Experience the Breathtaking Beauty of Girdwood with Helicopter Tours

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure in Alaska, Girdwood Helicopter Tours should definitely be on your list of things to do. Flying high above the snow-capped mountains and glaciers is an unforgettable experience that will take your breath away. Girdwood Helicopter Tours offer a wide range of tour packages that cater to all types of passengers, from families to adrenaline junkies. With their experienced pilots and knowledgeable guides, you’re in good hands as you explore the stunning Alaskan wilderness.

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Why Go on Girdwood Helicopter Tours?

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With so many amazing things to do in Alaska, it can be tough to decide which ones to prioritize when you’re trying to plan a trip. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you: girdwood helicopter tours should definitely make the cut. It’s not just that they’re a unique experience–although they certainly are. There’s something truly awe-inspiring about getting an aerial view of the Alaskan wilderness.

The Beauty of the Alaskan Wilderness

One of the main reasons people choose to go on girdwood helicopter tours is because of the incredible beauty they get to see from up in the air. Alaska is home to some of the most stunning terrain in the world, from towering mountainscapes to sprawling glaciers. While hiking and driving can give you a taste of this natural wonder, nothing can quite compare to seeing it all laid out before you from a helicopter.

The Unique Experience of Flying in a Helicopter

Even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie, there’s something exhilarating about flying in a helicopter. They’re incredibly nimble and maneuverable, which means you can get much closer to mountains, glaciers, and wildlife than you could on foot. Additionally, many people find the sensation of flying–especially hovering in place–to be a deeply calming and peaceful experience. It’s a chance to disconnect from technology and the hustle and bustle of daily life while connecting with nature in a truly unique way.

What to Expect on Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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If you’re considering booking a girdwood helicopter tour, you might be wondering what you can expect from the experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Helicopter tours can range in length from just a few minutes to several hours–it all depends on the specific tour package you choose. Generally speaking, though, most girdwood helicopter tours will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


There are several different routes you might take on a girdwood helicopter tour, depending on the tour company and package you select. Some popular options include tours that take you over glaciers, mountains, and even active volcanoes.


The cost of a girdwood helicopter tour varies widely depending on the duration and route of the tour, as well as the tour company you choose. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1000 or more per person. It might seem steep, but many people find the experience to be well worth the cost.

What to Bring

Since you’ll be flying in a helicopter, you won’t be able to bring very much with you–space is at a premium. Many tour companies recommend only bringing a small bag or no bag at all, and advise against bringing any loose items like hats or scarves that might fly away in the wind.

Popular Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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If you’re planning a trip to Alaska, Girdwood helicopter tours should be on top of your list of things to do. Take in the beautiful sceneries of the region from above and get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking views of glaciers, mountains, and wildlife. Here are some popular helicopter tours you can experience:

1. Chugach Mountains

Chugach Mountains is an iconic spot in Girdwood that offers incredible alpine scenery you can’t miss. The tour will take you through the backcountry slopes of the area, giving you the chance to see expansive views of the Turnagain Arm and Resurrection Bay. Along the way, you can spot wildlife such as mountain goats, moose, and bald eagles.

2. Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound helicopter tour takes you through the skies above glaciers and crystal clear waters. You’ll land on glaciers, snowfields, or at secluded spots to savor the natural beauty around you. Watch calving glaciers, icebergs in the waters below, and snow-capped mountain peaks from above.

3. Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier helicopter tour is one of the most sought-after experiences in Alaska. You’ll get to fly over the crevasses and icefalls while getting a bird’s eye view of the glacier. You’ll also have the chance to land on the glacier and explore the area on foot.

4. Columbia Glacier

The Columbia Glacier is the second-largest tidewater glacier in Alaska and is a must-visit spot for travelers. The helicopter tour takes you over the Chugach Mountains, which leads to the Columbia Glacier for an expansive view of the glacier.

5. Lake George

Lake George is a small glacier-fed lake nestled in Chugach Mountains. The helicopter tour takes you from Girdwood town, over the Chugach Mountains, to the serene location in Lake George. There you’ll have the chance to relax, have a snack while appreciating the glittering calmness of the lake.

6. Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay is located on the Kenai Peninsula and offers amazing views of crystal clear waters and an abundance of wildlife. The helicopter tour will take you over the Kenai Mountains and to the Resurrection Bay area where you can observe humpback whales, sea lions, and sometimes orcas.

No Important Information
1 The company offering helicopter tours in Girdwood
2 The types of tours offered (glacier tours, wildlife tours, etc.)
3 The duration and cost of each tour
4 The safety measures and equipment provided
5 The qualifications and experience of the pilots
6 The availability of tour packages and discounts
7 The cancellation policy and refund options

Best Time to Take Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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If you want to enjoy the best of Girdwood helicopter tours, knowing the right time to take the tours is essential. While Girdwood helicopter tours are usually available all year round, the best time to take the tours is during the summer months. This is because the weather is calmer and more predictable during this period, allowing for better visibility and more flexibility in the helicopter’s flight path.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Time for Girdwood Helicopter Tours

While summer might be the best time for Girdwood helicopter tours, you still need to consider some factors that could affect your experience on the tour. Some of these factors include:

  1. Weather: While summer is generally calmer, unexpected weather changes could still happen during this period.
  2. Crowd: The number of visitors in Girdwood during summer can be overwhelming, making it difficult to secure a convenient time for helicopter tours.
  3. Budget: Summer is the peak tourist season in Girdwood, and prices for helicopter tours may be higher during this period.

What to Expect during Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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Girdwood helicopter tours are an amazing way to see the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness from a bird’s eye view. Here’s what you can expect during your helicopter tour:

Spectacular Views of Glaciers, Mountains, and Valleys

One of the main attractions of Girdwood helicopter tours is the breathtaking views you get to experience. You’ll get to see serene valleys, snow-capped mountains, and glaciers of various shapes and sizes. The helicopter’s aerial view of the landscape takes the experience of sightseeing to a whole new level, and that alone is worth the investment.

A Chance to See Wildlife

Another exciting thing about Girdwood helicopter tours is the possibility of seeing various wildlife species during the tour. Keep your eyes peeled for bears, moose, and mountain goats, among others, as the helicopter soars over terrain where they’re known to roam free.

A Guide to Show You Around

Worried about getting lost in the vast terrain of Girdwood? Not to worry! Most Girdwood helicopter tours come with a professional guide or a knowledgeable pilot who will show you around and point out the important landmarks as the tour progresses.

Best Time for Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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Girdwood is a famous location, situated in the idyllic backdrop of snow-capped mountains, and the best way to experience this sublime beauty is through Girdwood helicopter tours. You’ll find numerous tour providers offering their services year-round, but each season offers a different experience to tourists. The tour prices vary from operator to operator. The following section will provide in-depth information regarding the best time to take a Girdwood helicopter tour.

Winter Tour

The winter season in Girdwood is one of the most beautiful seasons. The town turns into a snowy wonderland, with crisp, fresh snow underfoot, whereas the nearby mountains provide breathtaking views of Alaska’s alpine scenery. Most helicopter tours provide winter sightseeing options. The tour is the perfect option to witness the magnitude and grandeur of the snowy mountains. It is recommended to wear layered clothing to experience the winter wonderland fully.

Summer Tour

The long days of summer offer a unique opportunity to witness Girdwood’s natural beauty. The scenario differs in summer, where the mountains take on a summertime hue, boasting rich green coniferous trees, and the glacier melt provides glistening rivulets of water running along the glacial valleys. The summer tour opportunity allows tourists to watch wildlife and pristine flora and fauna from a bird’s eye view. A summer trip is not complete without experiencing the awe-inspiring sight of bears fishing during the salmon runs.

Best Time to Book Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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Booking your Girdwood Helicopter tours at the right time can significantly impact your overall experience. The best time to tour the Girdwood region is during its tourist season which falls between May and September. This period is best characterized by warmer weather, clearer skies, and extended daylight hours hence providing optimal views of the stunning landscape from the air.

Optimal Flight Time

To get the best experience from your Girdwood helicopter tour, plan to book your flight early in the morning or late in the evening. During these times, the sun is low, casting beautiful shadows over the mountains and glaciers, creating a spectacular scenery that you wouldn’t want to miss. Besides, the calm winds in the morning and evening are favorable for a smooth helicopter ride.

Off-Season Touring

If you are visiting between October and April, you can still book Girdwood helicopter tours. However, you may not get optimal flights due to weather and light conditions. That said, tourists who want to avoid the crowds are encouraged to book their tours during the offseason. During these times, prices for the tours may be lower, and you can enjoy a more personalized experience.


Overall, Girdwood helicopter tours offer one of the most unique and memorable ways to explore the stunning region. By booking your tour at the right time, you can get optimal views of the mountains, glaciers, lakes, and wildlife that dot this beautiful Alaskan landscape. Be sure always to book your tour through reputable tour operators who prioritize your safety, and ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Helicopter Glaciers Tour

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If you want to experience the natural beauty of Girdwood, the best way is to take the helicopter glaciers tour. This package not only offers you abundant fun but also provides an unforgettable experience of scenic views and glaciers. You will fly over glaciers that are otherwise inaccessible, and you will not only see the glaciers but also get to land on them and walk around.

Visit to Spencer Lake

One of the significant highlights of the helicopter glaciers tour in Girdwood is the visit to Spencer Lake. You will get a chance to view the natural splendor of ice blue meltwater, which is usually challenging to access. Additionally, with this package, you get a chance to walk amidst ancient glaciers and take some incredible photos.

Glaciers Landing and Trekking

The helicopter glaciers tour in Girdwood includes landing on glaciers, which is a rare opportunity to set foot on a real glacier. You will also get to trek amidst ancient glaciers and enjoy the tranquil and serene environment while exploring the natural beauty of Alaska. As such, the experience is awe-inspiring in every aspect.

Helicopter Northern Lights Tour

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The helicopter northern lights tour is also one of the best ways to view northern lights and enjoy the natural beauty of Girdwood. This tour is an extraordinary opportunity to witness the aurora borealis spectacle from the sky, giving you unforgettable life experiences.

Aerial View of Northern

This tour provides the best possible aerial views of the northern lights. From your helicopter, you’ll be able to see the aurora borealis illuminate the horizon from different angles and different heights. The helicopter provides access to locations that are difficult to reach by driving, and you get an unparalleled view of the lights.

Professional Guides

Accompanying onboard are professional and knowledgeable guides who provide all the necessary information about the northern lights and the surrounding area. These guides are fully licensed, certified stars enthusiasts, and knowledgeable in natural phenomena. They will explain the science behind the aurora borealis and answer all your questions.

Best Time for Girdwood Helicopter Tours

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If you want to experience the full beauty of Girdwood via helicopter tours, the best time to go is during the summer months, specifically from June to August. During this time, you will be able to witness the region’s wildflowers in full bloom and the breathtaking foliage you’ve always wanted to see. With a temperature range of 55°F to 70°F, you’ll get to enjoy the warmth and still stay cool on your tour. On the other hand, if you are looking for a unique experience, visiting in winter can also be fantastic. From November to March, the area is covered in snow, with enchanting views of surrounding glaciers and mountain ranges.


The summer months, particularly from June to August, offer the most comfortable weather for helicopter tours. The temperatures range from 55°F to 70°F, and you can see the wildflowers and foliage in full bloom.


Winter, from November to March, is a magical time to visit Girdwood as the region is covered in snow. You can experience the glaciers and mountain ranges in a new light and have a unique tour experience.

Girdwood Helicopter Tours: Safety Precautions to Consider

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While Girdwood helicopter tours are incredibly thrilling, it’s essential to follow all safety precautions. Before boarding a helicopter, ensure to wear comfortable, warm clothes, and sturdy shoes. For the same reason, avoid loose clothing, sunglasses, hats or scarves that could fly off mid-flight and cause safety issues. Additionally, make sure to follow all rules of the helicopter operator/agency, and do not attempt to move without their permission. Ensure your phones, cameras, bags, and any other items are securely fastened. Avoid taking any sharp or heavy equipment that could harm you, your fellow passengers and pilot.

Helicopter Rules

Make sure you understand and comply with the rules of the helicopter operator/agency. Follow the instructions, and do not attempt to move or do any activities without their permission.

Wearing Clothes and Packing

Wear comfortable, warm clothes, and sturdy shoes. Also, do not take any sharp or heavy equipment on the tour – this includes cameras, bags, and other accessories.

Girdwood Helicopter Tours FAQ

Find answers to your questions about our Girdwood Helicopter Tours here:

1. What should I wear for the tour?

We recommend dressing in warm layers, comfortable closed-toed shoes, and sunglasses. Remember to also bring sunscreen and a hat.

2. How long is the tour?

The length of the tour varies depending on the package you choose, but they typically range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

3. How many people can fit in the helicopter?

Our helicopter can hold up to six passengers, including the pilot.

4. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 250 pounds per passenger. We may need to rearrange the seating to balance out weight distribution.

5. Is there an age limit for passengers?

There is no specific age limit, but all passengers must be able to wear a seatbelt and sit upright without assistance.

6. Can I bring a camera on the tour?

Yes, we encourage you to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking views of the Alaskan wilderness.

7. Is there a bathroom on the helicopter?

Unfortunately, there is no bathroom on the helicopter. We recommend using the facilities at our base before boarding the helicopter.

8. Can I bring food or drinks on the tour?

Food and drinks are not allowed on the helicopter, but we provide complimentary water bottles before the tour.

9. What if the weather is bad?

The safety of our passengers is our top priority, so we may need to reschedule the tour if the weather is too severe. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a new date.

10. Do you offer hotel pick-up and drop-off?

Unfortunately, we do not offer hotel pick-up and drop-off. You will need to make your own transportation arrangements to our base.

11. Can I bring my service animal on the tour?

Yes, we welcome service animals on the tour, as long as they are well-behaved and do not disrupt the flight.

12. Are there any medical restrictions for the tour?

If you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to fly, please consult with your doctor before booking the tour. We may also require a signed waiver from your doctor before the tour.

13. Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, our helicopter is not wheelchair accessible. If you have any mobility concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

14. Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?

Yes, we understand that plans may change. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule the tour. Our cancellation policy can be found on our website.

15. What is the cost of the tour?

The cost of the tour varies depending on the package you choose. Please visit our website for more information on pricing and reservations.

For an incredible and unique experience in Alaska, take a breathtaking helicopter tour of Girdwood and surrounding areas. See the beautiful glaciers and mountains from a whole new perspective with our experienced pilots.

Until Next Time, Kind Reader!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Girdwood Helicopter Tours and are inspired to plan your own Alaskan adventure. Whether you’re seeking unparalleled views of Alaska’s stunning glaciers or an unforgettable experience flying over its majestic wilderness, Girdwood Helicopter Tours has something for everyone. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon for more exciting travel ideas!

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