Experience the Breathtaking El Mirador Helicopter Tour

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, the El Mirador Helicopter Tour is a must-try. This tour offers an awe-inspiring birds-eye view of one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world – the El Mirador Maya Ruins. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. The tour gives you a chance to explore the hidden gems of this ancient site, which is inaccessible by road. A helicopter ride to the El Mirador ruins is a comfortable, safe, and luxurious way to explore the wild jungle of Peten.

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Why Take an El Mirador Helicopter Tour?

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El Mirador is a remote archaeological site located in the midst of the Guatemalan jungle and is one of the largest Mayan cities ever discovered. The site, which was once a bustling metropolis with a population of over 100,000, remains largely unexcavated and engulfed by the surrounding tropical wilderness. El Mirador is accessible only by foot or helicopter, and aerial tours have become a popular option for visitors.

The Best Views of the Site

Helicopter tours offer the best views of El Mirador, as the site is spread over an area of more than 10 square miles and can be difficult to see from the ground. Flying over the site in a helicopter provides a unique perspective on the scale and complexity of the ancient city.

Convenience and Comfort

Taking an El Mirador helicopter tour offers a level of convenience and comfort that other modes of transport simply cannot match. The journey from Flores, the nearest city, to El Mirador takes around 6 hours by foot, and the jungle terrain can be challenging. Helicopter rides are much quicker and more comfortable, taking only around an hour each way.

Personalized Experience

With a maximum capacity of only four passengers per flight, El Mirador helicopter tours offer a much more intimate and personalized experience than bus or boat tours. Passengers have the opportunity to communicate with the pilot throughout the flight, ask questions and have a more in-depth experience.

No El Mirador Helicopter Tour Tips
1 Choose a tour that includes a landing at El Mirador, from where you can explore the site on foot with a knowledgeable guide.
2 Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes as the jungle terrain can be uneven and slippery.
3 Carry insect repellent, sunscreen and a hat to protect from the sun and mosquitoes.
4 Carry enough drinking water to stay hydrated during the tour as the humidity in the jungle can be oppressive.
5 Choose a reputable tour operator with experienced pilots who prioritize safety.

Explore the Beauty of El Mirador with Helicopter Tour

el-mirador-helicopter-tour,El Mirador Helicopter Tour,thqElMiradorHelicopterTour

If you want to marvel at the stunning beauty of El Mirador from above, then you should take the El Mirador helicopter tour. It is a perfect way to have a bird’s eye view of the largest Mayan city discovered to date, located in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. The helicopter tours are conducted by expert pilots who are well-versed in the area’s history and geological significance.

How to Book a Helicopter Tour of El Mirador?

You can book your El Mirador helicopter tour by reaching out to local tour operators. Air transport companies like Guatemala Helicopters, Las Helicopters, and Maya Copter offer helicopter tours to El Mirador. However, before booking your tour, make sure the operator you choose has the required certifications and licenses.

What to Expect during El Mirador Helicopter Tour?

The El Mirador helicopter tour takes off from Flores, Guatemala, and follows an aerial route towards the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. It takes around 50 minutes to reach El Mirador, and the pilots fly at an average height of 300 meters, providing an excellent view of the region’s lush greens and the ancient Mayan ruins.

Once you reach El Mirador, the pilot maneuvers the helicopter to provide a view of the tombs, pyramids, and other ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization. You can see the sprawling complex that experts believe was once home to over 200,000 people.

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2 Location
3 Duration
4 Price
5 Maximum Group Size
6 Departure Time
7 Includes
8 Recommended Attire
9 Restrictions/Requirements
10 Additional Information

What to Expect in El Mirador Helicopter Tour?

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The El Mirador Helicopter Tour is one of the most popular activities to do in the Peten region. The tour typically takes about 2 hours to complete and offers breathtaking views of the ancient Mayan ruins and lush Guatemalan rainforest. Below are some of the things you can expect in the El Mirador Helicopter Tour:

The Scenery

The tour takes you on a scenic flight over the dense jungle canopy, Mayan archaeological sites, and the largest pyramid ever discovered in the Mayan world, the Danta Pyramid. From above, you can appreciate the vast, unexplored wilderness and the impressive ancient Mayan civilization that once inhabited the region.

The Wildlife

During the tour, you can also spot some of the wildlife that lives in the area, such as tapirs, jaguars, and monkeys. The landscape is also dotted with wetlands, which are home to a variety of bird species, including storks and herons.

The History

The El Mirador Helicopter Tour is also a unique opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture of the ancient Mayan civilization. The region is home to one of the most important historical sites in the world, and it’s a thrill to see it from a bird’s eye view.

Local Tour Guides

Most tour companies provide knowledgeable and experienced pilots and tour guides who will make sure your flight is enjoyable and informative. They will also answer any questions you have about the area, its history, and the people who live there.

The Experience

Overall, the El Mirador Helicopter Tour is an unforgettable experience that combines breathtaking scenery, ancient history, and adventure. It’s a must-do for anyone visiting Guatemala who wants to experience the country’s natural and cultural wonders from a unique perspective.

Tips for the Tour

Some important tips to keep in mind before embarking on the tour are:

No Tips for the Tour
1 Book your tour in advance to secure your spot
2 Dress comfortably and wear sunscreen
3 Bring a camera and extra batteries
4 Listen carefully to the tour guides’ instructions before the flight
5 Don’t forget to enjoy the view and have fun!

El Mirador Helicopter Tour: Experience the Best Scenic Views

el-mirador-helicopter-tour,El Mirador Helicopter Tour,thqElMiradorHelicopterTour

El Mirador Helicopter Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that takes you on an unforgettable journey above the biggest ancient Mayan City site in Guatemala. This tour is more than just a sightseeing trip as it provides a unique opportunity to explore the dense rainforest that engulfs the ruins.

Why Take El Mirador Helicopter Tour?

If you’re looking for a unique and exhilarating experience, then the El Mirador Helicopter Tour is just for you. The tour provides you with a bird’s-eye view of Guatemala’s breathtaking landscape, ancient ruins, and dense jungle. As the helicopter flies over jagged mountain ranges and verdant forests, you’ll marvel at the stunning scenery.

What You Will See on El Mirador Helicopter Tour?

The tour is designed to offer visitors a unique perspective of the region’s dramatic landscapes as well as an unrivaled view of Guatemala’s greatest treasure, the Mayan city of El Mirador. Over the course of the flight, you’ll see massive pyramids towering over dense jungle trees, ancient causeways, and ancient monumental constructions.

“The helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that lets you see El Mirador and the surrounding landscapes from a totally different perspective.”

The Best Time to Take El Mirador Helicopter Tour

The best time to take a helicopter tour of El Mirador is during the dry season from December to April. During this time of year, the skies are clear, and visibility is good, which provides for an incredible sightseeing experience.

Important Safety Information

The helicopter used for the El Mirador Tour is regularly and meticulously maintained to ensure that it is safe and reliable. Additionally, all the equipment onboard is extensively checked to ensure that it is in perfect working order.

No Important Note
1 Minimum of two people required for the trip.
2 No backpacks or large bags are allowed on the helicopter
3 Tour is subject to favorable weather and flying conditions.


If you want to take a break from your typical holidays and get off the beaten track, then the El Mirador Helicopter Tour is an excellent option. The tour offers a remarkable and unique view of Guatemala’s ancient Mayan ruins, lush forests, and jagged mountain ranges that can’t be experienced in any other way.

The Benefits of Choosing El Mirador Helicopter Tour

el-mirador-helicopter-tour,The Benefits of Choosing El Mirador Helicopter Tour,thqElMiradorHelicopterTourBenefits

El Mirador Helicopter Tour offers numerous benefits to travelers who want to explore the Guatemala region’s beauty from a different perspective. Here are some of the advantages of selecting this tour:

1. Unbeatable Scenery

The tour provides an incredible vantage point from which you can see the beautiful jungle landscape and the Mayan archaeological sites.

2. Convenience

The helicopter tour is an excellent choice for those who are short on time but don’t want to miss anything. It allows you to see all of El Mirador’s breathtaking beauty in a single day, while a hike to the ruins can take up to five days.

3. Unique Experience

El Mirador Helicopter Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, offering a unique and unforgettable adventure that few people get to experience.

4. Expert Guide

Your experienced and knowledgeable pilot/guide will accompany you on the helicopter tour, providing expert commentary about the Mayan culture and the region’s history.

5. Safety

El Mirador Helicopter Tour places a high priority on your safety by adhering to all necessary safety procedures and protocols.

The Best Time to Take El Mirador Helicopter Tour

el-mirador-helicopter-tour,The Best Time to Take El Mirador Helicopter Tour,thqElMiradorHelicopterTourtime

If you want to experience the best of El Mirador Helicopter Tour, you need to plan the trip properly. There are two primary factors you need to consider, and they are weather and season. The best time to go on a helicopter tour to El Mirador is between November and April. During this period, the weather is mostly dry, and the sky is clear. You will get a clear view of the scenery as you float above it. The temperature is also comfortable, and it is not too hot, nor is it too cold.

Weather conditions for El Mirador Helicopter Tour

In Guatemala, the weather can be unpredictable. During the wet or rainy season, it is not advisable to take a helicopter tour. The rainy season starts from May to October. The rain and clouds can obscure the view of the pyramids and other attractions. The risk of cancellation also increases as the chances of a technical malfunction in the helicopter rise due to rainy conditions.

Why November to April is the Best Time to Visit?

The winter months from November to April are the driest months of the year. The temperature is bearable, making it easier to enjoy the tour. The sky is mostly clear, which is perfect for getting excellent views of the surrounding. Additionally, the dry weather can reduce the chances of any technical issues with the helicopter making it safer for passengers.

Best Time to Take the El Mirador Helicopter Tour

el-mirador-helicopter-tour,Best Time to Take the El Mirador Helicopter Tour,thqBestTimetoTaketheElMiradorHelicopterTour

If you want to make the most of your El Mirador helicopter tour experience, you must understand the best time to take it. The best time to take the El Mirador helicopter tour is during Guatemala’s dry season, which typically runs from November to early May. During these months, the weather is most favorable, and visibility is better. You will be able to see the ruins better and appreciate the stunning aerial views of the surrounding jungle.

El Mirador Helicopter Tour during the Dry Season

Dry season is Guatemala’s peak tourist season, especially during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Hence booking your flight in advance is a must. During the dry season, the temperatures are also cooler, making it easy to explore the area comfortably. Afternoon flights also offer the best light for scenic photography for photography enthusiasts.

El Mirador Helicopter Tour during the Rainy Season

If you plan to take the tour during the rainy season, it is best to book an early morning flight as it typically rains more heavily in the afternoon, making the flight difficult. However, rainier weather also means greener landscapes and an abundance of wildlife around the ruins. You should note that flights may be delayed or rescheduled due to heavy rainfall, making it necessary to stay updated with the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

El Mirador Helicopter Tour FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the El Mirador Helicopter Tour.

1. Can children go on the helicopter tour?

Yes! Children of all ages are welcome on the El Mirador Helicopter Tour.

2. How long is the helicopter tour?

The El Mirador Helicopter Tour takes approximately 30 minutes.

3. How many people can go on the helicopter tour at once?

The helicopter can hold up to four passengers and one pilot.

4. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, the combined weight of all passengers cannot exceed 795 pounds (360 kilograms).

5. What can we expect to see during the helicopter tour?

You’ll fly over El Mirador, the largest pyramid in the Mayan world, as well as other significant Mayan ruins in the area.

6. Is there a restroom available during the tour?

No, there is no restroom available during the helicopter tour.

7. Can I take photos during the helicopter tour?

Yes! Feel free to bring your camera or phone to take photos during the tour.

8. Is there a guide on the helicopter tour?

No, there is not a guide on the helicopter tour. However, there is an English speaking pilot who will provide commentary on the landmarks you see below.

9. Can I bring snacks or drinks on the helicopter?

No, food and drinks are not allowed on the helicopter for safety reasons.

10. Will the helicopter tour be cancelled if it rains?

The El Mirador Helicopter Tour is weather dependent, and rain or high winds may cause the tour to be cancelled. You will be notified in advance if your tour is cancelled due to weather.

11. What should I wear on the helicopter tour?

Dress comfortably in clothes that fit snugly to your body and avoid wearing loose clothing or hats that may fly off during the flight.

12. How far in advance should I book the tour?

It’s recommended to book your El Mirador Helicopter Tour at least a week in advance to ensure availability.

13. Is there a refund if I cancel my helicopter tour?

Cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of the tour start time are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the tour are non-refundable.

14. What if I have motion sickness?

If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s recommended to take medication before the flight and eat a light meal before the tour.

15. Can I wear sunglasses during the helicopter tour?

Yes, you can wear sunglasses during the El Mirador Helicopter Tour. However, avoid wearing reflective lenses as they can interfere with the pilot’s visibility.

Get a spectacular view of El Mirador with an adventurous helicopter tour. This aerial tour offers a breathtaking experience of the ancient Mayan city.

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