Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime with a Helicopter Ride Indianapolis

Kind Reader, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the stunning skyline of Indianapolis from a bird’s-eye view? If the answer is yes, then a helicopter ride Indianapolis can offer will be the perfect adventure for you. With its panoramic views and thrilling ride, a helicopter ride over Indianapolis is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

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Experience the Thrilling Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis

helicopter-ride-indianapolis,helicopter ride indianapolis,thqhelicopterrideindianapolis

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling way to view Indianapolis, then a helicopter ride should be on top of your bucket list. Not only will you experience a breathtaking view of the city, but you’ll also get an unforgettable and exhilarating ride of your life. Take the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the city’s famous attractions like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, White River State Park, and Monument Circle.

Benefits of Taking a Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis

Helicopter rides offer a different perspective and a thrilling experience compared to other forms of transportation. Here are the benefits of taking a helicopter ride in Indianapolis:

  1. Get a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and landmarks.
  2. Avoid traffic and save time on transportation.
  3. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
  4. Take stunning aerial photographs of the city.
  5. Enjoy a unique and memorable way to celebrate special occasions.

Top Helicopter Tour Companies in Indianapolis

Here are some of the top-rated helicopter tour companies in Indianapolis, based on Google search:

No Helicopter Tour Company
1 Indianapolis Helicopter Tours
2 Freedom Helicopters
3 Hoosier Aviation
4 Midwest Helicopter Airways
5 Skyline Helicopter Tours
6 American Aviation Flight Academy
7 Riverside Helicopters

Helicopter Ride Options and Prices

Most of the helicopter tour companies in Indianapolis offer different tour packages that cater to different needs and preferences. Here are the helicopter ride options and prices to choose from:

Private Flights

Private flights offer a personalized and exclusive experience for individuals or groups. Prices start at around $250 per person, depending on the length and destination of the flight.

Shared Group Tours

Shared group tours are more affordable than private flights and offer a social experience. Prices start at around $80 per person, depending on the length and itinerary of the tour.

Helicopter Rides: Things to Know Before You Go

Helicopter ride Indianapolis

If you are considering a helicopter ride in Indianapolis, here are some important things you should know before you go up in the air:

1. Dress Comfortably

It can get chilly up in the air, so depending on the time of year, you may want to bring a light jacket. Comfortable shoes are also important, as you will be climbing into and out of the helicopter.

2. Leave Your Bags and Personal Belongings Behind

Helicopters have limited space, so it is best to leave your bags and extra belongings at home or in the car. Some tour operators may provide a small space to store your phone or camera, but always double-check with your pilot first.

3. Plan Ahead for Photos

If you plan on taking photos during your helicopter ride, make sure to ask your pilot which side of the helicopter will provide the best views. It is also important to note that some tour operators may have restrictions on photography, so make sure to ask ahead of time.

4. Know Your Limits

Helicopter rides can be thrilling, but they are not for everyone. If you are prone to motion sickness or have a fear of heights, you may want to reconsider the experience. Additionally, some tour operators may have height or weight restrictions, so make sure to check ahead of time.

5. Listen to Your Pilot

Your pilot is highly trained and experienced, and will give you important safety instructions before takeoff. Listen carefully and follow all instructions closely to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

6. Arrive Early

Make sure to arrive at the tour location early, as helicopter tours often have a tight schedule to keep. Arriving early will also give you time to ask any last-minute questions and get comfortable with the area.

7. Consider the Weather

Helicopter rides are subject to weather conditions, so make sure to check the forecast ahead of time. If weather conditions are unsafe, your tour may be canceled or rescheduled.

No Information
1 Indianapolis Helicopter Tours is a company that offers scenic helicopter rides over downtown Indianapolis and other nearby attractions
2 The company offers several different tour packages, ranging from 6-35 minutes in length and with prices ranging from $60-$275 per person
3 The tours depart from Indianapolis Regional Airport in Fishers, Indiana, and can accommodate up to three passengers per helicopter
4 Some of the attractions that can be seen on the tours include Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the downtown skyline
5 Reservations are required and can be made online or by phone
6 The company has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and many positive reviews from satisfied customers
7 Passengers must weigh under 300 pounds and be able to climb into and out of the helicopter on their own

What to Expect During Your Helicopter Ride Indianapolis?

helicopter-ride-indianapolis,What to Expect During Your Helicopter Ride Indianapolis,thqWhattoExpectDuringYourHelicopterRideIndianapolis

If you are up for an adventurous, immersive, and scenic tour of Indianapolis, a helicopter ride is an experience to remember. Whether you are taking a helicopter ride for the very first time or you are an expert at it, there is always something new to experience in Indianapolis.

Scenic Views

From high above, you can see the city from an entirely different perspective. The skyline looks surreal, and the city streets become an expansive grid. As you swoop over the city, you can see the buildings, monoliths, and different monuments high and low, which make the ride truly unforgettable.

A Thrilling Experience

When it comes to a helicopter ride, there is little else that compares. It is an adrenaline-pumping experience that will leave you in awe of the city’s beauty while taking in the rush of air in your thrilling ride through the skies of Indianapolis.

Helicopter Tours in Indianapolis

helicopter-ride-indianapolis,Helicopter Tours in Indianapolis,thqHelicopter-Tours-in-Indianapolis

Discovering the sights and sounds of Indianapolis from the air is a thrilling way to experience the city. Helicopter tours offer guests the chance to soar over the city’s iconic landmarks and gain a breathtaking perspective you won’t get from the ground. Here are a few of the top options for helicopter tours in Indianapolis:

1. Indianapolis Helicopter Tours

Offering a variety of tours ranging from a 6-minute Indy Experience tour to an hour-long Big Kahuna Adventure, Indianapolis Helicopter Tours has something for everyone. Highlights include soaring over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, downtown skyline, and the famous Indianapolis Canal Walk.

2. Freedom Helicopters

Freedom Helicopters offers helicopter tours where you can see some of the famous landmarks in Indianapolis. Their tours range from $99 to $265 and cover 6 to 24 miles. One of the advantages of Freedom Helicopter is that you can also rent a helicopter to make a grand entrance to your wedding reception, proposal, or other momentous occasion.

No Popular Routes Fly Time
1 Indy Skyline Tour 6-8 minutes
2 The Monuments Tour 12-15 minutes
3 The Downtown Tour 18-22 minutes
4 The Ultimate Adventure Tour 30-35 minutes
5 The Big Kahuna Adventure Tour 60 minutes

Indy Helicopter Tours will not cram six people into a four-person helicopter to increase profit margins. We promise a safe, prepared, and exceedingly extraordinary tour.

3. Spectacular Rides

Spectacular Rides offers a variety of helicopter tours throughout the Indianapolis area. One popular option is the Downtown and Speedway Express Tour, which provides a brief look at several key Indianapolis landmarks. You’ll get to see the NCAA Hall of Champions, Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indiana State Capitol and more from above.

4. Midwest Helicopter Tours

Midwest Helicopter Tours offers thrilling flight options in the Indianapolis region. Some of their most popular tours include the Downtown Spectacular tour, which provides a bird’s eye view of the city’s most notable skyscrapers and landmarks, and the Circle City Express, a 15-minute tour that takes you around Indianapolis’ iconic circle.

5. Take Flight Aviation

Take Flight Aviation provides helicopter tours and aerial photography in Indianapolis. Their tours range from 30-minutes to 2-hours flights and cost up to $800 per person. One popular destination is the Biltwell Event Center, where wedding couples can fly into the reception and make a grand entrance.

Helicopter Tour Packages in Indianapolis

helicopter-ride-indianapolis,Helicopter tours Indianapolis,thqHelicoptertoursindianapolis

There are different helicopter ride packages that Indy offers to cater to everyone’s preferences and budgets. Below are a few of the helicopter tour packages that you can choose from:

Sunset Tour

If you’re planning a romantic date or creating a unique experience for your special someone, the sunset tour is the perfect option. The helicopter ride takes you above the city’s skyline and gives you a spectacular view of the sunsets’ burst of colors. This tour is available all year round and usually lasts 30 minutes or more.

Three Cities Helicopter Tour

This helicopter tour takes you above and beyond Indianapolis, where you will see the city’s three major cities: Indianapolis, Carmel, and Fishers. This tour is perfect for out-of-town guests looking to familiarize themselves with the area, history enthusiasts, and couples looking for an air adventure. The helicopter tour usually lasts for 45 minutes to an hour.

No Tour Packages Duration Distance
1 Sunset Tour 30 minutes or more Above the city’s skyline
2 Three Cities Helicopter Tour 45 minutes to an hour Above and beyond Indianapolis

Best Time to Take a Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis

helicopter-ride-indianapolis,Best Time to Take a Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis,thqIndianapolishelicopterrideseasons

If you’re planning to take a helicopter ride in Indianapolis, it’s important to choose the right time of year to do so. Generally, the best time to take a helicopter ride in Indianapolis is during the spring and fall months. During these seasons, the weather is typically mild and the trees are changing colors, providing stunning views from above.


Spring in Indianapolis usually falls between March and May. During this time, the trees and flowers are blooming, making for a colorful and picturesque flight. The temperatures are also comfortable and mild, with an average high of 68°F in April.


The fall months in Indianapolis usually fall between September and November. During this time, the leaves on the trees change colors, providing a beautiful, scenic view from above. The temperatures during the fall are also mild, with an average high of 73°F in October.

No Best Time to Take a Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis
1 Spring
2 Fall

Hiring a Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis

helicopter-ride-indianapolis,Hiring a Helicopter Ride in Indianapolis,thqHiringaHelicopterRideinIndianapolis

If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience in Indianapolis, a helicopter ride might just be the thing for you! There are several operators in the city that offer helicopter tours. However, before you book one, here are a few things to keep in mind…

What to Consider When Hiring a Helicopter Ride?

Before hiring a helicopter ride, consider the following:

No Considerations
1 Price: Helicopter rides are not cheap, so make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.
2 Safety: Ensure the tour operator is certified and experienced and that they take all necessary safety precautions.
3 Duration: Decide how long you want your helicopter ride to be.
4 Route: Check out the exact route you’ll be taking on the ride before booking.

Helicopter Ride Indianapolis for Special Occasions

Helicopter rides are perfect for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, proposals, or anniversaries. Surprise your loved one with a unique experience that they’ll remember forever. Some operators even offer customized tours, so you can make the ride extra special.

Helicopter Ride Indianapolis FAQ

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming helicopter ride in Indianapolis, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to ease any anxieties or problems you may have.

1. What should I wear for my helicopter ride in Indianapolis?

We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes. Sunglasses and a hat are also recommended.

2. How long does the helicopter ride last?

The length of the helicopter ride varies depending on the package you choose. Our rides can range from 10-45 minutes.

3. Is the helicopter ride safe?

Yes, our helicopters are regularly maintained and inspected by certified mechanics. Our pilots are also highly trained and experienced.

4. How many people can fit in the helicopter?

Our helicopters can accommodate up to 3 passengers per ride. If you have a larger group, we can arrange for multiple helicopters.

5. Can I bring a camera on board?

Yes, feel free to bring a camera or a phone for photos. Just make sure it is securely fastened to you or the helicopter to prevent it from falling out.

6. What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is not safe for flying, we will work with you to reschedule your ride for a later date or issue a full refund.

7. Can I bring food or drinks on board?

No, food or drinks are not allowed on the helicopter.

8. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, the maximum weight limit per passenger is 300 pounds.

9. Can children go on the helicopter ride?

Yes, children are allowed on the helicopter as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

10. What if I get motion sickness?

If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking motion sickness medication prior to your ride. You can also sit in the front seat of the helicopter for a smoother ride.

11. Can I bring my pet on the helicopter?

No, pets are not allowed on the helicopter.

12. Do I need to arrive early for my ride?

Yes, please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled ride time to check-in and sign any necessary waivers.

13. Can I reschedule my ride?

Yes, we understand that schedules can change. Please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled ride to reschedule.

14. Is parking available?

Yes, there is nearby parking available at our location.

15. What are the best times to book a helicopter ride in Indianapolis?

We recommend booking your ride during sunrise or sunset for the best views of Indianapolis.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to see Indianapolis, you might consider taking a helicopter ride over the city. Experience breathtaking views of downtown and get a unique perspective on the city.

Thanks for Joining Us on This Helicopter Adventure, Kind Reader!

We hope you enjoyed experiencing Indianapolis from above as much as we did. From the bustling downtown area to the quiet suburbs, the view from a helicopter is truly unforgettable. Don’t hesitate to hop on another ride with us in the future, and be sure to recommend it to friends and family. Until we meet again, happy travels!

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