Experience the Thrill of Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

Kind reader, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure in the picturesque city of Juneau, Alaska, then you must not miss the experience of helicopter dog sledding! With breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers, visitors get to ride a helicopter and land on Juneau’s premier glacier for an unforgettable dog sledding adventure. The combination of the stunning landscape and the friendly huskies pulling you on the sled will make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Come and join the excitement of helicopter dog sledding Juneau!

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What is Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau?

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Helicopter Dog Sledding is a unique and thrilling adventure activity in Juneau, Alaska. Instead of the traditional method of mushing with sled dogs on snow, this activity lets you experience the excitement of dog sledding while taking a scenic helicopter ride over the stunning Alaskan mountains. When you reach the snow-covered peak, the helicopter sets down, and a team of eager sled dogs will be waiting for you to give you a sled ride you will never forget.

How Does Helicopter Dog Sledding Work?

The adventure starts by traveling to the heliport, where a helicopter will take you to the snow-covered glaciers in the Tongass National Forest. Helicopter Dog Sledding tours usually last around 3 hours, wherein you can spend an hour and a half on the glacier sled riding, playing with sled dogs, and taking photographs. The crew of expert guides will teach you how to ride the sleds, take care of the dogs, and how these amazing animals can run through the challenging snow terrain.

Why Helicopter Dog Sledding is So Popular?

Helicopter Dog Sledding is gaining immense popularity among tourists in Juneau, who are searching for unique things to do in Alaska. Its uniqueness and unconventional approach to the traditional sport of dog sledding provide an unforgettable experience that other similar activities cannot match. The stunning glacier views and the incredible scenery make it a must-do adventure activity for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

The Best Time to Go Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

helicopter-dog-sledding-juneau,Best Time to Go Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqbesttimetogohelicopterdogsleddingjuneau

Juneau offers Helicopter Dog Sledding activity all year round, with seasonal differences between winter and summer excursions. In Juneau, winter starts from November to March, and this period offers a different experience for dog sledding enthusiasts. During this time, you can also witness the Northern Lights while sled riding on the glacier. While summer from June to August offers a more pleasant experience without the chill and provides a greenery view on the way to the heliport.

Tips for Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

Before going on a Helicopter Dog Sledding adventure in Juneau, it is essential to know some tips to enjoy the activity to the fullest:

No Tips for Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau
1 Bring warm clothes and waterproof shoes suitable for winter weather outdoor activities.
2 Bring a camera to capture the astonishing view of the glacier, spectacular mountain views, and sled dogs.
3 Follow the instructions of the tour guide for safety measures and to experience the activity at its fullest.
4 Don’t forget to tip your tour guide and dog handlers for their dedicated service.

The Best Time for Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

helicopter-dog-sledding-juneau,The Best Time for Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau,thqHelicopterDogSleddingJuneau

Juneau, the state capital of Alaska, is known for its natural beauty and adventures offering to travelers. Helicopter dog sledding is one of the most favorite activities among tourists who come to Juneau, especially during winter when the snow covers the region, and the temperature is cold enough for the dogs to run.

Although dog sledding is possible throughout the year, the best time for helicopter dog sledding in Juneau would be between November to April. During these months, the snow is in abundance, and the temperature is cold enough to run the dogs without any risk. The temperature in Juneau during this time is usually in the range of 20°F to 35°F, providing a perfect environment for the dogs to perform, and visitors to enjoy the ride. Moreover, this is considered the offseason, so there are fewer crowds, resulting in a more personalized experience for the visitors.

What to Wear for Helicopter Dog Sledding?

The weather in Juneau is cold, so it is essential to dress appropriately for helicopter dog sledding. Proper attire can make a difference in enhancing one’s experience in the chilling weather and making the ride more comfortable. Visitors should wear warm, comfortable clothing and layer up with a jacket, gloves, and hat. It is recommended to wear waterproof boots with good traction to avoid slipping on the icy ground. Moreover, sunglasses and sunscreen can help prevent snow blindness and sunburn as the sun reflects off the snow.

No Information
1 Location
2 Duration
3 Price
4 Age Restriction
5 Weight Restrictions
6 Season
7 Booking Options

Helicopter Dog Sledding Tours in Juneau: An Unforgettable Experience

Helicopter Dog Sledding Tours in Juneau

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting adventure, consider booking a helicopter dog sledding tour in Juneau. This activity offers breathtaking views of the glaciers and mountains of the Tongass National Forest, as well as an unforgettable dog sledding experience on a glacier.

The Excitement of Helicopter Rides

The sense of excitement during a helicopter tour is unbeatable. You get to see Alaska, known for its rugged and wild beauty, from a different perspective. The thrill of taking off and landing on a glacier is priceless. Once you’re in the air, you’ll enjoy an aerial view of glaciers, forests, and mountains, while your experienced pilot explains the area’s history and geology.

Experience Dog Sledding on the Glacier

The highlight of the helicopter dog sledding tour in Juneau is undoubtedly dog sledding on the glacier. You’ll be introduced to a team of friendly and energetic sled dogs trained for the snow. As you speed down the glacier, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the mountains and the pristine wilderness surrounding you. You’ll also have the chance to interact with the dogs, learn about their training and how they’re cared for, as well as the history of dog sledding in Alaska.

Most tours provide about 20 to 30 minutes of sled time, but there will be time for pictures and cuddles with the dogs after your sled ride. Depending on which tour you book, you may also have the option of touring the kennels where the dogs live and train, and meeting the mushers who run the operation.

What to Expect

When booking a helicopter dog sledding tour in Juneau, consider these key points:

No Important Things to Note
1 Average tour length is 2 to 2.5 hours, including check-in and transportation time.
2 The temperature on the glacier is between -10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Dress warmly in layers, with gloves and hats – tour providers will provide gear if needed.
3 You may bring a camera and water, but most other items are not allowed on the glacier due to weight restrictions.
4 Children must be at least two years old to participate in most tours, and all passengers must weigh less than 250 pounds.

Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of Alaska and the excitement of dog sledding on the glacier. Book a helicopter dog sledding tour in Juneau for a truly unforgettable experience!

How to Prepare for Helicopter Dog Sledding Juneau Adventure?

helicopter-dog-sledding-juneau,How to Prepare for Helicopter Dog Sledding Juneau Adventure?,thqHelicopterDogSleddingJuneauPreparation

If you are planning to embark on a helicopter dog sledding Juneau adventure, here are some important things to consider for your preparation:

1. Dress Appropriately

It is essential that you dress appropriately for the activity. The weather in Juneau can be unpredictable, so bring warm clothing. Wear layered clothing, so you can easily add or remove them depending on the weather condition. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket and pants. Wear comfortable waterproof boots to ensure foot protection while you walk on the snow.

2. Physical Fitness

Helicopter dog sledding is an adventure activity that requires physical exertion. You need to be physically fit to climb and descend from the helicopter, to interact with the dogs, and to maneuver the sled. If you have any medical conditions, it is best to talk to your doctor before embarking on this adventure.

3. Follow Instructions Carefully

As with any adventure activity, it is crucial that you listen and follow the instructions given by the guide. Make sure that you understand the instructions well before starting the adventure. Listen to the guide’s commands, and do not hesitate to ask questions when needed.

4. Be Responsible

Helicopter dog sledding is an eco-friendly adventure activity. It is essential that you follow the guidelines given by the guide for the preservation of the environment. Do not litter and be respectful of the animals.

Proper preparation is the key to a safe and enjoyable helicopter dog sledding adventure. Take the time to prepare, listen to the instructions, and follow them carefully, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

What to Expect During a Helicopter Dog Sledding Tour in Juneau

Helicopter Dog Sledding Juneau

If you plan to experience a helicopter dog sledding tour in Juneau, it’s essential to know what you can expect. Generally, the tour lasts for around three hours, and it starts in the morning, usually between 8 am and 11 am. You will begin by taking a helicopter ride to the top of the glacier, which can take about 10-15 minutes, while admiring the spectacular scenic views of the Juneau Icefields, glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

Preparation Before the Tour

Before going on a helicopter dog sledding tour, prepare yourself properly by checking equipment requirements such as warm clothes, boots, and gloves, as the temperature at the top of the glacier can be very chilly. If you have any concerns about your health, such as heart conditions, diabetes, or other severe allergies, make sure to consult with your doctor before embarking on the tour.

On the Tour

Once you arrive at the dog camp, the guide will introduce you to the sled dogs, and you will learn how to steer the dog sled and communicate with the dogs. The dogs are very friendly and enjoy interacting with people. You will get a chance to interact with the dogs and take some memorable pictures with them. The dog sled will take you on an incredible tour of the glacier, and you can experience the thrill of dog sledding. The guide will be with you throughout the tour, providing assistance and guidance, and answering any questions you might have.

No What to Bring
1 Warm Clothes
2 Boots
3 Gloves

Benefits of Helicopter Dog Sledding Juneau

helicopter-dog-sledding-juneau,Benefits of Helicopter Dog Sledding Juneau,thqBenefitsofHelicopterDogSleddingJuneau

Experience the thrilling ride of heli-dog mushing and feel the fresh, crisp air on your face as you witness the beautiful panoramic view of glaciers, mountains, and waterfalls. This adventurous activity offers many benefits that every dog lover should explore. Here are some of the benefits of helicopter dog sledding in Juneau.

1. An Exciting Way to Explore Nature

Helicopter dog sledding is a unique and exciting way to explore the great outdoors. It allows you to witness the beautiful landscape of Alaska, which has been unexplored by many. The breathtaking and picturesque views of mountains, glaciers, icefields, and lush forests create a fantastic environment where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while sliding through the snow with friendly dogs as your guides.

2. Enhances Physical Activity and Overall Well-being

When you engage in dog sledding, you will definitely benefit from the physical activity and exercise that comes along with it. The act of maneuvering your sled through the snow and coordinating with your sled dogs requires a fair amount of strength and endurance. Dog sledding can also improve your overall well-being; being outside and surrounded by nature has proven to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing happiness and mental clarity.

3. Bonding Experience with Sled Dogs

Dog lovers can get to pet and play with the sled dogs during the tour and get to know more about them. It can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about various breeds and how these amazing animals work as a team to pull the sled. Each sled dog has its unique personality and quirks that make it a more exciting and memorable experience.

4. Creates Unforgettable memories

Helicopter dog sledding is an adventure that you will never forget. From the beautiful scenery to the unique experience of dog sledding, it will create unforgettable memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. The excitement of the ride, the beauty of the panoramic view, and the bonding experience with the dogs will make it hard for you to forget this incredible adventure.

Things to Consider Before Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

Things to Consider Before Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

Helicopter dog sledding in Juneau is a thrilling adventure, but there are certain things that you need to consider before embarking on this expedition.

The Weather

Juneau’s weather can be unpredictable, even in the summer. Hence, before you book a helicopter dog sledding tour, make sure to check the weather forecast. If there is a possibility of bad weather, reschedule your tour. You don’t want your exciting adventure to turn into a dangerous one due to inclement weather.

Physical Fitness

Although you will be sitting on a dog sled during most of the tour, there is still a considerable amount of standing and walking involved. Therefore, you need to evaluate your physical fitness before engaging in helicopter dog sledding. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, consult a doctor before undertaking this adventure. It is also important to note that most helicopter dog sledding tours have strict weight restrictions. Hence, make sure to check the weight limits of the tour operator before booking a tour.

No Weight Limit Tour Operator
1 250 lbs Alaska Helicopter Tours
2 300 lbs Coastal Helicopters

Helicopter Dog Sledding Juneau FAQ

1. What is helicopter dog sledding in Juneau?

Helicopter dog sledging in Juneau is an adventure where you fly in a helicopter to a remote glacier, and then enjoy dog sledding on the snow.

2. How long is the helicopter dog sledding ride in Juneau?

The helicopter ride lasts for around 20-25 minutes. The dog sledding experience itself lasts around 60 minutes.

3. Is dog sledding safe?

Yes, dog sledding in Juneau is safe. The dogs are well-trained and the handlers are experienced. Safety is always the top priority.

4. Do I need any special gear for helicopter dog sledding?

You will be provided with all the necessary gear for the adventure, including boots, gloves, and a warm parka. Dress warmly and in layers.

5. Can I bring my own dog for the ride?

No, you cannot bring your own dog. The dogs used for sledding need to be properly trained and adjusted to the conditions on the glacier.

6. What is the best time of year to go helicopter dog sledding in Juneau?

Helicopter dog sledding is typically available from mid-November to late April. The peak season is from mid-December to early April.

7. Do I need to be physically fit to go helicopter dog sledding?

While a moderate level of fitness is recommended, you do not need to be an athlete to enjoy this adventure. You will need to be able to walk on uneven terrain and feel comfortable flying in a helicopter.

8. Can children go helicopter dog sledding?

Yes, children are welcome to enjoy helicopter dog sledding in Juneau. However, the minimum age requirement is typically 2 years old.

9. Are there weight restrictions for helicopter dog sledding?

Yes, there are weight restrictions for helicopter dog sledding. Typically, the maximum weight limit is 280 pounds per person.

10. What if I am afraid of heights?

If you’re afraid of heights, helicopter dog sledding may not be the best activity for you. But rest assured, the ride is very smooth and safe.

11. What if I get motion sickness?

If you tend to get motion sickness, it’s best to take motion sickness medication before the ride.

12. What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the ride?

If there is bad weather on the day of the ride, the trip may be canceled or postponed. The safety of all passengers is always the top priority.

13. Can I bring my camera or video equipment?

Yes, you can bring your camera or video equipment. But, it’s important to note that cameras and phones can freeze on the glacier. Bring extra batteries and store your gear in waterproof bags.

14. Can I touch the sled dogs?

Yes, you can touch the sled dogs. But remember that they are working animals, so please follow the rules set by the handlers.

15. How do I book a helicopter dog sledding ride in Juneau?

You can book your ride through a local tour operator in Juneau. Book well in advance to secure your spot as this is a popular activity!

Learn how to experience the thrill of helicopter dog sledding in Juneau and admire Alaska’s stunning scenery from above.

A Tails to Tell: Helicopter Dog Sledding in Juneau

Kind Reader, we hope you enjoyed this bark-tastic adventure with us! Helicopter dog sledding in Juneau is definitely an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a new appreciation for these amazing canine athletes. Don’t forget to pack some extra treats and love for your furry friends, they’ll definitely appreciate it! Thank you for reading, and we hope to have you back soon for another pawsome experience. Take care, keep wagging those tails, and see you soon!

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