Experience the Wonders of Grand Canyon with a Breathtaking Helicopter Landing Tour

Kind Reader, are you looking for a thrilling experience at the Grand Canyon? Look no further than the Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour. This tour offers an exciting way to explore the iconic natural wonder in an unforgettable and unique way. With a helicopter ride that lands at various spots within the canyon, this tour provides stunning views and amazing photo opportunities. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with the Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour.

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The Best Time to Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

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If you’re planning to take a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour, it’s important to know the best time to go. The Grand Canyon has a varied climate that can affect your tour experience and safety. As a general rule, the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons are considered the best for touring the Grand Canyon. The summer (June to August) season can be uncomfortably hot, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter (December to February) can also be harsh and snowy.

Spring Season

The spring season is a popular time to go on a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour. The weather is mild, with high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. The canyon is also less crowded than during the peak summer season, giving you a more peaceful and intimate experience. However, spring can bring occasional rain showers, so be sure to check the weather forecast before booking your tour.

Fall Season

Similar to spring, fall is also a great time to take a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour. The weather is mild and the crowds are smaller, giving you a more serene experience. In the fall, the leaves of the trees surrounding the canyon turn into beautiful hues of yellow, orange, and red, making it a picturesque sight. Just like spring, rain showers can be expected in the fall, so bring appropriate clothing.

How to Prepare for a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

How to Prepare for a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

A Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires some preparation beforehand. Here are some tips and tricks that will help make your tour unforgettable:

Packing Tips

  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and enclosed shoes since you’ll be walking on rough terrain.
  • Bring a camera and extra batteries to capture all the breathtaking views.
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Bring a jacket in case it gets chilly during your tour.

Physical Requirements

Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours have minimal physical requirements. However, passengers must be able to walk on uneven terrain and climb stairs to board and disembark the helicopter. Pregnant women and individuals with medical conditions should consult their physicians before booking a tour.

Important Notes

“It’s important to remember that cell phone signals can be weak or nonexistent in some areas of the Grand Canyon. Additionally, you’ll not be allowed to take anything into the helicopter that can fly away, such as hats, scarves, or loose jewelry.”

Most Popular Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tours

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If you’re looking to experience an unforgettable helicopter landing tour of the Grand Canyon, there are several popular options to choose from. Here are some of the most highly rated tours:

The Grand Celebration Tour

This tour is a popular choice for its combination of aerial and ground views of the Grand Canyon. The tour starts with a scenic helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon, followed by a landing on Hualapai Indian territory for a champagne picnic and a visit to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The Sunset Grand Celebration Tour

If you’re looking for a more romantic or picturesque way to see the Grand Canyon, this tour might be for you. It’s similar to the Grand Celebration Tour, but it takes place during the beautiful sunset hours. You’ll see breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon illuminated in an orange glow as the sun sets behind the horizon.

The Grand Canyon Floor Landing Tour

This tour offers a unique perspective of the Grand Canyon, as it includes a landing on the canyon floor itself. You’ll enjoy a scenic helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before landing on the floor of the Grand Canyon. There, you’ll enjoy a champagne picnic in a picturesque setting and have time to explore the area before your return flight.

What to Expect on a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

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Whether you’re a first-time visitor to the Grand Canyon or a seasoned adventurer, a helicopter landing tour is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. Here are some things you can expect during your tour:

Breathtaking Views

From the moment you take off in your helicopter, you’ll be treated to breathtaking aerial views of the Grand Canyon’s stunning natural beauty. The vast expanse of the canyon’s red rocks and deep gorges will take your breath away and leave you speechless.

Informative Commentary

During your helicopter flight, you’ll hear interesting facts and stories about the Grand Canyon and its history from a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide. They’ll point out all the notable landmarks and provide you with insider tips on the best vantage points for photos.

Unique Landing Experience

The highlight of your helicopter tour will undoubtedly be your unique landing experience. Whether on the canyon floor or at another scenic location, you’ll have the opportunity to pause and soak in the stunning vistas from a new perspective. You may even get to enjoy a champagne picnic in a serene setting.

Memorable Souvenirs

Most helicopter tours also offer photo packages, so you can take home unforgettable memories of your flight over the Grand Canyon. Some tours even offer videos that capture your experience in full, allowing you to relive all the breathtaking moments again and again.

No. Important Information
1 Name of Tour: Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour
2 Tour Provider: Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters
3 Tour Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours
4 Flight Route: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim
5 Helicopter Type: EcoStar EC130 helicopter
6 Helicopter Capacity: Up to 7 passengers
7 Tour Inclusions: Helicopter flight, landing on canyon floor, picnic lunch
8 Price: Starting from $424 per person
9 Age Requirement: Must be at least 2 years old to participate
10 Weight Limit: Passengers must not exceed 300 pounds

What to Expect from a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour?

Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, then one of the best ways to see it is with a helicopter landing tour. Traveling by helicopter is exciting, but it is not without its challenges. Here are some things you should know before you set off on your Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour.

What are the Duration and Cost of a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour?

Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours can last from 2 hours to 8 hours, depending on the tour packages you choose. The price of a helicopter tour also varies depending on the tour package. Helicopter tours can start from $200 to as much as $600 per person.

How to Prepare for a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour?

Before you embark on a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour, you should be aware of the weather conditions. It can be very cold and windy during the flight, so dress appropriately in comfortable warm clothing. Avoid wearing hats or loose clothing that may get caught in the helicopter’s rotor. Also, make sure to wear comfortable non-slip shoes or boots.

It is essential to carry your ID card or passport as it is required for reservations at the entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park. Moreover, carrying sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera is a must while on a helicopter tour.

Choose the Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

grand-canyon-helicopter-landing-tour,Choose the Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour,thqChoosetheBestGrandCanyonHelicopterLandingTour

With so many helicopter tour operators offering a landing tour at the Grand Canyon, it can be confusing for a first-timer to choose the best one. Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your selection:


The price of the tour is one of the most important factors to consider. Prices may vary based on the tour duration, inclusions, and amenities. Make sure to compare prices of different tour operators, but do not compromise on safety and quality of the experience for a cheaper price.

Safety Record

When it comes to aviation, safety should always be a top priority. Research the safety records of different tour operators and check if they have any accidents or incidents in their past. Choose a tour operator with a good safety record and experienced pilots.

Experience and Reputation

Experience and reputation of the tour operator matters when it comes to ensuring a memorable experience. Look for tour operators who have been in business for a while and have a good reputation among customers. Check out online reviews and ratings of the tour operator and don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support for any queries.

Flight Routes

Another factor to consider while selecting a tour operator is the flight route they offer. Different tour operators may offer different routes, some covering both the West and South rims of the Grand Canyon, while some may offer flights only to the West rim. Ensure that the flight route and landing location align with your preferences and expectations.

Inclusions and Amenities

Check out the inclusions and amenities provided in the tour package, such as meals and transportation, and assess if they align with your requirements. Some tour operators may offer luxury amenities, such as limousine transportation, while some may provide basic facilities. Choose a tour operator that offers the right package that meets your needs.

Group Size

If you prefer a more personalized experience, look for tour operators who offer small group tours. Large group tours may be cost-effective, but they don’t offer personalized attention or the flexibility to customize the tour itinerary.

Additional Activities

Some tour operators may offer additional activities, such as a boat ride on the Colorado River, a visit to the Skywalk, or a guided tour of the Grand Canyon. Do your research and check if the tour operator offers any such activities that align with your interests.

Best Time to Enjoy Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

grand-canyon-helicopter-landing-tour,Best Time to Enjoy Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour,thqgrandcanyonhelicopterlandingtourbesttime

The Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour is an all-year-round experience that can be enjoyed in any season. However, for the best experience, there are specific times of the year that offer a better view, weather and overall experience.


During spring (March to May), the weather at the Grand Canyon is mild and pleasant. The snow from winter has melted, and the flowers are blooming, giving the area’s vegetation a vibrant and colorful look. The canyon’s surrounding is beautiful to look at, with the skies clear and the visibility excellent.


Fall (September to November) is another excellent time to visit the Grand Canyon. The weather is cooler, with comfortable temperatures during the day, and the canyon is less crowded. Visitors can enjoy a more serene, peaceful and quieter experience, with fewer tour boats at the site.

Things to Prepare Before Going on the Tour

grand-canyon-helicopter-landing-tour,Things to Prepare Before Going on the Tour,thqgrandcanyonhelicopterlandingtourpreparations

Before embarking on a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour, it is essential to prepare yourself well to ensure a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are several things to prepare before the tour:

Wear Comfortable Clothing

The helicopter is air-conditioned, so it is essential to wear layers of comfortable clothing to stay warm once you alight at the designated site. Loose clothing is also advisable for maximum comfort.

Camera and Sunglasses

The views of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter are breathtaking. Don’t forget your camera or phone to capture the sceneries and your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.

Listen and Follow Instructions

It is essential to listen and follow all instructions given by the pilot and guide for a smooth and enjoyable tour. The tour usually takes approximately three and a half hours, with various points of interest along the way. Understanding what to expect can enhance the overall experience.

What to Expect During a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour?

What to Expect During a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour?

Experiencing a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but landing on the canyon floor adds an extra element of adventure and thrill that cannot be replicated. Tourists who opt for a helicopter landing tour to the Grand Canyon can expect an unforgettable experience, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of the adventure.


Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours typically last between three to four hours from start to finish. The flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes approximately 45 minutes, and the helicopter ride over the canyon lasts for about 25-30 minutes. Passengers are then given around 30 to 40 minutes to explore the area and take photographs before heading back to Las Vegas.


Passenger safety is a top priority when it comes to helicopter tours, and operators have strict maintenance and inspection programs in place to ensure the safety of all travelers. Passengers are also provided with thorough safety briefings before the flight and are required to wear personal flotation devices throughout the tour.


The views during a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour are second to none and are sure to take your breath away. As the helicopter takes flight over the canyon, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam, and the Mojave Desert. Once the helicopter lands on the canyon floor, passengers are treated to panoramic views of the towering canyon walls.


During the landing portion of the tour, passengers are given the opportunity to explore the Grand Canyon from a unique perspective. Visitors can take in the spectacular scenery, walk along the sandy beaches of the Colorado River, and even enjoy a picnic lunch on the canyon floor (depending on the tour package).


Weather is a crucial factor when it comes to helicopter tours. Flights can be canceled or rescheduled in case of extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to plan your tour accordingly. The best time to take a helicopter landing tour to the Grand Canyon is during the spring and fall when temperatures are mild, and the crowds are thinner.


Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours are not cheap, and prices typically start at around $350 per person. However, the experience and memories that come with the tour are priceless, and many tourists agree that the expense is well worth it.

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What to Expect During a Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour?

grand-canyon-helicopter-landing-tour,grand canyon helicopter landing tour,thqhelicopterlandingtourgrandcanyon

If you’re planning to spend money on a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour, it pays to know what to expect ahead of time. You’ll likely go through a safety briefing and some itinerary details before taking off. Once in flight, the pilot will provide commentary about the landmarks you’re seeing down below. Don’t be shy about asking questions! When it’s time to touch down, you’ll likely spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes on the ground getting a closer look at the Canyon’s landscape. Many tours include an opportunity to pose for photos against the stunning desert backdrop.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Safety Briefing

One of the most important parts of a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour is the safety briefing. During this time, the pilot will go over important information that will help you stay safe during the flight and while on the ground. You’ll learn about how to properly wear your seatbelt, how to use your headset to communicate with the pilot, and how to exit the helicopter once you’ve landed. It’s also important to listen for any emergency procedures that the pilot might mention.

Helicopter Tour Itinerary

The itinerary for your Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour will depend on which type of tour you book and what company you book with. Some tours are designed to be shorter, while others will take you on a longer journey through the Canyon. The itinerary might include stops at different overlooks or landing sites, and some tours feature unique extras like a picnic lunch on the Canyon floor. Be sure to read the tour details carefully before booking so you know what to expect.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

Experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon from a bird’s eye view by booking a helicopter landing tour. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this tour.

1. How long is the tour?

This tour typically lasts for about 3-4 hours, with around 30-45 minutes of flight time.

2. What is included in the tour?

The tour includes a scenic helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, a landing at a private canyon location, and a picnic lunch.

3. How many passengers can a helicopter hold?

The helicopter can hold up to 6 passengers excluding the pilot.

4. Can I choose my own seat?

Passengers are assigned seats based on weight balance so you cannot choose your own seat.

5. Will there be other people on the helicopter with me?

Yes, there may be other passengers who have booked the same tour as you.

6. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 300 pounds per person and a combined weight limit of 1,200 pounds for all passengers.

7. Is there an age limit for passengers?

There is no age limit, but children under the age of 2 are not allowed on the tour due to the noise level of the helicopter.

8. Is the landing location safe?

Yes, the landing location is a private and safe area where the helicopter will have enough space to land.

9. Can I take pictures during the tour?

Yes, you can take pictures during the tour. However, be sure to follow the rules and restrictions provided by the tour operator.

10. Can I bring food and drinks on the helicopter?

Food and drinks are not allowed on the helicopter due to safety reasons. However, a picnic lunch is provided during the landing.

11. Is there a restroom on the helicopter?

No, there is no restroom on the helicopter. Be sure to use the restroom before the tour starts.

12. Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?

Cancellation policies vary among tour operators. Be sure to check the policy of the tour operator you booked with.

13. Will the tour be affected by the weather?

Yes, the tour may be affected by weather conditions and may get cancelled or rescheduled due to safety reasons.

14. Can I fly over the Grand Canyon without landing?

Yes, there are tours available that offer scenic flights over the Grand Canyon without landing. Be sure to check the tour description before booking.

15. Is the helicopter tour safe?

Yes, helicopter tours are safe, but as with any form of transportation, there are risks involved. The tour operator takes all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of its passengers.

If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, be sure to check out this helicopter landing tour for a breathtaking and unique view of the natural wonder.

Ain’t That a Trip?

Well, Kind Reader, we’ve come to the end of our journey together through the Grand Canyon and its many wonders. It’s been a pleasure to share the adventure of a lifetime with you — the breathtaking views, stunning rock formations, and the thrill of touching down atop the world-famous Canyon. We hope your mind is buzzing with inspiration and excitement, and perhaps you’ve even started planning your own helicopter landing tour! Thank you for joining us on this exhilarating ride, and please do visit us again soon for more adventures and inspiration. Until next time, happy travels!

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