Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime: Helicopter Photo Shoots

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a unique and thrilling way to capture stunning aerial shots, then a helicopter photo shoot might just be the perfect option for you. With the ability to fly at different altitudes, speeds, and angles, helicopters give you a bird’s-eye view of the world below and can create visually stunning images that cannot be achieved by any other means. Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who just wants to snap some memorable shots, a helicopter photo shoot is an adventure worth taking.

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The Benefits of Helicopter Photo Shoot

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Helicopter photo shoot is a unique way to capture breathtaking aerial views that would not be possible from the ground. Not only does a helicopter provide a stable platform for photography, but it also allows photographers to access remote locations and capture images that cannot be obtained by any other means. Helicopter photo shoots have been utilized for a variety of purposes, from commercial photo shoots to capturing stunning landscape imagery.

Commercial Use

Helicopter photo shoots are often used for commercial purposes such as advertising and marketing. Companies use helicopter photos to capture images of their products, show off company landmarks, and highlight the overall brand image. Real estate developers and agents also make use of helicopter photo shoots to capture aerial images of properties to use in marketing materials.

Landscape Photography

Helicopter photo shoots are perfect for capturing landscape imagery, particularly in remote locations that are difficult to access by foot or vehicle. Aerial photographs provide a unique viewpoint that can capture the scale and complexity of vast natural landscapes. Photographers can capture stunning images of mountains, rivers, forests, and other natural features from the air, producing breathtaking and unique photographs that stand out from ground shots.

The Benefits of a Helicopter Photo Shoot

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A helicopter photo shoot can offer many advantages over traditional ground-based photography. Here are some of the benefits of a helicopter photo shoot:

1. Unique Perspective

A helicopter photo shoot gives a unique perspective that is simply impossible to achieve from the ground. Aerial photography allows for a view of the landscape that is both breathtaking and informative. This perspective can also capture an entire site or property from above, showcasing its entirety in a way that is simply not possible from the ground.

2. Versatility

Another benefit of a helicopter photo shoot is the versatility it offers. Helicopters can fly at various altitudes, speeds, and angles. This makes it possible to capture images that are simply not possible from the ground. Whether it’s a large estate, urban environment, or natural landscape, a helicopter photo shoot can capture it all.

3. Time-Saving

With a helicopter, you can get to your desired location quickly and efficiently, without worrying about traffic jams, roadblocks, or other obstacles. This means less time spent in transit and more time spent capturing your desired images.

4. High-Quality Images

Helicopter photo shoots produce high-quality images with sharp detail and vibrant colors. This is due to the use of high-resolution camera equipment and the lack of ground-level obstructions or distractions. The result is stunning images that can be used for a variety of purposes.

5. Marketing Advantage

Aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular across all industries. Using aerial images in your marketing campaigns can help you stand out from the competition and give you a distinct advantage. This is particularly true in real estate where aerial photographs can show off the property, its location, and surrounding areas in a way that ground-based photographs cannot.

6. Cost-Effective

Although helicopter photo shoots can be expensive, they are still a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods in many cases. For example, instead of hiring multiple photographers to capture an entire property, a single helicopter photo shoot can do the job more efficiently, saving both time and money.

7. Wide Range of Uses

Helicopter photography can be used for a wide range of applications including real estate marketing, advertising, tourism, construction, and environmental assessments, among others. The versatility of aerial photography means that the possibilities are endless.

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Best Helicopter Photo Shoot Locations

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Choosing the right location for a helicopter photo shoot is an important part of the process to achieve stunning results. Here are some of the best locations for helicopter photo shoots:

1. City Skylines

Cities with skylines provide a perfect backdrop for your helicopter photo shoot. Choose a clear day when visibility is good, and you can get some stunning aerial shots with skyscrapers adding a unique element to your composition.

2. National Parks

With vast vistas and beautiful natural landscapes, national parks make a beautiful backdrop for your aerial photography. Popular locations for photo shoots include Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park.

3. Coastal Areas

Photography over water is an entirely different experience. Coastal areas with their long stretches of beach, rocky cliffs, and clear waters provide stunning vantage points for aerial photographs.

4. Sports Events

Sports events are exciting, and aerial photography enhances the action further. You can get amazing shots of stadiums, spectators, and players. You can also take photos of sports events from different angles to create an amazing composition.

5. Rural Areas

Rural areas make for some of the best and most beautiful helicopter photo shoot locations. Scenic farmlands, rolling hills, and iconic barns make wonderful compositions. You can also capture sunrise and sunset shots with or without the farms.

6. Urban Landscapes

Urban landscapes have a whole lot of contrast and character with a mixture of skyscrapers and people in a city environment. It is a perfect location for capturing stunning aerial shots. You can also capture unique patterns and designs from high-rise buildings to include in your shot.

7. Famous Landmarks

Flights over famous landmarks can make for beautiful photo opportunities. Famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower, to name a few, offer a unique perspective when taking from above.

Best Locations for Helicopter Photo Shoot

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Helicopters provide the perfect angle for aerial photography, it allows photographers to capture stunning images that would ordinarily be impossible to get. The choice of location for helicopter photo shoot is as important as having a skilled photographer. In this section, we will be exploring some of the best locations for helicopter photo shoots.


Urban areas are a perfect location for helicopter photo shoot due to their stunning views and the opportunity to capture the unique architecture of the buildings from above. From New York to Los Angeles, the city skyline offers a beautiful aerial perspective. Helicopter photo shoot of cities is a popular choice among companies who want to capture a bird’s eye view of their office locations or headquarters.


The diversity of landscapes is what makes America so unique. From deserts to mountains, there are countless opportunities for beautiful helicopter photo shoot locations. Aerial photography of natural landscapes in national parks, beaches, and deserts offers rare views of the stunning beauty of nature. It’s no wonder why these locations are a favorite with professional photographers and filmmakers who are looking to capture aerial shots.

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker looking for some breathtaking views, these locations are sure to amaze. When planning for a helicopter photo shoot, it is essential to make necessary arrangements and ensure that safety comes first.

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1 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
2 Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska
3 Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
4 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
5 Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Choosing the Right Time for Helicopter Photo Shoot

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Timing is everything when it comes to aerial photography. Whether you’re capturing landscapes or sports events, the lighting of a given scene can impact the overall quality of your shoot. Therefore, it’s essential to identify the best time to take aerial photos to produce optimal results.

Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is the magical time of day that creates perfect warm lighting that can greatly enhance aerial photos. This period is generally the first hour of light after sunrise and the hour leading up to sunset, and provides a warm glow that saturated the images.

Blue Hour

The Blue Hour refers to the period before and after sunrise or sunset when the sky is cast in shades of brilliant blue. This time is often characterized by a warm and balanced contrast that allows for better details and texture to photos of buildings and urban landscapes.

Hiring a Professional Helicopter Photo Shoot Service

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While it’s easy enough to hop on board a helicopter and fly over a desired location, taking stunning aerial photos from up high is an entirely different matter. To achieve stunning shots, you need a professional team that specializes in helicopter photo shoots. Fortunately, you can find and hire such services in most urban areas these days. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to hire a professional helicopter photo shoot service:

Equipment and technical skills

A professional helicopter photo shoot service will typically have all of the latest equipment – including high-quality cameras, drones for remote capture, and other technical devices – necessary to obtain crystal-clear photos from the air. All of their staff are trained professionals with years of experience when it comes to aerial photography.

Logistical and safety concerns

When it comes to organizing a helicopter photo shoot, there are a lot of logistics and safety concerns to take into account. And this can be a daunting task for most people. This is another area where a professional helicopter photo shoot service can come in handy. Such services are well equipped and have a lot of experience when it comes to handling logistics and safety concerns.

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Choosing the Right Helicopter for Your Photo Shoot

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Selecting the perfect helicopter for your photo shoot is key to capturing the perfect shots. Different models have different features that can enhance or detract from the quality of your photos. Determining the right helicopter for the job depends on several factors including the size and weight of your equipment, desired altitude, and the number of passengers you’ll have in the helicopter.

Classic Bell 206 Jetranger

The Classic Bell 206 Jetranger is a common choice for aerial photography shoots. It’s a reliable option for most types of photo shoots and provides ample seating, as it can accommodate up to four passengers in addition to the pilot. The Bell 206 Jetranger can fly at speeds of up to 130 knots with a range of about 330 nautical miles.

Robinson R44

Another popular option for aerial photography is the Robinson R44. This lightweight helicopter is a more affordable option than the Bell 206 Jetranger and can seat up to three passengers. It’s best suited for shoots with smaller equipment and for those who don’t need to reach high altitudes. The Robinson R44 can reach speeds of up to 130 knots with a range of about 300 nautical miles.

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1 Seats up to 4 passengers Seats up to 3 passengers
2 Can reach speeds of up to 130 knots Can reach speeds of up to 130 knots
3 Range of about 330 nautical miles Range of about 300 nautical miles

Helicopter Photo Shoot FAQ

1. What is a helicopter photo shoot?

A helicopter photo shoot is a photography session that takes place on board a helicopter. The helicopter provides a unique perspective for aerial photography.

2. How do I prepare for a helicopter photo shoot?

Wear comfortable clothing, avoid heavy jewelry, and bring a camera if you like. Be prepared to follow safety instructions and enjoy the ride.

3. How long does a helicopter photo shoot last?

The length of a helicopter photo shoot varies depending on the package chosen. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

4. Is it safe to do a helicopter photo shoot?

Yes, as long as you follow the safety instructions provided by the helicopter pilot. The helicopter should be well-maintained and piloted by a licensed professional.

5. How much does a helicopter photo shoot cost?

The cost of a helicopter photo shoot varies depending on the package chosen, the location, and the duration of the shoot. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

6. Can I bring my own camera for the helicopter photo shoot?

Yes, you can bring your own camera for the helicopter photo shoot. Just make sure to follow the safety instructions provided by the pilot.

7. What is the best time of day for a helicopter photo shoot?

The best time of day for a helicopter photo shoot depends on the location and the desired lighting. Some photographers prefer the golden hour (the hour before sunset) for its warm, soft natural light.

8. Are there weight restrictions for a helicopter photo shoot?

Yes, there may be weight restrictions for a helicopter photo shoot due to the weight limitations of the helicopter. It’s important to inquire about any weight restrictions before booking a photo shoot.

9. Can I request a specific route for the helicopter photo shoot?

Yes, you can request a specific route for the helicopter photo shoot, but it’s not always guaranteed. It ultimately depends on the pilot and any airspace restrictions in the area.

10. What kind of equipment is used for a helicopter photo shoot?

The equipment used for a helicopter photo shoot varies depending on the photographer and their preferences. Some may use DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses, while others may use drones, gimbals, or other equipment for stabilization and unique angles.

11. How do I book a helicopter photo shoot?

You can book a helicopter photo shoot through various companies that specialize in aerial photography. It’s important to research and compare companies to ensure a safe and professional experience.

12. What if I get motion sickness on the helicopter photo shoot?

If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s important to inform the pilot before the photo shoot. You can also take medication or natural remedies to alleviate nausea and dizziness.

13. Can I bring additional passengers on the helicopter photo shoot?

It depends on the package chosen and the weight limitations of the helicopter. Some companies may allow additional passengers for an additional fee.

14. What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the helicopter photo shoot?

If the weather is bad on the day of the helicopter photo shoot, the session may be rescheduled or canceled. It’s important to check the weather forecast in advance and communicate with the company for any changes or cancellations.

15. How long does it take to receive the photos from the helicopter photo shoot?

The length of time it takes to receive the photos from the helicopter photo shoot varies depending on the photographer and the package chosen. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

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Thank You for Joining Us Up in the Sky!

What an incredible experience it’s been up in the clouds for this helicopter photo shoot! Soaring above the city on a sunny day, snapping shots of the world from above – there’s nothing quite like it. We hope our snapshots have inspired you to seek out your own sky-high adventure. Thank you, Kind Reader, for taking the time to join us and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

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