Experience the Thrill of Helicopter Kneeboarding: Your Ultimate Guide

Kind Reader, have you ever wondered how aircrew members keep track of important information while flying a helicopter? One tool they use is the helicopter kneeboard, a small writing surface that attaches to their leg. This device allows them to take notes, jot down checklists, or view maps and charts while keeping their hands free to fly the aircraft. Helicopter kneeboards come in various shapes and sizes, and are an essential tool for helicopter pilots and crew members.

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What is a Helicopter Kneeboard?

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A helicopter kneeboard is a device that is used extensively in helicopter aviation to support pilots with flight-critical procedures such as checklists, approach plates, maps, and other important information. The kneeboard attaches to a pilot’s thigh, allowing for hands-free access to essential documents and tools. The kneeboard is typically made of durable materials that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of flight. Helicopter kneeboards come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various types of information and equipment.

The Benefits of Using a Helicopter Kneeboard

Helicopter kneeboards offer several benefits to pilots, including:

  1. Easy Access: The kneeboard provides quick access to essential information during flight, eliminating the need for pilots to constantly reach for printed materials in a cluttered cockpit.
  2. Hands-Free Operation: The kneeboard allows for hands-free operation, allowing pilots to focus on controlling the aircraft.
  3. Built-in Organization: Kneeboards typically come with built-in organization features, helping pilots keep track of essential documents and other items during a flight.

The Types of Helicopter Kneeboards

There are several types of helicopter kneeboards available in the market, such as:

  • Single-sided Kneeboards: This type of kneeboard generally features a single surface divided into compartments for maps, notes, and other essentials.
  • Double-sided Kneeboards: This type of kneeboard has storage on both sides and is ideal for pilots who require larger storage space.
  • Modular Kneeboards: These kneeboards come with snap-in-place modules for easy storage and customization.

Benefits of Using a Helicopter Kneeboard

helicopter-kneeboard,Benefits of Using a Helicopter Kneeboard,thqBenefitsofUsingaHelicopterKneeboard

A helicopter kneeboard is an essential accessory for pilots who want to fly safely and efficiently. Below are some of the benefits of using a helicopter kneeboard:

1. Increased Visibility and Safety

One of the main benefits of using a kneeboard is that it increases the level of safety by providing pilots with a clear line of sight. The kneeboard allows pilots to keep their hands free and to keep their eyes on the horizon, which means they can spot obstacles and other aircraft in the sky.

2. Better Organization

Another great advantage of using a kneeboard is that it helps pilots to keep their flight data organized and in one place. With a kneeboard, pilots can easily access checklists, maps, and other important information without having to fumble around with papers or search through their bags.

3. Reduced Workload

Kneeboards also reduce the workload for pilots, as they can keep their hands free to operate instruments and communicate with ground control using their radio. This allows them to focus on the task of flying rather than juggling papers or trying to find important information.

4. Improved Performance

By using a kneeboard, pilots can improve their overall performance by reducing stress and increasing their situational awareness. With important data easily accessible on their kneeboard, pilots can make more informed decisions and fly more efficiently.

5. Versatility

Kneeboards are also a versatile accessory that can be used for many different purposes. They can be used for helicopter and airplane flying, outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and even for general use as a writing surface or clipboard.

6. Accessibility

The majority of kneeboards are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around and able to fit into small spaces. Additionally, they come in various sizes and designs to accommodate all types of pilots, whether they prefer a strap-on kneeboard, leg strap kneeboard, or clipboard-style kneeboard.

7. Cost-Effective

A kneeboard is a cost-effective accessory that can bring a great deal of value to a pilot’s flying experience. With prices ranging from $10 to $50, pilots can purchase a kneeboard that fits their budget and meets their needs.

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1 A helicopter kneeboard is a device that is designed to assist pilots during helicopter flights.
2 It is usually attached to one of the pilot’s thighs for ease of access during flight.
3 The kneeboard typically includes a clipboard or writing surface for taking notes, as well as pockets or compartments for storing maps, charts, and other important documents.
4 Many kneeboards also feature additional features like straps for securing a pen or other writing utensils, as well as clip-on lights for easy reading in low-light conditions.
5 The device is particularly useful for helicopter pilots because it allows them to keep important flight information and documents close at hand without having to fumble with loose papers or other items while in flight.

Why Choose a Helicopter Kneeboard?

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A helicopter kneeboard is an essential tool for pilots flying helicopters, particularly those in busy metropolitan areas. While some may prefer to use a traditional clipboard or other notebook, the kneeboard offers several advantages that make it a better choice for helicopter pilots. In this section, we will explore the main reasons why many pilots prefer to use a kneeboard when flying a helicopter.

Convenience and Comfort

The design of the helicopter kneeboard is specifically made for helicopter pilots. It’s a lightweight tool that can be comfortably strapped to the pilot’s leg or attached to the collective or cyclic. This ease of use allows pilots to keep essential information close at hand, ensuring they don’t have to search around the cockpit for the information they need while in flight.

Improved Safety

The helicopter kneeboard also contributes to safety by keeping pilots organized and focused on their flying tasks. With important checklists, maps, and notes secured on the kneeboard, pilots are less likely to have to search around the cockpit or take their eyes off the controls to find the information they need. This improved organization and ease of access can reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety in the cockpit.

Affordable Helicopter Kneeboards

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If you are in the market for a helicopter kneeboard, there are several options available to you at a variety of price points. For those on a budget, there are affordable helicopter kneeboards that still offer the necessary features for a safe and efficient flight.

1. Blackhawk Medium Helicopter Kneeboard

The Blackhawk medium helicopter kneeboard is an affordable option that still offers the necessary features for a safe and efficient flight. At only $32, this kneeboard provides storage for maps, flight plans, and notes, as well as a removable clipboard for easy access to important documents.

2. ASA Helicopter Kneeboard

Another affordable option is the ASA helicopter kneeboard, priced at $18. This kneeboard provides storage for flight plans, notes, and checklists, as well as a removable clipboard for easy access to important documents. It also features a hook and loop strap that keeps the kneeboard securely attached to your leg during flight.

When shopping for an affordable helicopter kneeboard, be sure to look for features such as storage for maps, flight plans, and notes, as well as a removable clipboard for easy access to important documents.

No Affordable Helicopter Kneeboards Price Features
1 Blackhawk Medium Helicopter Kneeboard $32 Storage for maps, flight plans, and notes, removable clipboard
2 ASA Helicopter Kneeboard $18 Storage for flight plans, notes, and checklists, removable clipboard, hook and loop strap

Types of Helicopter Kneeboards

helicopter-kneeboard,Types of Helicopter Kneeboards,thqTypesofHelicopterKneeboards

There are different types of helicopter kneeboards available on the market that are designed for various purposes. The following are some of the most popular types of helicopter kneeboards:

1. Standard Helicopter Kneeboard

The Standard Helicopter Kneeboard is a simple aluminum clip design that safely secures the pilot’s notes and checklists on the knee in flight. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it a popular choice among pilots.

2. Rotating Helicopter Kneeboard

The Rotating Helicopter Kneeboard features a unique rotating design that allows pilots to easily adjust the angle of their notes and checklists. It is a great choice for pilots who want maximum flexibility and customization in their kneeboard.

3. Platform Helicopter Kneeboard

The Platform Helicopter Kneeboard is a larger, more versatile kneeboard that provides pilots with a stable platform to view their notes and checklists. It is a popular choice for pilots who require more space and organization in their cockpit.

4. Computer Helicopter Kneeboard

The Computer Helicopter Kneeboard is designed specifically for pilots who need to access flight planning software and electronic navigation charts. It features a built-in holder for a tablet or laptop, as well as a sturdy clip to hold paper notes and checklists.

5. Tactical Helicopter Kneeboard

The Tactical Helicopter Kneeboard is a rugged kneeboard designed for military pilots who need a durable and reliable option in extreme environments. It features specialized pockets and pouches to hold tools, maps, and other tactical equipment.

6. Custom Helicopter Kneeboard

The Custom Helicopter Kneeboard is designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of individual pilots. It can be tailored to specific aircraft and cockpit layouts and can include features such as built-in lighting, specialized storage pockets, and personalized engraving.

7. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is an advanced electronic device that replaces traditional paper-based kneeboards. It features electronic checklists, documents, and charts, as well as real-time weather and traffic data. It is a popular choice among commercial pilots, who appreciate the convenience and efficiency of a paperless cockpit.

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7 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

How to Choose the Right Helicopter Kneeboard?

helicopter-kneeboard,How to Choose the Right Helicopter Kneeboard?,thqHelicopterKneeboard

There are numerous helicopter kneeboards available in the market and selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a helicopter kneeboard.


The size of the kneeboard is an essential factor to consider when purchasing one. You want a kneeboard that fits snugly and securely on your lap. Too small, and you may run out of space to scribble down critical information whilst too big is likely to move around and restrict your mobility in the cockpit. Ensure that you take accurate measurements of leg length, waist size, and cockpit space to buy the right fitting kneeboard.


Kneeboards come with different features such as storage compartments, velcro straps, and notepad holders. Think about your needs and what would make your flying experience easier. Storage compartments are great for keeping your personal belongings safe, while pen holders, and notepad holders ensure that you always have writing tools at hand when you need them.

How to Choose the Right Helicopter Kneeboard?

helicopter-kneeboard,How to Choose the Right Helicopter Kneeboard,thqHowtoChoosetheRightHelicopterKneeboard

Choosing the right helicopter kneeboard is essential for pilots to keep their cockpit organized and manage important documents efficiently during flight. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting the perfect kneeboard:

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the kneeboard depend on the personal preference of the pilot and the type of helicopter they are flying. A larger kneeboard might provide more space and comfort for some pilots, but it might be difficult to handle in a smaller helicopter. Similarly, a curved kneeboard might offer better ergonomics, but a straight one might be more compatible with the cockpit layout.

Materials and Features

The materials of a kneeboard can affect its durability, weight, and resistance to elements. Pilots should look for kneeboards made of sturdy and waterproof materials like aluminum or nylon. Some kneeboards come with additional features like a clipboard, pen holder, or internal pockets for storage.


A kneeboard is a simple yet indispensable tool for helicopter pilots to stay organized and prepared during flight. By using a high-quality kneeboard that suits their needs and preferences, pilots can focus on flying and performing their tasks with ease and safety.

FAQ: Helicopter Kneeboard

If you have questions or concerns about using a helicopter kneeboard, we have answers!

1. What is a helicopter kneeboard?

A helicopter kneeboard is a specialized clipboard designed for use in helicopters. It attaches to your leg and allows you to write and take notes during flight.

2. How does a kneeboard attach to my leg?

A kneeboard typically has a strap that goes around your thigh and another strap that goes around your calf. This keeps the kneeboard secure while in use.

3. What materials are kneeboards typically made from?

Kneeboards can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, or acrylic.

4. Can I customize my kneeboard?

Yes! Some kneeboard manufacturers allow you to add your name or other personalization to your kneeboard for a fee.

5. What size kneeboard should I get?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It will depend on your individual preferences and needs. Consider getting a kneeboard that is around the same size as a standard notebook.

6. How do I use a kneeboard during flight?

You will need to attach it securely to your leg and then use it as you would a regular clipboard or notebook.

7. Why do helicopter pilots use kneeboards?

Kneeboards allow pilots to take notes, make calculations, and keep important information on hand during flight.

8. Can I use a regular clipboard instead of a kneeboard?

You can, but it won’t be as secure or as easy to use as a kneeboard designed specifically for helicopter flight.

9. Are there any downsides to using a kneeboard?

Some pilots find that kneeboards can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

10. Can I use a kneeboard for other types of aircraft?

Yes! Kneeboards can be used in any aircraft, not just helicopters.

11. Can I fly without a kneeboard?

Yes, kneeboards are not required for flight, but many pilots find them helpful.

12. What should I look for when choosing a kneeboard?

You should consider the size, materials, and features of different kneeboards to find one that meets your needs.

13. How do I clean my kneeboard?

You can clean your kneeboard with a damp cloth or a mild cleaner, being careful not to damage any stickers or personalization added.

14. How long do kneeboards typically last?

The lifespan of a kneeboard will depend on the materials it is made from, how often it is used, and how well it is cared for. A quality kneeboard can last for several years.

15. Where can I buy a helicopter kneeboard?

You can find kneeboards at your local aviation supply store, online retailers, or through your helicopter flight school.

Learn more about how a helicopter kneeboard can improve your aviation skills and enhance in-flight safety.

Safe Landing, Kind Reader!

As we approach the end of our article about the helicopter kneeboard, we hope that you’ve learned a bit about this fascinating piece of equipment. Whether you’re a helicopter pilot looking to add a kneeboard to your gear or a curious reader, we thank you for taking the time to learn about this valuable tool. Please come back and visit us again soon for more informative and interesting articles. Until then, take care and happy flying!

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