Thrilling Helicopter Charters in Florida: Fly High Above Sunshine State

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for an exhilarating way to explore the Sunshine State, consider a helicopter charter Florida. With stunning views and unparalleled access to some of the state’s most beautiful destinations, a helicopter tour is an experience like no other. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a unique way to sightsee, a charter helicopter tour is the perfect way to see Florida from a new perspective.

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Advantages of Helicopter Charter in Florida

helicopter-charter-florida,Advantages of Helicopter Charter in Florida,thqAdvantagesofHelicopterCharterinFlorida

When it comes to transportation, there are several options available. However, a helicopter charter in Florida is one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of transportation, especially to those who want to travel to remote areas or avoid traffic. Here are some advantages of helicopter charter in Florida.

Faster Travel Time

One of the most significant advantages of using a helicopter for transportation is that it can cover long distances in a shorter amount of time as compared to other modes of transportation, such as cars or boats. With helicopters, you can reach your destination quickly since they can fly above land and water, and they don’t need roads to travel.


Using a helicopter charter in Florida is also highly convenient since you can fly directly to your desired location without the need to transfer between different modes of transportation. There is no need to worry about traffic or crowded destinations.

Helicopter Charter Services in Florida

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Services in Florida,thqHelicopterCharterServicesinFlorida

Helicopter charter services in Florida offer a range of options that cater to various client needs. Below are some of the most popular helicopter charter services in Florida.


Helicopter tours in Florida are one of the most popular services offered by helicopter charter companies. With so many magnificent sights to see around Florida, a helicopter tour is an excellent way to view these sights from above.

Corporate Charter

Many companies in Florida are opting for helicopter charter services for corporate transportation. With the ability to provide fast and convenient transport, helicopters are becoming a more viable option for those on a tight schedule.

Emergency Services

Helicopter charter services are also used for medical emergencies in Florida, as they can provide immediate transport to patients in need of medical attention. In fact, helicopters are often the fastest way to provide medical assistance to patients in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

Helicopter Charter Florida for Business Travel

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Florida for Business Travel,thqHelicopter20Charter20Florida20for20Business20Travel

If you’re a business traveler looking to save time and maximize your productivity, then consider helicopter charter services in Florida. With the state’s extensive network of airports and heliports, you can access remote and urban locations with ease. Helicopter charters can also help you avoid traffic and long drives, saving you hours on your journey.

Fleet of Helicopters for Business

Companies like Miami Helicopter and FLYING Academy in Florida offer a fleet of helicopters for business travelers. They have various types and models of helicopters that cater to your specific needs. For instance, the Robinson R44 is suitable for a small group of business travelers while the Sikorsky S-76 is perfect for a larger group.

Flexible Schedule

Private helicopter charters allow business travelers the flexibility to create their own schedules for business activities. Unlike commercial airlines where you have to follow a pre-set schedule, helicopter charters accommodate the passenger’s timetable. This makes commuting and business trips more efficient and much more productive.

Avoiding Traffic and Delays

Helicopter charters in Florida can help you avoid the traffic and delays that are mostly associated with ground transportation and commercial airlines. Helicopter charters provide express service to business destinations, enabling business travelers to skip long lines and security checkpoints. They also eliminate the frustration of airport connections, reducing your stress and arriving fresh for your important meetings.

Helicopter Charter Florida for Scenic Flights

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Florida for Scenic Flights,thqHelicopter20Charter20Florida20for20Scenic20Flights

Florida’s shorelines, vibrant cities, and diverse landscapes are a sight to behold. Why not explore them from an exciting and unique perspective with a helicopter charter? Scenic flights offer the perfect opportunities to marvel at the beauty of Florida’s geography without compromising your comfort or safety.

Beaches and Coastlines

Florida is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and what better way to view them than from a bird’s eye view? Scenic helicopter tours can take you to Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, Daytona Beach, and Palm Beach, among others. You can also explore the stunning Intracoastal Waterways that run along Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Urban Adventure

The view of Miami’s skyline from above will take your breath away. Many helicopter charters offer aerial tours of Miami, including flyovers of downtown, South Beach, and even the Everglades. The city’s buzzing nightlife and beautiful beaches are best viewed from above.

Natural Wonders

The state’s natural attractions such as the Everglades, St. Augustine, and the Cape Canaveral National Seashore are stunning from above. Helicopter charters provide a unique vantage point for seeing these famous landmarks, and are particularly special at sunset or sunrise.

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Helicopter Charter Florida Safety Measures

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Florida Safety Measures,thqHelicopterCharterFloridaSafetyMeasures

Safety is our top priority at Helicopter Charter Florida. We take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. Our highly experienced and certified pilots go through regular training and safety checks to ensure that they are up to date with the latest safety standards.


The weather is a critical factor when it comes to helicopter flights. We keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and if weather conditions are not suitable for flight, we will reschedule your flight or offer a full refund.

Aircraft Maintenance

We have a team of skilled technicians who work diligently to keep our helicopters in top condition. All of our aircraft undergo routine maintenance and are subject to strict safety inspections to ensure they meet or exceed FAA standards.

Pre-Flight Briefings

Before every flight, our pilots provide a pre-flight briefing to all passengers. This includes important safety information and what to expect during the flight. We encourage passengers to ask questions, so they feel comfortable and confident before takeoff.

Helicopter Charter Florida Popular Destinations

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Florida Popular Destinations,thqHelicopterCharterFloridaPopularDestinations

Helicopter Charter Florida offers a diverse range of exciting destinations for you to explore. Whether you want to see the gorgeous beaches of Miami or the stunning cityscape of Tampa, we have a flight that’s perfect for you:

No Destination
1 Miami Beach
2 Key West
3 Tampa
4 Orlando
5 Fort Lauderdale

Miami Beach

Experience the beauty of Miami Beach from above with our helicopter tour. Fly over the crystal-clear waters and the famous Art Deco buildings of the city. This tour is perfect for those who want to see the best of Miami Beach in a short amount of time.

Key West

Take a helicopter tour of Key West and see the stunning blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean come together. This tour offers breathtaking views of the island, including its rich history and famous landmarks.


Explore the vibrant city of Tampa from a unique perspective. Fly over its famous skyline, including its museums, theaters, and other iconic landmarks. You’ll also get to witness the natural beauty of Tampa Bay, including its stunning beaches and wildlife.


Get a bird’s eye view of Orlando’s most famous theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. This tour is perfect for those who want to see the sights and sounds of Orlando from above.

Fort Lauderdale

Fly over the breathtaking beaches, canals, and skyline of Fort Lauderdale. This tour offers a unique perspective of the city as you soar over its most famous landmarks, including Millionaire’s Row.

Helicopter Charter Florida: The Benefits of Luxury Air Travel

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Florida,thqHelicopterCharterFlorida

Florida is a popular tourist destination for Americans and international visitors alike, with millions of people flocking to the state’s many attractions each year. However, with so many people attempting to navigate the state’s crowded highways and busy airports, the travel experience can be anything but relaxing. Luckily, helicopter charter services offer a hassle-free way to get around the state while enjoying the very best in luxury air travel. In this section, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of choosing a helicopter charter service over more traditional forms of transportation.

Arrive in Style

One of the main benefits of choosing a helicopter charter service is the opportunity to arrive at your destination in style. Helicopters are widely recognized as a symbol of luxury and prestige, and they offer a level of privacy and exclusivity that can’t be matched by other forms of travel. Whether you’re looking to impress business associates or simply want to treat yourself to a little luxury, helicopter charters are the perfect solution.

Skip the Traffic Jams

Another major benefit of helicopter charter services is the ability to avoid the traffic congestion that’s common on Florida’s highways. With its sprawling metropolitan areas and endless suburbs, Florida can be a difficult state to navigate by car, and the highways are often clogged with traffic. Helicopters, on the other hand, can skip over all of that, taking a direct route to your destination and getting you there in record time.

Top Helicopter Charter Companies in Florida

helicopter-charter-florida,Helicopter Charter Companies in Florida,thqHelicopterCharterCompaniesinFlorida

If you’re looking for a helicopter charter in Florida, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several reputable companies in the area. Here are some of the top helicopter charter companies in Florida:

1. Heli Aviation

Heli Aviation is a helicopter charter company that provides a wide range of services, including scenic tours, aerial photography, and executive transportation. They have a fleet of modern and well-maintained helicopters and a team of experienced pilots.

2. Helicopter Express

Helicopter Express is a leading helicopter charter company in Florida that offers a variety of services, such as corporate charters, luxury transportation, and aerial filming. They have a large fleet of helicopters and a team of highly skilled pilots and flight engineers.

3. Miami Helicopter

Miami Helicopter is a premium helicopter charter company that provides various services, including tours, charters, and aerial photography. Their helicopters feature large windows for panoramic views, and they have a team of experienced and knowledgeable pilots.

4. Palm Beach Helicopters

Palm Beach Helicopters is a trusted helicopter charter company in Florida that offers a variety of services, such as sightseeing tours, aerial photography, and custom charters. Their modern helicopters boast state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional comfort and safety features.

5. Orlando Helicopter Tours

Orlando Helicopter Tours is a popular helicopter charter company that provides scenic helicopter tours in Orlando and Central Florida. Their experienced pilots offer aerial views of popular attractions, such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

6. Air Florida Helicopter Charters

Air Florida Helicopter Charters is a reputable helicopter charter company that provides a range of services, including aerial photography, corporate charters, and utility services. They have an extensive fleet of helicopters and experienced pilots and staff.

7. Biscayne Helicopters

Biscayne Helicopters is a renowned helicopter charter company that provides various services, such as custom charters, sightseeing tours, and aerial filming. Their state-of-the-art helicopters offer stunning views of Florida’s skyline, beaches, and other landmarks.

No Company Name Services Website
1 Heli Aviation Scenic Tours, Aerial Photography, Executive Transportation https://heliaviation.com/
2 Helicopter Express Corporate Charters, Luxury Transportation, Aerial Filming https://www.helicopterexpress.com/
3 Miami Helicopter Tours, Charters, Aerial Photography https://www.miamihelicopter.com/
4 Palm Beach Helicopters Sightseeing Tours, Aerial Photography, Custom Charters https://palmbeachhelicopters.com/
5 Orlando Helicopter Tours Scenic Tours https://www.orlandohelicoptertours.com/
6 Air Florida Helicopter Charters Aerial Photography, Corporate Charters, Utility Services https://www.airfloridahelicopter.com/
7 Biscayne Helicopters Custom Charters, Sightseeing Tours, Aerial Filming https://www.biscaynehelicopters.com/

Helicopter Charter Florida: The Best Routes for Sightseeing

helicopter-charter-florida,helicopter over florida,thqhelicopteroverflorida

If you’re looking for a unique way to see Florida’s breathtaking landscapes, a helicopter sightseeing tour is a must-do experience. Here are some of the best routes to take:

1. Miami Beach and South Beach

Soar above the iconic Miami skyline and take in the stunning views of the turquoise waters and white-sand beaches, including the pristine South Beach area.

2. The Everglades

Explore Florida’s pristine wilderness from above and witness the unique wildlife that calls this area home. Keep an eye out for alligators, panthers, and other exotic species that inhabit the Everglades.

3. Key West

Take a scenic flight over the famed Key West, an enchanting island that boasts crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. A helicopter ride is the best way to take in the island’s beauty from above.

4. St. Augustine

Marvel at St. Augustine’s historic downtown area, the world-renowned Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park and the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument while taking in the stunning coastal views.

5. Tampa Bay

Get bird’s-eye views of Tampa Bay’s downtown skyline and the harbor area while enjoying the beautiful Gulf Coast waters.

6. Orlando

Take an exciting helicopter tour over Orlando’s theme parks such as the Universal Studios and Disney World while enjoying the view of the stunning landscapes and Floridian wildlife.

7. Sarasota Bay

Experience the panoramic views of the beautiful Sarasota Bay area, where you can spot schools of fish, dolphins and other sea creatures.

Charter a Helicopter for Golfing in Florida

helicopter-charter-florida,Charter a Helicopter for Golfing in Florida,thqCharteraHelicopterforGolfinginFlorida

Florida is known for its world-class golf courses, and the best way to experience them is through a helicopter charter. Imagine flying directly to your favorite golf course, skipping the traffic and arriving in style. You and your friends can enjoy a day of golfing and breathtaking views from above. Not to mention that helicopter charters can save you time, allowing you to play more rounds of golf in a day.

The Best Golfing Locations in Florida

Florida has an abundance of golf courses to choose from, with some of the best designs in the world. The following are some of the best golfing locations in the state.

No Golf Course Location
1 TPC Sawgrass Ponte Vedra Beach
2 Trump National Doral Miami
3 Innisbrook Resort Tampa Bay
4 Streamsong Resort Tampa

Why Choose Helicopter Charter for Your Golfing Trip?

Helicopter charter can make your golfing trip much more enjoyable by providing you with luxury, convenience, and speed. You can avoid the hassle of traffic and arrive at your destination quickly. With a helicopter charter, you can also fly directly to your preferred golf course, making the experience much more personalized. Additionally, you can relax in a comfortable and spacious cabin, enjoy a complimentary beverage, and take in the stunning views from above.

Helicopter Charter Florida FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about helicopter charter in Florida.

1. What is helicopter charter?

Helicopter charter is the renting of a helicopter for a private flight with a pilot and crew.

2. What are the benefits of helicopter charter?

The benefits of helicopter charter include the convenience of getting to remote locations, avoiding traffic, and the ability to customize your itinerary.

3. How do I book a helicopter charter in Florida?

You can book a helicopter charter in Florida by contacting a reputable helicopter charter company and providing them with your itinerary and preferences.

4. How much does helicopter charter cost in Florida?

The cost of helicopter charter in Florida varies depending on a number of factors including the duration of the flight, the type of helicopter, and the number of passengers.

5. What types of helicopters are available for charter in Florida?

There are a variety of helicopters available for charter in Florida including Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC130, and Sikorsky S-76.

6. How long can I rent a helicopter for?

You can rent a helicopter for as long as you need it, depending on availability and your travel plans.

7. Can I bring luggage on board?

Yes, most charter helicopters have storage space for luggage and equipment. However, it is important to check with the charter company before your flight.

8. Can I bring pets on board?

It is possible to bring pets on a helicopter charter in Florida, but it is important to check with the charter company first.

9. What happens if there is bad weather?

If there is bad weather, your helicopter charter may be delayed or rescheduled for safety reasons.

10. Is helicopter charter safe?

Yes, helicopter charter is generally safe when provided by a reputable and experienced company with trained pilots and maintenance crews.

11. Are there any age restrictions for passengers?

There may be age restrictions for passengers depending on the helicopter and the charter company’s policies.

12. What happens if I need to cancel my helicopter charter?

You may be subject to cancellation fees if you need to cancel your helicopter charter, depending on the terms of your contract with the charter company.

13. Can I change my itinerary after booking?

It may be possible to modify your itinerary after booking, but it is important to check with the charter company first.

14. What should I wear on a helicopter charter?

You should wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.

15. Can I bring food and drinks on board?

Yes, you can usually bring food and drinks on board a helicopter charter, but it is important to check with the charter company first.

If you’re planning to fly to Florida anytime soon, consider booking a helicopter charter to make the most of your trip. With the convenience and luxury that come with private helicopter flights, you won’t have to worry about traffic and can arrive at your destination in style.

Thank You for Flying with Us, Kind Reader

We hope that you enjoyed reading about helicopter charters in Florida as much as we enjoyed writing about it. Whether you’re planning a romantic flight above the city or an exhilarating adventure over the Everglades, the sky is the limit when it comes to chartering a helicopter. So, if you’re ever in Florida and looking for an unforgettable flying experience, be sure to check out your local helicopter charter companies. We appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon!

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