

Other helicopter tour companies in Atlanta worth checking out are Blue Ridge Helicopters, Biplane Adventures, Helicopter Express, Flying T&T, and Phoenix Air. Each of these companies provides a unique experience that visitors can enjoy from the sky.

Best Time for Helicopter Tour Atlanta

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Best Time for Helicopter Tour Atlanta,thqBestTimeforHelicopterTourAtlanta

If you’re thinking about taking a helicopter tour Atlanta, then you might be wondering what the best time is to do so. The good news is that there really isn’t a wrong time to take a helicopter tour Atlanta, as the city is beautiful year-round. However, depending on what you’re looking for, some seasons may be better than others.


Summer in Atlanta can be hot and humid, but that also means you’ll have clear skies and beautiful weather for a helicopter tour. The lush green trees and parks look stunning from above, and you might even catch a glimpse of the Braves’ stadium bustling with fans.


Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season in Atlanta. The leaves begin to change, and the city is awash in beautiful colors. This season is perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or families looking for a fun weekend activity.

Helicopter Tour Atlanta Safety Measures

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Helicopter Tour Atlanta Safety Measures,thqHelicopterTourAtlantaSafetyMeasures

When you take a helicopter tour Atlanta, you want to make sure that you’re doing so safely. Here are some of the safety measures you should look for when booking your tour:

Experienced Pilots

Make sure that the helicopter tour company you choose has experienced pilots. You don’t want to be up in the air with someone who’s still learning the ropes. Look for companies that have pilots with years of experience flying helicopters.

Well-Maintained Equipment

Before booking your helicopter tour Atlanta, ask about the equipment. Make sure that the helicopters are well-maintained and up-to-date. You don’t want to be flying in an old, outdated helicopter that hasn’t been serviced in years.

Weather Checks

Finally, make sure that the helicopter tour company takes weather safety seriously. They should check the weather before every flight and cancel tours if the conditions are not safe for flying. Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to helicopter tours.

Helicopter Tour Atlanta Cost

helicopter-tour-atlanta,Helicopter Tour Atlanta Cost,thqHelicopterTourAtlantaCost

One of the main concerns for travelers planning a helicopter tour is the cost. The price of a helicopter tour in Atlanta varies depending on various factors, including duration, route, and the number of passengers. However, as a general rule, helicopter tours in Atlanta cost between $100 to $400 per person, with longer tours costing more.

Factors Affecting Helicopter Tour Atlanta Cost

The following are the factors that affect the price of helicopter tours in Atlanta:

No Factors Affecting Cost
1 Tour duration
2 Tour route
3 Number of passengers
4 Time of day

How to Save Money on Helicopter Tours in Atlanta

If you’re looking to save money on your Atlanta helicopter tour, consider the following tips:

No Ways to Save Money on Helicopter Tours in Atlanta
1 Book a tour during off-peak season
2 Book in advance
3 Look for package deals or group discounts
4 Consider a shorter tour
5 Book a weekday tour instead of a weekend tour

Helicopter Tour Atlanta: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and concerns regarding our helicopter tour Atlanta. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

1. What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously. We thoroughly sanitize our helicopters after each tour, and require masks to be worn by all passengers and staff.

2. How many people can fit in one helicopter?

Our helicopters can accommodate up to three passengers, depending on weight restrictions.

3. Is there a weight limit for the tour?

Yes, the weight limit varies depending on the number of passengers in the helicopter. Please contact us for more details.

4. What’s included in the tour package?

The tour package includes a 30-minute helicopter tour of Atlanta’s skyline, a knowledgeable pilot, and a life-changing experience.

5. Can we bring our own camera on the tour?

Yes, feel free to bring your own camera or smartphone to capture the amazing views. Just make sure it is securely attached to your body during the tour.

6. Is there a minimum age requirement for the tour?

Children aged two and above can join the tour, but they must be accompanied by an adult. All passengers must have their own seat and seatbelt.

7. What happens if there’s bad weather?

We follow strict weather guidelines for safety reasons. If the weather is not suitable for flying, we will reschedule your tour for a later date.

8. Will I feel motion sickness?

Most passengers do not experience any motion sickness during the tour. However, if you are prone to motion sickness, it may be a good idea to take precautions beforehand.

9. How long is the tour?

The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes, but please allow some extra time for check-in and safety briefings.

10. Is there a restroom on the helicopter?

No, unfortunately there is no restroom on the helicopter. Please use the restroom before your tour.

11. Do you offer any discounts for group bookings?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for group bookings of three or more people. Please contact us for more information.

12. Is the tour accessible for people with disabilities?

Unfortunately, our helicopters are not wheelchair accessible and require passengers to climb a few steps. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

13. Is it safe to fly in a helicopter?

Yes, our helicopters are maintained regularly and meet all safety standards. Our experienced pilots are also trained to handle any potential issues.

14. What if I need to cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel your booking, please let us know at least 24 hours before your scheduled tour time for a full refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the tour time may be subject to a cancellation fee.

15. Can we request a specific route for the tour?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific routes due to air traffic control and other flight restrictions. Our pilots will do their best to provide you with the best views of Atlanta’s skyline.

Looking for an exciting way to see Atlanta from a different vantage point? Check out helicopter tour atlanta, the perfect way to experience the beauty of the city from above.

A Fond Farewell from the Atlanta Skyline

Kind Reader, we hope you enjoyed your bird’s-eye view of Atlanta and the unforgettable memories that came with it. From the breathtaking skyline to the lush greenery that blankets the city, a helicopter tour of Atlanta is truly an experience like no other. As you land back on solid ground, we bid you farewell and thank you for sharing this adventure with us. We invite you to visit again soon and create new memories from high up in the Atlanta sky. Goodbye for now, Kind Reader.

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