Fascinating Fagradalsfjall: Experience the Volcano Like Never Before on a Helicopter Tour

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for an extraordinary adventure, why not try a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour? This epic experience will take you on a thrilling ride above the stunning Icelandic landscape, providing bird’s-eye views of the country’s newest natural wonder, the Fagradalsfjall volcano. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar over lava flows and volcanic craters, and witness the sheer power of Mother Nature up close and personal. Book your tour today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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Why Take a Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour?

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour,thqhelicoptertourfagradalsfjallvolcano

A helicopter tour of the Fagradalsfjall volcano provides a unique opportunity to observe the crater and lava flows up close while taking in the stunning scenery of Iceland from above. This adventure is ideal for those seeking a thrilling way to explore Iceland’s natural wonders and the incredible geological formations that make up the island.

Experience the Raw Power of Nature

The Fagradalsfjall volcano sits on the Reykjanes Peninsula, just a short drive from Reykjavik. This fiery formation started erupting in March 2021, making it the first time the volcano has erupted in over 6,000 years. Its ongoing eruption has created mesmerizing lava flows and volcanic landscapes that are not to be missed.

Aerial Views of Iceland’s Scenic Beauty

The helicopter tour takes off from Reykjavik, offering stunning aerial views of the city and surrounding landscapes before landing near the Fagradalsfjall volcano. Along the way, visitors will see glaciers, mountains, and other natural wonders that make Iceland a unique and unforgettable destination.

Why Take a Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour?

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour,thqvolcanohelicoptertour

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, a helicopter tour of Fagradalsfjall volcano is a truly unique experience that should be on the top of your list of things to do. There are several reasons why you should consider taking a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour:

1. Breathtaking Scenery

The first reason to take a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour is for the breathtaking scenery. Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes, and there’s no better way to experience them than from the air. From the helicopter, you’ll be able to see the volcano itself, as well as the surrounding lava fields and coastline.

2. Unforgettable Experience

Another reason to take a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour is for the unforgettable experience. Flying over an active volcano is an adventure that few people get to experience in their lifetime. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the raw power of nature up close and personal.

3. Expert Guides

When you take a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour, you’ll be accompanied by expert guides who will provide you with information about the volcano and the surrounding area. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and give you a deeper understanding of the geology and history of the region.

4. More Efficient and Comfortable

A helicopter tour of Fagradalsfjall volcano is a more efficient and comfortable way to see the volcano and surrounding area than other forms of transportation. You’ll be able to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time, without the need to hike or take a bumpy off-road vehicle ride. Plus, the helicopter itself is a comfortable and smooth ride.

5. Great Photo Opportunities

Finally, a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour provides great photo opportunities. You’ll be able to capture stunning aerial shots of the volcano and surrounding landscape from unique perspectives. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to snap a few pictures for Instagram, a helicopter tour is the perfect way to get some amazing shots.

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9 Cancellation Policy

The Best Time For Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,The Best Time For Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour,thqBestTimeForFagradalsfjallVolcanoHelicopterTour

The Fagradalsfjall Volcano is one of the most popular sites in Iceland, and every year, lots of people visit here to enjoy nature’s beauty. However, choosing the right time to visit this stunning location is essential. The best time to go on a Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour is from May to September, which is the summer season in Iceland. The summer months are when you can experience the mesmerizing beauty of this country to its fullest.

Summer Months

The summer months in Iceland are from May to September, and this is considered the peak season in Iceland. During this period, you can experience nearly 24 hours of daylight, and the temperature remains mild and comfortable. During the summer season, the weather remains dry, and you can enjoy breathtaking views of Fagradalsfjall Volcano.

Winter Months

The winter season in Iceland is from October to April, and it is not the best time to visit Fagradalsfjall Volcano. The temperature remains very low during this period, and the entire place is covered with snow. Therefore, it is difficult to travel to this location, and the road conditions are treacherous, and many flights may be canceled during this period. However, if you are interested in seeing the Northern Lights, the winter season is the best time to visit Iceland.

The Best Time for Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,Best time for Fagradalsfjall Helicopter Tour,thqBesttimeforFagradalsfjallHelicopterTour

The best time to experience Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour is during the summer months, from May to September when Iceland has more daylight hours.


May is the beginning of the summer season in Iceland where you can experience a mix of long days and bright nights. You may encounter occasional rain showers, but the temperatures are warmer than in winter. The greenery of Icelandic nature begins to revive providing scenic landscapes for the tour.

June – August

June, July and August are the peak summer months having 24-hour daylight. You can see lush green meadows and countryside with a colorful array of flora. It is also the season for puffin sightings in Iceland. Due to good weather condition, it is easier to see the volcano, and other attractions and activities are available.


The beginning of autumn in Iceland can still offer long daylight hours, but the autumnal colors begin to appear, painting the landscapes in rich colors. September is perfect for observing the Northern Lights, but the sunsets appear earlier, giving climbers time to watch the beauty of the sun descending behind the horizon while hovering over Fagradalsfjall.

Helicopter Tour Operators for Fagradalsfjall Volcano

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,Helicopter Tour Operators Fagradalsfjall Volcano,thqHelicopterTourOperatorsFagradalsfjallVolcano

There are multiple Helicopter tour operators in Reykjavik, Iceland, that offer the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour with different packages and pricing to choose from.

Nordic Visitor

“Nordic Visitor is one of the leading travel agencies in Iceland, providing all-inclusive tours to Iceland. They have a variety of helicopter tours, including the Fagradalsfjall Volcano tour. The tours include premier services at a reasonable price for tourists that can be customized to fit individual preferences.”

Eagle Air

“Eagle Air has been operating in Iceland for over 50 years, providing charter and scenic flights. They have a friendly and professional team, with top-of-the-line services and safety standards. The company offers the Fagradalsfjall Volcano helicopter tour, which is 1 hour long for tourists to discover the beauty of Iceland in a unique way.”

Reykjavik Helicopters

“Reykjavik Helicopters was established in 1997, offering high-quality helicopter flights for the past 25 years. The company has an experienced team, ensuring a smooth and safe flight experience to tourists. They provide flexible services, with the option of a private tour of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano for up to six passengers, giving visitors privilege access to some of Iceland’s hidden treasures, and a more personalized experience than other companies.”


“Helo is the exclusive tour operator for the helicopter tours in the Arctic Circle. The company offers the Fagradalsfjall Volcano tour, ideal for tourists looking for a one-of-a-kind experience of nature’s beauty from above. Helo provides multi-language pilot and ground crew with an exceptional safety record for a comfortable and secure experience for tourists.”

The Best Time to Take Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,The Best Time to Take Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour,thqBestTimetoTakeFagradalsfjallVolcanoHelicopterTour

If you want to experience the best Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour, you must know the best time to do it. The tour schedule depends on the weather and the daylight hours. The helicopter tour to Fagradalsfjall valley takes about 50 minutes. The duration of the tour depends on the time of day. During the summer months, the days are long, so you have a longer helicopter tour time than during the winter months.


Summer in Iceland lasts from June to August. During this period, the weather is usually mild, and the daylight hours are long. The long daylight hours provide ample opportunity to take the helicopter tour, making it the perfect time of year for this activity. The temperature is typically around 10°C (50°F), so you’ll need to dress warmly, especially if you’re taking an evening or nighttime tour.


Winter in Iceland is from November to February. The temperature during this period is around 0°C (32°F). The nights are much longer than the days, and daylight hours are limited. This limited daylight can make it difficult to take the helicopter tour, particularly if you want to see the full beauty of Fagradalsfjall valley. However, you can still take the helicopter tour during the winter, and it can be a unique experience in the snow and ice-covered landscape.

Tips and Tricks for Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,Tips and Tricks for Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour,thqTipsforFagradalsfjallVolcanoHelicopterTour

Taking a helicopter tour to Fagradalsfjall valley is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. To make the most of the tour, you should keep the following tips and tricks in mind:

Book in Advance

You must book your helicopter tour to Fagradalsfjall valley in advance. During peak seasons, it can be hard to book a tour due to high demand. To avoid last-minute cancellations or missing out on the chance to take the tour, book your seat early.

Dress in Layers

The temperature in the valley can vary depending on the season and time of day. So, it would be best to dress in layers to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the helicopter tour. Wear warm layers under your outer clothing, and don’t forget to wear a hat, gloves, and a scarf.

Take a Camera

You don’t want to miss out on capturing the stunning view of the valley. Therefore, it’s essential to take a camera with you to capture the breathtaking view of Fagradalsfjall valley. Taking a camera will allow you to cherish this experience, and you can share your unique experience with your loved ones.

How to Book a Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,How to Book a Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour,thqHowtoBookaFagradalsfjallVolcanoHelicopterTour

If you’re excited to take on a Fagradalsfjall Volcano helicopter tour, you can arrange your trip in several ways. Most tours are offered on an individual basis, though some tour operators provide group tours. Reserving your tour in advance is always advised, especially during the peak season, which typically runs from May to September. Additionally, you can choose what kind of tour to take in, ranging from a basic fly-over to a scenic tour and even a tour that includes a landing and a bit of hiking.

Booking a tour online

The first and easiest step to arranging your helicopter tour is to book one online. Several helicopter tour companies in Iceland offer a simple booking process with several tour options to choose from. You’ll get the chance to check different dates and times when reserving your tour online as well as take advantage of any on-going discounts. After you have entered your details, you will receive email confirmation that will include all the information needed for your tour.

Booking a tour in person

If you happen to be in Iceland and want to do a Fagradalsfjall Volcano helicopter tour, then you can book a tour directly from one of the many tour operators in Reykjavik. Iceland’s capital city has several tour operator companies that provide helicopter tours over Fagradalsfjall Volcano, and you can visit their offices to book a tour. If you’re unsure which vendor to pick, check out the reviews and ratings online to compare tour offerings and meet your particular preferences.

What to expect during the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour?

fagradalsfjall-volcano-helicopter-tour,What to expect during the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour?,thqWhattoexpectduringtheFagradalsfjallVolcanoHelicopterTour

If you are planning for the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour, then it’s important to know what to expect during your flight. The approximate duration of the flight is about 50 minutes, and you will be exploring the volcanoes and other sites of the Reykjanes Peninsula. The tour starts with a private pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavik, where you will be taken to the helicopter terminal for a short briefing. The helicopter flight to the Fagradalsfjall Volcano takes about 15 minutes.

Things to Look Out For During the Helicopter Tour

One of the many highlights of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour is the sightseeing experience that you get during the flight. As you fly over the Reykjanes Peninsula, you will get to witness the spectacular sights of the lava fields and volcanic craters. You will fly over the Blue Lagoon and the Reykjanes Lighthouse, which are some of the most popular destinations in Iceland.

You will also get to fly over the Krysuvik Geothermal Area, which is renowned for its mud pools and colorful hot springs. The helicopter will land on a nearby mountain, from where you will get to view the magnificent Fagradalsfjall Volcano. The helicopter has Seven Seating Capacity and the chances are you will have a panoramic view of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano.

What to Bring on the Helicopter Tour

It’s essential to dress appropriately for the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour, as the weather conditions can be unpredictable. You should wear layers of clothing and bring thermal wear, gloves, and a hat, as it can get windy and cold during the flight. Sunglasses can also be very helpful to reduce the glare on the lava fields and oceans. You will be provided with a helmet and a life jacket for the flight by the tour operator.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

1. What should I wear for this tour?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for hiking, as there will be some walking involved. Additionally, we advise dressing in layers as the weather can change quickly in Iceland.

2. Is it safe to fly near an active volcano?

Yes, it is safe to fly near an active volcano as our pilots are experienced and trained to fly in these conditions. They also monitor the volcano and surrounding areas constantly for any changes in conditions that may affect the tour.

3. Will we be able to see lava during the tour?

Yes, you will have a chance to see lava during the tour. However, please note that the location and intensity of the lava flows can vary from day to day.

4. Are children allowed on this tour?

Yes, children are allowed on this tour but must be at least six years old and accompanied by an adult.

5. Can I bring my camera on the helicopter?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your camera on the helicopter and take photos during the tour. We also recommend bringing a spare battery and memory card as you may take many photos.

6. What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my tour?

If the weather is bad on the day of your tour, we may need to reschedule or cancel the tour for your safety. We will notify you as soon as possible and provide options for rescheduling or refunding your booking.

7. How long is the helicopter tour?

The tour is approximately 50 – 60 minutes from start to finish, including the time spent on the ground.

8. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 130 kg (286 lbs) per person, including personal belongings.

9. Can I bring food or drinks on the helicopter?

No, for safety reasons, food and drinks are not allowed on the helicopter.

10. Do I need any special equipment for the tour?

No, you do not need any special equipment for the tour. However, we recommend bringing sturdy hiking shoes and warm clothing.

11. Is transportation included in the tour?

No, transportation to and from the helicopter take-off point is not included in the tour. However, we can arrange transportation for an additional fee.

12. Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your booking up to 24 hours before the tour. Please contact us to make any changes to your booking.

13. What is the maximum number of passengers on the helicopter?

The maximum number of passengers on the helicopter is six.

14. Is there a restroom on the helicopter?

No, there is no restroom on the helicopter. Please use the facilities at the take-off point before the tour.

15. Can I bring a pet on the tour?

No, pets are not allowed on the tour due to safety reasons.

Experience the stunning views of Fagradalsfjall Volcano with a thrilling helicopter tour that takes you over this natural

Until Next Time, Kind Reader!

We hope you enjoyed this article about the breathtaking Fagradalsfjall volcano helicopter tour. If you were already considering visiting Iceland, we hope we’ve convinced you to add this unique experience to your itinerary. There’s truly nothing like seeing the explosive beauty of the earth from above. It’s an adventure that shouldn’t be missed! Thank you for reading and we look forward to sharing more incredible travel experiences with you soon.

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