Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime with a Helicopter Ride and Dog Sledding in Juneau

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for an adventure-packed experience in Juneau, Alaska, then nothing beats the thrill of a helicopter ride and dog sledding. Imagine soaring above the stunning glaciers and snow-capped mountains before landing at a remote Alaskan dog sled camp. There, you can bond with the friendly huskies and mushers who will take you on an unforgettable ride through the scenic wilderness. This unique combination of helicopter ride and dog sledding in Juneau is a must-do activity for any outdoor enthusiast or thrill-seeker.

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Helicopter Ride in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Helicopter Ride in Juneau,thqHelicopterRideinJuneau

If you want to have a unique experience in Juneau, then a helicopter ride should be on top of your list. Get ready to witness breathtaking views of glaciers, icefalls, and majestic mountains. The helicopter ride in Juneau is an adventure that you will never forget. It is the best way to see the town and the surrounding area from above. You can also explore the glaciers and the ice caves during the helicopter tour. The helicopter ride is perfect for those who love adventure and want to see Juneau’s beauty from a different perspective.

Glacier and Ice Cave Exploration

You can book a helicopter tour that takes you to the glaciers and ice caves. The helicopter will land on the glacier, and you can get off and explore the beautiful ice formations. The ice caves are a unique experience and a must-see for anyone visiting Juneau. The guide will take you through the caves and explain the history of the glaciers. Make sure to bring warm clothes and sturdy shoes for this adventure.

Wildlife Spotting

Helicopter rides are an excellent way to spot some of the amazing wildlife that calls Juneau home. You might see whales, brown bears, deer, or bald eagles during the tour. It’s a great opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitat from a safe distance.

Dog Sledding in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqDogSleddinginJuneau

Dog sledding is one of the most popular activities in Juneau. The tours take you through the Tongass National Forest on a sled pulled by a team of powerful dogs. You’ll feel the wind in your face and hear the sound of the dogs’ paws on the snow. The tour is led by an experienced musher who will guide the sled and explain the history of dog sledding.

Meet the Dogs

When you go dog sledding in Juneau, you’ll get the chance to meet the dogs before the tour. The dogs are friendly and love meeting new people. You can pet them, play with them, and even take pictures with them. These dogs are highly trained and can run long distances in the snow.

Tongass National Forest Tour

The dog sled tour takes you through the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States. You’ll see stunning views of snow-capped mountains and dense forests. The tour lasts for several hours, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take pictures and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

The Thrills of Dog Sledding in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqDogSleddinginJuneau

When people think of Alaska, dog sledding is probably one of the first things that come into their minds. To experience the thrill of dog sledding yourself, Juneau is the place to be. The city has a long history of dog sledding, being home to the annual Yukon Quest dog sled race since 1984.

The dogs

To go dog sledding in Juneau, you don’t need to worry about training your own dogs. There are plenty of tour companies that will provide you with a team of energetic sled dogs. The dogs are well-trained, and the musher (the person driving the sled) will give you a crash course on how to guide the sled. The dogs love to run and pull, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

The experience

Dog sledding in Juneau is not for the faint of heart. It’s a thrilling experience that will have your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. You’ll feel the wind in your hair as the sled glides across the snow. You’ll hear the sound of the dogs’ paws on the ground as they run. You’ll be surrounded by nature and beauty. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you won’t forget.

Helicopter Ride: A Unique Way to View Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Helicopter Ride in Juneau,thqHelicopterRideinJuneau

If you want a unique way to view Juneau, a helicopter ride is the way to go. You’ll be able to see the city and its surroundings from a bird’s-eye view, experiencing Alaska’s rugged beauty in a way that few people have the opportunity to do.

The scenery

Juneau’s stunning natural beauty is on full display during a helicopter ride. You’ll soar over the city’s glaciers, waterfalls, and alpine forests. You’ll be able to see the Mendenhall Glacier, an impressive 13.6-mile-long glacier that’s been advancing and retreating since the 1700s. You’ll also be able to view the Juneau Icefield, a vast expanse of ice covering 1,500 square miles.

The adventure

A helicopter ride is not only a great way to see the sights, but it’s also an adventure in itself. You’ll feel the rush of the wind as you fly over mountain peaks and glaciers. You’ll feel the thrill of being in the air and seeing the world from a new perspective. It’s an experience that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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1 Tour Name
2 Location
3 Duration
4 Availability
5 Price per adult
6 Price per child
No Information
1 Helicopter and Dog Sledding Tour
2 Juneau, Alaska
3 Approximately 2.5 hours
4 May to September
5 $500
6 $450

Helicopter Ride in Juneau: A Thrilling Way to Explore Alaska’s Beauty

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Helicopter Ride in Juneau,thqHelicopterRideinJuneau

For those who are looking for a unique and exhilarating way to explore Juneau, taking a helicopter ride is a must-do experience. Not only will you have a chance to marvel at the stunning aerial views of Alaska’s glaciers, mountains, and rainforests, but you’ll also get to land on a remote glacier and explore its icy terrain. This activity is perfect for adventure seekers, photography enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to experience the awe of nature from a different perspective.

What to Expect from a Helicopter Ride in Juneau?

Most helicopter tours in Juneau take around 30-45 minutes and depart from Juneau International Airport. You’ll be provided with all the necessary gear, including boots, gloves, and a helmet. Once you’re aboard the helicopter, you’ll enjoy a scenic flight over the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States. You’ll see sparkling waterfalls, towering peaks, and snow-covered glaciers that stretch to the horizon.

As the helicopter descends onto a remote glacier, you’ll feel like you’ve landed on another planet. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, with pure white snow and ice stretching as far as the eye can see. You can take a guided walk on the glacier, learn about its formation, and take stunning photos of your surroundings. You’ll spend around 20-30 minutes on the glacier before returning to the helicopter for a flight back to Juneau.

Dog Sledding in Juneau: An Authentic Alaskan Adventure

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqDogSleddinginJuneau

Dog sledding, also known as mushing, is a classic Alaskan activity that has been around for centuries. In Juneau, you can experience the thrill of dog sledding on top of a glacier, surrounded by breathtaking views of the pristine wilderness. You’ll feel like a true explorer as you glide across the snow on a sled, powered by a team of strong and friendly huskies.

What to Expect from Dog Sledding in Juneau?

Most dog sledding tours in Juneau last for around two hours and include transportation from downtown Juneau to the Mendenhall Glacier. You’ll be introduced to the sled dogs, learn about their training and care, and get to interact with them before your adventure begins. Then, you’ll hop on a sled and be whisked away on the glacier, with a musher guiding the team.

As you travel across the snow, you’ll have a chance to take in the stunning views of the glacier and surrounding mountains. You can even ask the musher to stop and take some photos or videos. You’ll also learn about the history of dog mushing in Alaska and how it shaped the culture and traditions of the state.

Overall, a helicopter ride and dog sledding in Juneau are two activities that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Alaska. These thrilling experiences will give you memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Experience the Thrilling Helicopter Ride in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,helicopter ride juneau,thqhelicopterridejuneau

One of the most exciting and breathtaking experiences in Juneau is the helicopter ride, a thrilling activity that will give you a bird’s-eye view of the incredible Alaskan scenery. You can choose between different tours that mainly feature trips to the Juneau Icefield or a combination tour that also includes dog sledding.

Helicopter Tour to Juneau Icefield

The helicopter ride to the Juneau Icefield will take you to one of the most spectacular views in Alaska. You will have a chance to experience the awe-inspiring Mendenhall Glacier as you fly over it and see the vast expanse of ice and snow stretching out before you. The helicopter tour also includes a landing on one of the glaciers, allowing you to explore the region at a close range and have a guided tour of the area.

Helicopter Tour with Dog Sledding

If you are looking for an adventure that combines the helicopter ride with dog sledding, then this is the package for you. You will enjoy the stunning views of the glaciers and mountains before you land at a dog camp, where you’ll get to spend time playing with the huskies and learn more about the life of the dog trainer. Then, you will hop on the dog sled and experience the rush as the dogs pull you across the vast terrain of snow and ice.

Dog Sledding in Juneau: An Unforgettable Adventure

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,dog sledding juneau,thqdogsleddingjuneau

Another exciting activity that you can enjoy in Juneau is dog sledding. Imagine the rush as a team of powerful huskies race you through the Alaskan wilderness. You will feel the wind rush past you as you take in the stunning scenery around you on this unforgettable adventure.

Short Dog Sledding Tour

If you want to have a taste of dog sledding, you can opt for a short tour which usually takes about one hour. The short tour usually begins with a bus ride up to the camp where you will meet and get to play with the dogs before embarking on a sled ride through the lush landscape of the forested terrain.

Long Dog Sledding Tour

For those who want to have a longer adventure that showcases more of Alaska’s wilderness, the long tour is your best option. The long dog sledding tour generally takes around three hours and features more challenges and excitement, with breathtaking views and fun interactions with the dogs and mushers.

The Best Time to Take a Helicopter Ride and Dog Sledding in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Best Time for Helicopter Ride and Dog Sledding,thqHelicopterRideandDogSleddinginJuneau

If you plan to visit Juneau for a helicopter ride and dog sledding experience, you should consider visiting between December to May. This is because it is the best time for consistent snowfall that guarantees an excellent dog sledding experience. Between June and October, the weather is favorable for those who desire to take a helicopter ride and explore the panoramic views of Juneau from the aerial view. This period is ideal for those who wish to take photographs and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Best Time for Dog Sledding

The best time to go dog sledding in Juneau is during the winter season, between December to May. The reason is that winter comes with snowfall, which creates a perfect environment for dogsledding. The snowfall makes it possible for visitors to take part in this winter sport. Take note, however, that although Juneau has limited daylight during winter, you have the option of taking part in the dog sled night adventure tour organized by several tour operators.

Best Time for Helicopter Ride

The best time to plan a helicopter ride through the mountains of Juneau is during the summer season when the skies are clear, and the weather is favorable. From June to October, visitors can embark on a sightseeing and helicopter ride tour during the daytime to explore and capture the stunning natural beauty of Juneau from up high. Summertime is the perfect time to make a memorable and beautiful helicopter ride adventure.

What to expect during a Helicopter Ride in Juneau?

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Helicopter Ride in Juneau,thqHelicopterRideinJuneau

A helicopter ride in Juneau is an unforgettable experience that allows visitors to explore areas inaccessible by car or foot. The route of the helicopter ride takes visitors over glaciers, waterfalls, and snow-capped peaks. The tour also provides a bird’s eye view of the Mendenhall Glacier and the Juneau Icefield.

Helicopter Safety

Prior to taking off, visitors will receive a safety briefing detailing the specifics of the tour. Passengers are required to wear protective gear, such as helmets and life jackets, which will be provided by the tour company. The helicopter is equipped with safety measures like satellite phones and GPS systems, ensuring passengers stay safe and secure throughout the ride.

Helicopter Tour Duration

The helicopter tour usually lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the package selected by the visitor. Most tour companies typically have tours that range from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Visitors can choose the helicopter tour that best fits their budget and travel style.

What to Expect During Dog Sledding in Juneau?

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqDogSleddinginJuneau

Dog sledding in Juneau is an exciting winter activity that visitors can take advantage of during their trip. Visitors can experience the stunning glacier views while interacting with a team of well-trained sled dogs. Dog sledding in Juneau is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that can turn out to be the highlight of a visitor’s trip to Alaska.

Dog Sledding Safety

Before embarking on a dog sledding experience, visitors will receive a safety briefing from an experienced guide, who will also provide a demonstration on how to stand on the sled and operate the brakes. During the tour, visitors will be equipped with helmets, boots, and gear to keep them warm during the cold weather.

Dog Sledding Tour Duration

A typical dog sledding tour lasts around an hour. Visitors will get to interact with the sled dogs before the experience. Visitors can also choose to combine the dog sled tour with a helicopter ride, which usually lasts around two hours.

What to Expect During a Helicopter Ride in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Helicopter Ride in Juneau,thqHelicopterRideinJuneau

If you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view of Juneau, a helicopter tour is the perfect way to do it. During the tour, you’ll climb aboard a state-of-the-art helicopter and soar above the Mendenhall Glacier, the Juneau Icefield, and the Tongass National Forest. You’ll see jaw-dropping views of waterfalls, glaciers, and mountains as you fly over some of the most beautiful terrain in Alaska.

What to Bring

Before you embark on your helicopter ride, there are a few things you should bring. First and foremost, don’t forget your camera. You’ll want to capture the stunning views you’ll see during the ride. You’ll also want to wear comfortable, warm clothing, as the temperature can drop significantly at higher elevations. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

The Experience

Once aboard the helicopter, you’ll don a headset and communicate with your pilot. He or she will be your guide throughout the ride, offering interesting facts and pointing out the highlights of the tour. As you fly over the Mendenhall Glacier, you’ll see crevasses and icefalls up close. Moving on to the Juneau Icefield, you’ll take in panoramic views of the ice-covered landscape. The tour finishes off with a flight over the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States.

The Thrill of Dog Sledding in Juneau

helicopter-ride-and-dog-sledding-in-juneau,Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqDogSleddinginJuneau

Dog sledding is another popular activity in Juneau, especially during the winter months. It’s a thrilling way to explore the Alaskan wilderness with a team of eager sled dogs. You’ll stand on the runners of the sled as the dogs take off over the snow-covered trails. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other!

Before You Go

Before you head out for your dog sledding adventure, make sure you’re dressed appropriately. You’ll want to wear warm layers, including a heavy jacket, gloves, and a hat. Winter boots are a must, as the snow can be deep and frigid. Don’t forget to bring your camera and plenty of excitement!

The Experience

Once you arrive at the dog sledding camp, you’ll meet your team of furry friends. The musher (driver) will show you how to control the sled and give you a rundown on how to interact with the dogs. Then it’s off to the races! The dogs will pull you over the snow, through the trees, and across frozen lakes. You’ll feel the power of the dogs as they work together to propel the sled forward. It’s an unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss!

Helicopter Ride and Dog Sledding in Juneau FAQ

If you’re planning a helicopter ride and dog sledding adventure in Juneau, read through our FAQs below to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

1. How long is the helicopter ride?

The duration of the helicopter ride depends on the tour you choose, but most tours average around 20-30 minutes each way.

2. How long is the dog sledding portion of the tour?

The dog sledding portion of the tour can vary but typically lasts around an hour.

3. Is there a weight limit for the helicopter ride?

Yes, there is typically a weight limit of around 250-300 pounds per passenger. However, this can vary depending on the tour company and helicopter used.

4. Will I be able to interact with the sled dogs?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to interact with the sled dogs before and after the sled ride.

5. What should I wear for the tour?

Dress warmly in layers, wear waterproof boots and bring gloves and a hat as temperatures can be chilly. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended.

6. Is the tour suitable for children?

Most tours are suitable for children, but it’s best to check with the tour company as minimum age requirements and weight limits can vary.

7. Are there any restrictions for pregnant women?

Most tour companies do not allow pregnant women to participate due to safety concerns.

8. Will I get motion sickness during the helicopter ride?

It’s possible as helicopter rides can be bumpy. If you’re prone to motion sickness, consider taking medication before the tour.

9. What if the weather is bad?

If weather conditions are too poor for the tour, most tour companies will offer a refund or reschedule the tour for another time.

10. How safe is the helicopter ride and dog sledding?

All tour companies prioritize safety and have strict guidelines in place. However, as with any adventure activity, there is always some inherent risk involved.

11. Can I take photos during the tour?

Yes, you’re welcome to take photos and videos during the tour, but be sure to listen to the tour guide’s instructions for safety reasons.

12. What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies can vary between tour companies, but most require at least 24-48 hours notice for cancellations or changes to the tour.

13. Can I bring my own camera equipment?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring your own camera equipment, but check with the tour company for any restrictions on equipment size or weight.

14. Do I need to be in good physical shape for the tour?

The dog sledding portion of the tour can be physically demanding, so it’s best to be in good physical shape. However, tour companies can usually provide assistance for those with mobility issues.

15. How much does the tour cost?

The cost of the tour can vary depending on the tour company, duration, and inclusions. Expect to pay around $400-500 per person, but check with the tour company for exact pricing.

Looking for the best way to explore Juneau, Alaska? Try dog sledding and helicopter rides for a unique and exciting adventure through the natural beauty of the area.

Thank You for joining us on this Adventure, Kind Reader

We hope that you have enjoyed experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Juneau from above and the exhilarating rush of dog sledding. The snow-capped mountains, glittering glaciers, and friendly huskies will stay with you for a long time. Remember to take a lot of pictures to cherish forever! We appreciate you taking the time to read our article, and we hope that you’ll visit us again soon. Until then, keep exploring, and have fun!

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