Epic Dogsled Glacier Adventure by Helicopter: The Ultimate Bucket List Experience

Kind readers, are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than the exhilarating dogsled and glacier adventure by helicopter. This unique experience combines the thrill of helicopter flight with the excitement of driving your very own team of sled dogs across Alaska’s breathtaking glaciers. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through some of the most remote and stunning terrains, with endless views of towering glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Let’s explore the beauty and thrill of this epic dogsled and glacier adventure by helicopter.

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What is a Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter?

dogsled-glacier-adventure-by-helicopter,Dogsled and Glacier Adventure by Helicopter,thqDogsledandGlacierAdventurebyHelicopter

A dogsled & glacier adventure by helicopter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines the thrill of helicopter flight with the beauty and excitement of dogsledding on a glacier. This unique adventure takes place in the rugged wilderness of Alaska and Canada where visitors can enjoy stunning views of glaciers, icefields, and snow-covered mountains.

The Dogsled Experience

The dogsled experience usually begins with a helicopter flight to a remote glacier or icefield, where visitors will meet their team of experienced mushers and sled dogs. The sled dogs are specially trained to pull sleds and can travel long distances in harsh winter conditions. Once the visitors are seated on the sled, the dogs will take off at full speed, pulling them across the glacier or icefield. Visitors will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery as they speed along the snow-covered terrain.

The Helicopter Flight

The helicopter flight is an unforgettable experience, as visitors soar high above snow-covered peaks and glaciers. The flight offers an unparalleled view of the landscape and provides a unique perspective on the vast wilderness of the region.

The helicopters used for these adventures are specially designed for the terrain and weather conditions of the area. They are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a safe and comfortable flight. Visitors can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as they take in the stunning scenery below.

Experience a Thrilling Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter

dogsled-glacier-adventure-by-helicopter,Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter,thqDogsledGlacierAdventurebyHelicopter

If you’re a thrill-seeker with a passion for the great outdoors, then this is the perfect adventure for you! One of the most exhilarating ways to explore the stunning landscapes of Alaska is on a dogsled & glacier adventure by helicopter. In this unique experience, you’ll get to ride in a helicopter above the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, witness jaw-dropping views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers, and then step onto the ice and take a dogsled across the glacier.

Ride in a Helicopter Across the Alaskan Wilderness

The adventure starts high above the Alaskan wilderness, as you’re whisked away in a helicopter to explore the natural wonders from above. You’ll soar over incredible landscapes, see ancient glaciers, and get a bird’s eye view of the mountains. The helicopter ride is an adventure in itself, offering a thrilling experience and the chance to see the beauty of Alaska from a new perspective.

Take a Dogsled Ride Across the Glacier

Once you’ve landed on the glacier, it’s time to experience the true thrill of this Alaskan adventure – the dogsled ride. You’ll meet an experienced musher and a pack of eager huskies, who will lead you across the snow and ice. Sitting on the sled, you’ll feel the rush of the sled as it glides across the slick surface of the glacier. This is an experience that will leave you breathless, and undoubtedly will become a cherished memory for years to come.

No Information
1 Tour Name
2 Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter
3 Tour Duration
4 2 hours
5 Tour Availability
6 Winter season (December to April)
7 Tour Location
8 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
9 Tour Highlights
10 Experience dog sledding and helicopter ride over the glaciers of Whistler. Get mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes and skillful sled dogs.
11 Price per Person
12 $519 CAD (excluding taxes and fees)

Preparing for Your Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter

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Before embarking on your dogsled and glacier adventure by helicopter, there are some important things to consider and prepare for.

Physical Fitness Requirements

While there are no age limits to participate in a dogsled and glacier adventure, a certain level of physical fitness is required. You should be able to board and disembark from the helicopter safely, walk on uneven terrain, manage the physical demands of mushing a dogsled, and cope with the cold.

Clothing and Equipment

It’s crucial to wear insulated, waterproof, and windproof clothing to protect yourself from the cold and wet. Dressing in layers is ideal to regulate your body temperature. The outfitter may provide some necessary gear like boots, jackets, and pants, but make sure to check beforehand. You may also want to bring hand and foot warmers, goggles, and a camera.

No What to Bring
1 Insulated, waterproof, and windproof clothing
2 Hand and foot warmers
3 Goggles
4 Camera

The Thrill of Riding on a Dogsled in the Snow


If you love adventure and are not afraid of the cold, then dogsledding is the perfect activity for you. With the wind blowing in your face and snow all around you, you will experience a unique thrill that cannot be found in any other activity. Riding on a dogsled and being pulled by a pack of huskies is an experience like no other. It will make you feel like you are a part of nature and the wild.

The History of Dogsledding

Dogsledding has been around for centuries and was one of the main modes of transportation in the Arctic. The first accounts of dogsledding date back to 2000 BC when the Inuit people in Canada began using dogsleds to transport goods and hunted animals. It was not until the 19th century, when Gold was discovered in the Yukon, that dogsledding became a popular sport among Americans and Canadians.

What to Expect During the Dogsledding Adventure

The dogsledding adventure is an experience like no other. You will be given the opportunity to mush your own sled or simply sit back and enjoy the ride as a passenger. Before embarking on the dogsledding adventure, you will receive a brief training session on how to mush your own dogsled and how to stop and go. You will be provided with warm clothing to keep you insulated from the cold and all the necessary equipment to ensure your safety.

Exploring the Glacier by Helicopter

dogsled-glacier-adventure-by-helicopter,glacier helicopter,thqglacierhelicopter

Glacier exploration by helicopter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. It is an opportunity to see the majestic beauty of the glaciers from a bird’s eye view. You will see the stunning blue ice, deep crevasses, and the rugged landscape like never before. It is the perfect way to explore the vast expanse of glaciers that would be impossible to explore on foot.

The Experience of Flying in a Helicopter

Flying in a helicopter is an experience of a lifetime. You will get to see the stunning beauty of the glacier from the sky. You will feel the thrill of flying and hovering over the glacier, and see the stunning panoramic views from the high altitude. You will be able to take photographs and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Exploring the Glacier on Foot

After you have explored the glacier from the sky, you will be given an opportunity to explore the glacier on foot. Walking on the glacier is an adventure in its own right. You will be given the opportunity to trek across the massive expanse of ice, explore the deep crevices, and learn about the natural wonders of the glacier. You will be provided with crampons and ice axes to ensure your safety as you trek across the icy surface.

What to Pack for Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter

dogsled-glacier-adventure-by-helicopter,What to Pack for Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter,thqWhattoPackforDogsled26GlacierAdventurebyHelicopter

Planning for a dogsled & glacier adventure by helicopter is always exciting. However, it’s essential to pack the right gear for the journey. You don’t want to take too much, but it’s also important not to forget any vital items. Here are some items to ensure you pack:

Clothing and Footwear

When going on a winter adventure, it’s always helpful to dress in layers. This will keep you warm and dry throughout the trip. Ensure you pack the following:

No Clothing and Footwear
1 Base Layers (Thermal Underwear)
2 Insulating Layers (Fleece, Sweater, Sweatshirt)
3 Waterproof/Windproof Outer Layer
4 Insulated Waterproof Boots
5 Warm Socks

Safety and Protection

Safety is essential when going on any adventure. With that in mind, remember to pack the following:

No Safety and Protection
1 Sunscreen and Sunglasses
2 First Aid Kit
3 Headlamp/Flashlight (with extra batteries)
4 Camera and Extra batteries or Charging System
5 Mobile Phone and Power Bank/Extra batteries
(Ensure to keep warm)

The Thrill of Dogsledding on a Glacier

dogsled-glacier-adventure-by-helicopter,Thrilling Dogsled and Glacier Adventure,thqdogsledglacieradventure

Dogsledding on a glacier is one of the most thrilling and unforgettable experiences that the dogsledding and glacier adventure tour has to offer. In this section, we will discuss the excitement that comes with this unique activity.

The Dogsled Ride

As soon as you land on the glacier, the well-trained dogs will be barking and eager to get going. Following a brief safety briefing and orientation, visitors will be able to hop onto their sleds and experience the thrill of being pulled by energetic dogs backdropped with stunning views of blue glaciers and snowy peaks. The dog sled ride is certainly not a passive experience; you will need to be physically involved in maintaining your balance on the sled while steering the sled and controlling the speed with the brakes.

The Spectacular Views

Dogsledding on a glacier comes with spectacular views that you don’t get with any other form of dog sledding. The stunning beauty of the surrounding mountains and glaciers will leave you breathless, to say the least. Gentle streams flowing through the ice, deep-blue crevasses, snow-filled valleys, and the towering ice peaks will engulf you in amazement.

Preparing for Your Dogsled and Glacier Adventure by Helicopter

dogsled-glacier-adventure-by-helicopter,Preparing for Your Dogsled and Glacier Adventure by Helicopter,thqdogsledhelicopteradventurepidApimkten-USadltmoderate

Before embarking on your dogsled and glacier adventure by helicopter, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

What to Bring

First and foremost, make sure to dress appropriately for the cold. You’ll likely be spending several hours outside in the snow and ice, so dress in warm layers and bring extra gloves and socks. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen – even on cloudy days, the snow can be incredibly bright and harsh on the eyes.

It’s also important to note that most tours won’t have restroom facilities accessible during the dogsled ride, so make sure to go beforehand.

Physical Requirements

While dogsledding may seem like a relaxing ride, it can actually be quite physically demanding. Riders are often required to help the dogs navigate steep hills or tough terrain, and may need to jump in and out of the sled to assist. As such, it’s important to have a moderate level of physical fitness before embarking on a dogsled adventure.

No Physical Requirements Checklist
1 Moderate level of physical fitness
2 Able to jump in and out of sled
3 Able to help dogs navigate uneven terrain

Frequently Asked Questions: Dogsled & Glacier Adventure by Helicopter

Find answers to common questions, concerns, and anxieties related to the dogsled & glacier adventure by helicopter tour.

1. What should I wear for the tour?

We recommend wearing warm, comfortable layers and waterproof clothes and shoes. Gloves, a hat, and sunglasses are also recommended.

2. How fit do I need to be for this tour?

You don’t need to be an athlete, but you should be able to walk and stand for extended periods. This tour is not recommended for those with back or knee problems.

3. Are there any weight restrictions for the helicopter?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 300lbs per person for safety reasons.

4. Can I bring my camera on the tour?

Yes, you can bring your camera, but we recommend keeping it on a strap. The helicopter can be bumpy, and we don’t want you to drop it.

5. Are there restrooms available during the tour?

No, there are no restrooms available during the tour. We recommend using the restroom before the tour begins.

6. Can I touch or pet the sled dogs?

Sorry, due to safety reasons, we do not allow touching or petting of the sled dogs.

7. What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the tour?

If the weather conditions are not suitable for the tour, we will try to reschedule your tour for another day, or you will be refunded.

8. What is the minimum age for this tour?

The minimum age for this tour is 10 years old.

9. Can I bring my own food and drinks on the tour?

Sorry, outside food and drinks are not allowed on the tour.

10. What should I do if I have motion sickness?

If you have a history of motion sickness, you should take medication before the tour. Please consult with your doctor before taking any medication.

11. Can I bring my own sled dog?

No, we provide the sled dogs for the tour.

12. What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your tour up to 24 hours before the scheduled tour time for a full refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the tour time will not be refunded.

13. Are there any medical restrictions for this tour?

If you have any medical conditions that may affect your participation in the tour, please consult with your doctor before booking the tour.

14. Can people with a fear of heights participate in the tour?

This tour does not involve hiking or walking on high elevations. However, the helicopter flight may be difficult for people with a fear of heights.

15. How long does the tour last?

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours, including the helicopter flight, dog sledding, and glacier exploration.

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Thanks for joining us on this unforgettable adventure, Kind Reader!

As we come to the end of our dogsled and glacier adventure by helicopter, we would like to thank you for being a part of this thrilling journey. We hope that the images of stunning ice formations, majestic glaciers, and friendly sled dogs will stay with you for a long time. We also hope that you had a fun and entertaining read. Don’t forget to visit us again soon for more exciting tours and adventures. Until next time, take care and happy travels!

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