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Dear Kind Reader, East Care Helicopter is an emergency medical service that is dedicated to providing rapid and expert medical care to those in need. Based in East Auckland, New Zealand, East Care Helicopter has been providing essential services since its founding in 2002, and is staffed by highly trained medical professionals who are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of their patients. With state-of-the-art equipment and a fleet of helicopters, East Care Helicopter stands ready to respond to any emergency situation, no matter how complex or challenging. If you or a loved one ever find yourselves in need of medical attention, you can count on East Care Helicopter to be there when you need them most.

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History of East Care Helicopter

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East Care Helicopter Service is a critical care air ambulance service based in New Zealand. The service was established in 1988 by Peter Button and Graeme Gale, who were two paramedics. They started with just one Bell Long Ranger helicopter and a small team of four staff members. Now, East Care Helicopter has a fleet of three helicopters, each with advanced medical equipment. They employ an expert team of 14 pilots and 30 paramedics, nurses, and doctors to provide outstanding medical care. The service has transported over 16,000 patients since its inception.

Importance of East Care Helicopter

East Care Helicopter is an essential service in New Zealand that helps to save lives in high-risk scenarios. The service is available 24/7 and can be activated within minutes. Their helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide efficient and effective medical care. It’s particularly crucial in emergencies where patients require rapid transportation to specialized medical facilities, and the ground transportation is not feasible. The service plays a vital role in providing critical care to rural communities and remote areas that are not easy to get to by other means.

Impact on New Zealand’s Healthcare System

East Care Helicopter has had a significant impact on New Zealand’s healthcare system. The service has improved the response time for emergency medical services, providing quicker access to critical care. The increased speed of medical care that East Care Helicopter provides has reduced mortality rates for high-risk patients. The service has also increased access to specialized medical facilities for rural and remote areas, where access was previously limited. This has significantly improved the quality of care available to these communities.

Services offered by East Care Helicopter

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East Care Helicopter provides a range of services to meet patient needs, including:

Emergency Medical Services

East Care Helicopter provides air ambulance transportation for critically ill patients. The service is available 24/7 and can be activated within minutes of receiving a call. The helicopters are equipped with the latest technology to provide efficient and effective medical care to patients. They have an expert team of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics, who specialize in critical care.

Helicopter Search and Rescue

East Care Helicopter provides search and rescue services for lost or injured individuals. The helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art search and rescue technology to locate individuals in remote or challenging terrain. The medical team provides first aid and critical care to the patient while they are being transported to a medical facility.

Inter-Hospital Transfers

East Care Helicopter provides inter-hospital transfers for patients who require specialized medical care. The service is particularly essential for patients who need to be transported from rural and remote areas to medical facilities in urban centers. East Care Helicopter is equipped with specialized medical equipment to provide a high level of care during the transfer.

Neonatal Transfers

East Care Helicopter provides neonatal transfers for infants who require specialized medical care. The service is available 24/7 and is staffed by experienced neonatal nurses and doctors. The helicopters are equipped with specialized medical equipment to provide critical care during the transfer.

Community Outreach

East Care Helicopter provides community outreach services to promote safety and health. They run programs to educate individuals on trauma and accident prevention. Education is available to schools and community groups to promote safety and awareness of risks.

Training and Education

East Care Helicopter provides training and education to medical professionals. They offer courses for paramedics, nurses, and doctors, focused on critical care and helicopter evacuation procedures. The aim is to improve the quality of care for patients requiring air ambulance transport in New Zealand.


East Care Helicopter is involved in research projects to improve the quality of care for patients in emergency medical situations. They work with medical professionals and researchers in New Zealand to develop new treatments, technology, and procedures to improve patient outcomes.

East Care Helicopter: An Overview

east-care-helicopter,East Care Helicopter,thqEastCareHelicopter

East Care Helicopter is a critical care air ambulance service offered by Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust in New Zealand. The service provides 24/7 emergency medical transportation to critically ill or injured patients across the wider Auckland region, Northland, and the Hauraki Gulf. East Care Helicopter operates with a highly experienced medical team consisting of a specialist doctor and paramedic, who are trained to handle any critical medical situation effectively.

The Fleet

East Care Helicopter operates two BK117 helicopters, which are considered some of the most capable and advanced air ambulance aircraft in the industry. The helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, including electrocardiograms (ECGs), ventilators, advanced airway management devices, and more. The aircraft also feature enhanced safety features such as night vision goggles, autopilots, GPS navigation systems, and traffic collision avoidance systems.

Service Coverage

East Care Helicopter offers its services to a wide area of coverage, which includes the greater Auckland region, Northland, and the Hauraki Gulf. The service is often called upon to retrieve critically ill patients who are located in remote or inaccessible areas, far from any healthcare facility. The air ambulance service operates within a 150 nm radius of Auckland, providing an essential lifeline to the communities it serves.

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1 East Care Helicopter is an air ambulance service based in Auckland, New Zealand.
2 It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing emergency medical transport to patients across the North Island.
3 East Care Helicopter’s team includes highly skilled pilots, paramedics, and medical staff.
4 The service is managed by the trust, which is funded through donations and support from the community.
5 East Care Helicopter has a fleet of two specially equipped helicopters, which are capable of landing in a wide range of locations, including remote and difficult terrain.
6 The service responds to a variety of emergencies, including vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and search and rescue operations.

The Role of East Care Helicopter in Emergency Medical Services

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When it comes to emergency medical services, every second counts. East Care Helicopter is a critical component of the emergency medical response system, providing rapid transport for patients who require urgent care.

The Speed of East Care Helicopter

One of the advantages of using East Care Helicopter is speed. When an emergency occurs and every second counts, transport by ground ambulance may not be fast enough. With East Care Helicopter, patients can be transported quickly to the nearest hospital or trauma center for lifesaving treatment.

The Technology of East Care Helicopter

East Care Helicopter is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that patients receive proper care while en route to the hospital. The helicopter is equipped with sophisticated monitoring equipment, life support systems, and other medical equipment to ensure that patients receive the best possible care before they arrive at the hospital.

Equipment of East Care Helicopter

east-care-helicopter,Equipment of East Care Helicopter,thqEquipmentofEastCareHelicopter

East Care helicopter uses highly advanced equipment to ensure the safety of patients during their transfer. The helicopter is equipped with a full range of advanced technology that provides full monitoring and medical support capabilities. Here are some of the equipment used by East Care Helicopter:

1. Avionics Suite

The avionics suite used by East Care Helicopter is equipped with full-color weather radar, satellite weather overlay, and synthetic vision. The suite is also equipped with XM radio and satellite phone capabilities, ensuring seamless communication with the ground crew and other medical professionals.

2. Medical Equipment

East Care helicopter is equipped with advanced medical equipment that can be used during the transfer of patients. The equipment includes defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, and monitoring equipment.

The helicopter’s medical equipment is essential in providing patients with the care they need during flights, ensuring their safety and well-being.

3. Night Vision Goggles

The East Care Helicopter operates around the clock, and as such, is equipped with night vision goggles that allow the crew to safely transport patients at night.

4. Helicopter Hoist System

The helicopter hoist system is used by the East Care team to safely and efficiently transport patients. The system is designed to work alongside medical equipment and can be used in a range of challenging conditions.

No Medical Equipment Function
1 Defibrillators Used to shock the heart when it is not beating normally
2 Ventilators Used to help patients who are having difficulty breathing
3 Infusion pumps Used to deliver medication to patients in a controlled manner
4 Monitoring equipment Used to monitor the patient’s vital signs during the flight

East Care Helicopter Service Area

east-care-helicopter,East Care Helicopter Service Area,thqEastCareHelicopterServiceArea

The East Care Helicopter Service covers a large area in the North Island of New Zealand. The service area extends from Te Hana in the north to Turangi in the south and from the Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of approximately 12000km² including remote coastal, rural, and mountainous areas.

Remote Coastal Areas

The East Care Helicopter Service covers remote coastal areas of the North Island, which are prone to accidents and medical emergencies. These areas include the coastlines of Far North, Bream Bay, North Kaipara, and Whangarei. The helicopter service is an essential lifeline for people in these areas as they are far from the nearest hospital.

Rural and Mountainous Areas

The East Care Helicopter Service also covers remote rural and mountainous areas of the North Island. These areas include the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Waikato, and Turangi. The helicopter service is crucial for people living in these areas as it provides quick transportation to nearest hospitals in the event of an emergency.

The Benefits of East Care Helicopter Services

east-care-helicopter,East Care Helicopter Service Benefits,thqEastCareHelicopterServiceBenefits

East Care Helicopter Services provide benefits to both patients and medical personnel. East Care helicopter services are equipped with advanced life support equipment and trained medical professionals to provide quality care services to patients in need. The following are some of the benefits of East Care Helicopter Services:

Benefits to Patients

East Care Helicopter Services provide timely and quick transportation of seriously ill or injured patients to the nearest medical facility or hospital, which reduces the risk of delay and further complications. According to research, early transportation and medical care significantly increase the chances of survival and recovery. East Care Services can reach the site of the incident more easily than ambulances, especially remote locations that are difficult to reach by road. This service improves the quality of medical care by providing advanced medical support and treatment during transportation.

Benefits to Medical Personnel

East Care Helicopter Services provide benefits to medical personnel by reducing transportation times, improving treatment quality, and increasing the number of patients treated daily. East Care helicopter services reduce the impact on medical resources and help provide better care services to patients in need. Transporting patients through East Care helicopter services can reduce the time spent in traffic and road closures, which improves the chances of survival for critically ill or injured patients.

Services provided by East Care Helicopter

east-care-helicopter,Services provided by East Care Helicopter,thqEastCareHelicopterServices

In addition to emergency transportation, East Care Helicopter provides several other services to the community. Such services include neonatal transportation, trauma and medical transportation, critical care transportation, and intra-aortic balloon pump transport. The neonatal transportation service is one of the most critical services provided by East Care Helicopter, as it transports newborns who require neonatal intensive care as soon as possible. Critical care transport, on the other hand, is used to transport critically ill patients from one hospital to another that has better facilities, qualified personnel, and physicians who specialize in specific medical fields.

Neonatal transportation

East Care Helicopter’s neonatal transportation service uses specialized equipment and skilled professionals to transport newborns who require neonatal intensive care. The transport environment is temperature-controlled and equipped with medical equipment such as ventilators, oxygen, and cardiac monitors, among others, to ensure the safe transport of the babies.

Trauma and medical transportation

East Care Helicopter’s trauma and medical transportation are used to transport patients who require specialized care and emergency transportation due to severe injuries or illnesses. The medical equipment available on board includes cardiac monitors, ventilators, oxygen, and other advanced medical technologies required for patient care. The transport team is made up of a highly trained, specialized team of physicians, nurses, and paramedics with specialized training in emergency medical services.

East Care Helicopter: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is East Care Helicopter?

East Care is a dedicated air ambulance service based in Auckland, New Zealand. It provides rapid and specialized medical assistance to critically ill or injured patients.

2. Is the service available 24/7?

Yes, East Care operates round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

3. How do I contact East Care Helicopter?

You can call the emergency services number 111, and they will dispatch East Care if required. Alternatively, you can reach out to them directly at 0800 EASTCARE (0800 327 822).

4. Is the service free?

No, there are charges involved for using East Care Helicopter services. However, these are covered by most medical insurance providers in New Zealand.

5. What medical services are available on board?

East Care helicopters are equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by specialized medical professionals, including paramedics, doctors, and nurses.

6. Is there a weight or size limit for patients who can be transported?

East Care can usually transport patients up to a maximum weight of 160kg, depending on the availability of appropriate helicopters and personnel.

7. What areas does East Care Helicopter cover?

East Care provides air ambulance services across the Auckland region and beyond, including the Coromandel and the North Island’s east coast.

8. How long does it usually take for East Care Helicopter to reach a patient?

Response times vary depending on the patient’s location, weather conditions, and other factors. However, East Care aims to reach most patients within 20-30 minutes of receiving a call-out.

9. Can I request a specific hospital for the patient’s transport?

East Care helicopters can transport patients to any medically appropriate destination, including hospitals, medical centers, and trauma units.

10. Can a family member or friend accompany the patient on the helicopter?

Generally, space on the helicopter is limited, and East Care’s medical teams may need to focus on the patient’s care during transport. However, in exceptional circumstances, a companion may be able to accompany the patient.

11. What should I do while I wait for East Care to arrive?

Stay where you are and follow the instructions given to you by the emergency services operator or your healthcare provider. Keep the area clear for the helicopter to land safely.

12. What if East Care Helicopter is unable to reach the patient?

If the helicopter is unable to land at the patient’s location due to weather or other reasons, East Care’s medical team may need to transport the patient via ground ambulance or other means.

13. Can I donate to East Care Helicopter?

Yes, you can support East Care’s lifesaving work by making a donation on their website or through other channels.

14. What happens to the patient once they reach their destination?

East Care’s medical team will work closely with the receiving medical facility to ensure the patient receives appropriate care and treatment.

15. What is the success rate of East Care Helicopter missions?

East Care has a high success rate in providing critical care and transport services. The outcome of each mission depends on many factors, including the patient’s condition and response to treatment.

Learn about the life-saving services provided by East Care Helicopter, which is dedicated to transporting critically ill patients to the nearest trauma center.

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