The Ultimate Bora Bora Helicopter Adventure: Take Your Island Exploration to New Heights

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for an exciting adventure and an unforgettable experience, a helicopter ride over Bora Bora may just be what you need. Being able to witness the stunning views of crystal blue waters, lush greenery, and white sandy beaches from a bird’s-eye view makes it clear why Bora Bora is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. And what better way to take it all in than in a helicopter? Bora Bora helicopter tours offer a unique perspective that simply cannot be matched by ground transportation or water activities.

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The Beauty of Bora Bora Helicopter Tour

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Bora Bora is a beautiful tropical island located in the Pacific Ocean. Known for its clear waters, white sandy beaches, and overwater villas, it’s a perfect destination for honeymooners. One of the best ways to experience the island is by taking a Bora Bora helicopter tour. The tour is a great way to see the island from a bird’s eye view. You’ll get to see the picturesque landscape, turquoise lagoon, and a panoramic view of the island.

What to Expect in Bora Bora Helicopter Tour?

A Bora Bora helicopter tour usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes of flight time. During the tour, you’ll get to fly over the beautiful Mount Otemanu, one of the major landmarks of Bora Bora. You’ll also get to see the stunning coral reefs and the famous Bora Bora lagoon. The tour will take you to a perspective that you can’t see from the ground. You’ll get to see all the hidden gems of Bora Bora from the helicopter tour.

Why Bora Bora Helicopter Tour is a Must?

Bora Bora helicopter tour is a must-do activity in Bora Bora. The beautiful scenery that you’ll see during the tour is breathtaking. Trust us; you’ll never forget the experience! Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to take great photos. Imagine having an aerial shot from above the island with the turquoise lagoon, Mount Otemanu, and other beautiful views as your backdrop. Moreover, it’s a luxurious experience that you don’t want to miss. You’ll feel like a celebrity, flying a helicopter, and seeing beautiful scenery.

The Cost of Bora Bora Helicopter Tour

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Bora Bora helicopter tours offer various packages and tour lengths. You can choose from a 15-minute flight to a 60-minute flight, depending on your preference. Prices for Bora Bora helicopter tours start at $250 per person for a 15-minute flight. You can also opt for a private tour that can cost around $2000 for a 60-minute flight.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Bora Bora Helicopter Tours

The cost of Bora Bora helicopter tours depends on several factors, such as the duration of the tour, type of helicopter, and additional services. A private helicopter tour that includes a champagne picnic or a sunset flight will cost more than a regular tour. The type of helicopter will also affect the price. A newer and more advanced helicopter will cost more than an older model. The duration of the flight is also a significant factor in the cost.

No Factors that Affect the Cost of Bora Bora Helicopter Tours
1 Tour duration
2 Type of helicopter
3 Additional services

Helicopter Tours in Bora Bora

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If you plan on visiting Bora Bora, you cannot miss the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the island through a helicopter tour. Helicopter tours in Bora Bora offer an extraordinary perspective of the island’s beauty, and there are many tour operators to choose from.

Cost of Helicopter Tours in Bora Bora

The cost of helicopter tours in Bora Bora varies depending on the duration of the tour, the number of passengers, and the tour operator you choose. Typically, tours last for around 15 minutes to an hour. Prices start at around $300 per person for a 15-minute tour, and around $800 per person for a 60-minute tour. However, the price is worth it as you get a remarkable experience of a lifetime.

What to Expect from Helicopter Tours in Bora Bora

Helicopter tours in Bora Bora offer the chance to see the many different shades of the lagoon’s blue and green waters, and the stunning views of the island’s lush greenery. During the tour, you will see Mount Otemanu, Mount Pahia, and the famous overwater bungalows. You will also be able to view the island’s amazing coral reef and the secluded sandy beaches that are only accessible by boat or helicopter.

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1 The name of the company providing helicopter tours in Bora Bora
2 The duration of a typical helicopter tour
3 The name of the volcano that can be seen on a helicopter tour
4 The number of people that can fit in one helicopter for a tour
5 The price range for a helicopter tour in Bora Bora

The Best Time to Experience Bora Bora Helicopter Tour

bora-bora-helicopter,The Best Time to Experience Bora Bora Helicopter Tour,thqTheBestTimetoExperienceBoraBoraHelicopterTour

If you want to witness the beauty of Bora Bora from above, there’s no better way than taking a helicopter tour. But before booking one, it’s essential to know when the best time is to experience it. Weather plays a crucial role in ensuring that the trip is enjoyable, and you get to see the island in all its splendor.

Climatic Conditions in Bora Bora

The good news is that Bora Bora offers a tropical climate all year round, so you can ditch your winter jacket and opt for shorts and flip-flops throughout the year. That said, different seasons can affect the speed and strength of the wind, visibility, and the frequency of showers.

The Best Time for Helicopter Tour

June to August is considered to be the best time to visit Bora Bora for a helicopter tour. The temperature during these months stays between 20°C to 30°C, and the sky is usually clear, allowing for unobstructed views of the island’s stunning landscape. Moreover, the wind is relatively calm compared to other times of the year, making it easier for the helicopter to fly, and you can have a more comfortable and safer experience.

Even during the rainy season, from November to April, rainfall is intermittent, and it doesn’t last for more than a few hours, so the weather shouldn’t deter you from taking a helicopter tour.

The Best Time to Book a Bora Bora Helicopter Tour

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While Bora Bora is warm all-year-round, there are still certain seasons that are better than others when it comes to booking helicopter tours. The high season in Bora Bora is from May to October, with the driest and most pleasant weather occurring from June to August. These months are ideal for scenic flights over the island and its surroundings.

The High Season in Bora Bora

The high season, which lasts from May to October, is when most tourists flock to Bora Bora. During this period, prices for helicopter tours are at their highest. If you opt to book a tour during this time, be prepared to pay premium prices for the experience. However, the experience is definitely worth it.

The Low Season in Bora Bora

The low season in Bora Bora, or the rainy season, takes place from November to April. Although it is the rainy season, the weather is still generally warm and pleasant, and it is not uncommon to have sunny days. Prices for helicopter tours during this time are cheaper compared to the high season. If you want to stretch your budget, this might be the best time for you to book a tour.

What to Expect During Bora Bora Helicopter Tours

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A helicopter tour of Bora Bora will give you a unique perspective of this breathtaking island. Most tours will take you above Mount Otemanu, where you will get to see 360-degree views of the lagoon and surrounding islands. Here’s what to expect during a Bora Bora helicopter tour:

The Duration of the Tour

Most helicopter tours in Bora Bora last between 15 to 45 minutes. Depending on your provider, there may be opportunities to extend the length of your tour if you wish.

The Scenery

During your tour, you will get to see an array of sights, including Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora’s pristine lagoon, breathtaking coral reefs, and neighboring Tahitian islands. To make your experience even more special, some tours even offer champagne and a secluded picnic on a private island.

Best Time to Experience the Bora Bora Helicopter

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If you want to have the best possible experience while taking the Bora Bora helicopter tour, you must plan your visit to Bora Bora based on the ideal weather conditions. The dry season, which typically falls between May and October, presents clearer skies, more sunshine, and low humidity levels, making it an ideal time to visit Bora Bora. Touring during the wet season can be risky since it increases the likelihood of unfavorable weather that may impact the flight.

May to October: The best time for a helicopter tour

The dry season, which lasts from May to October, presents ideal weather conditions for a Bora Bora helicopter ride with low chances of rain. During this period, the skies are clear, providing a fantastic photographic opportunity of the magnificent green forests and the blue oceanic water. Also, the temperature is relatively cool, necessitating just light clothes. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect weather for your sightseeing tour, book a Bora Bora helicopter tour during this period.

November to April: Risky and unpredictable weather

The wet season, which runs from November to April in Bora Bora, is typically hazardous for helicopter tours. Heavy rains, gusty winds, and thunderstorms are common, resulting in low visibility, much turbulence, and other dangerous environmental conditions that can affect your helicopter tour. Though the prices may be lower, touring during this period can impact the quality and experience of your sightseeing adventure.

Bora Bora Helicopter Tour: A Unique Experience

bora-bora-helicopter,Bora Bora Helicopter Tour,thqBoraBorahelicoptertour

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Bora Bora, then a helicopter tour is a must-do activity. Not only will you get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the island from above, but you’ll also get to see the surrounding atolls and the stunning turquoise waters. There are several helicopter tour operators on the island, offering different tours to suit your preferences.

New Heights of Adventure

A helicopter tour is one of the most exciting, unique, and adventurous ways to see the island. You’ll fly over the iconic Mount Otemanu, the lush jungle terrain, and the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon. From above, you’ll see the different shades of blue of the lagoon and the coral reefs that surround the island. You’ll also get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the luxurious overwater bungalows and resorts that the island is famous for.

Choose Your Adventure

There are several helicopter tours available, ranging from short 20-30 minute flights to longer tours that last up to an hour. Some tours take you around Bora Bora and its lagoon, while others venture out to the nearby atolls and islands, such as Tupai, Maupiti, and Raiatea. Some operators even offer a private helicopter tour, which allows you to customize your itinerary and have the entire helicopter to yourselves.

No Top Bora Bora Helicopter Tours
1 Paradise Helicopters
2 Air Tahiti Helicopters
3 Bora Bora Romantic Tours

Is it Safe to Fly on a Bora Bora Helicopter?

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One of the important things to consider before taking a helicopter tour in Bora Bora is safety. Fortunately, all helicopter services in Bora Bora follow strict safety regulations set by the French Civil Aviation Authority and employ experienced pilots who ensure the safety of their passengers. The helicopters themselves are also regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee their airworthiness.

Bora Bora Helicopter Safety Tips

Although helicopter tours are generally safe, there are still safety tips that you should follow to ensure that your flight is safe and comfortable:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing so that you can move around easily and not feel restricted during the flight.
  2. Listen carefully to your pilot’s instructions and follow them throughout the flight.
  3. Fasten your seatbelt securely before takeoff and landing.
  4. Do not lean against the windows or attempt to throw anything out of the helicopter.

What to Do in Case of an Emergency

If an emergency arises during your helicopter tour, the pilot is trained to handle it and will take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all passengers. However, if you need to evacuate the helicopter for any reason, follow your pilot’s instructions and move away from the helicopter quickly and safely.

Bora Bora Helicopter FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Bora Bora helicopter tour:

1. Is flying in a helicopter safe?

Yes, helicopter tours in Bora Bora are safe. Our helicopter pilots are highly trained and experienced. Additionally, our helicopters are well-maintained and inspected regularly.

2. How long is the helicopter tour?

The duration of our helicopter tours varies. We offer various tour packages ranging from 10-minute sightseeing to 40-minute island exploration.

3. How much does the helicopter tour cost?

Our helicopter tours start from around 300 USD per person, depending on the tour package chosen.

4. What is the best time to take a helicopter tour in Bora Bora?

The best time to take a helicopter tour in Bora Bora is between May and October when the weather is most stable. However, we do operate year-round, weather permitting.

5. How many people can fit in the helicopter?

Our helicopters can accommodate up to six passengers, depending on the tour package chosen.

6. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, there is a weight limit for passengers. The maximum weight per passenger is 250 pounds (113 kilograms). Please inform us in advance if any passenger is above this weight limit.

7. Can I bring my camera on the helicopter?

Yes, you may bring your camera on board. We recommend a wide-angle lens for aerial photography.

8. Can I wear flip-flops on the helicopter tour?

No, we do not recommend wearing flip-flops on the helicopter tour. We advise wearing closed-toe shoes for safety reasons.

9. What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my tour?

If the weather is not suitable for flying, we will either reschedule your tour or provide a full refund.

10. Can I request a private helicopter tour?

Yes, we offer private helicopter tours. Please contact us directly for more information.

11. Are there any age restrictions for the helicopter tour?

There are no age restrictions for the helicopter tour. However, children under two years old must sit on an adult’s lap. We also recommend using ear protection for small children.

12. Can I take a helicopter tour if I’m pregnant?

It is not advisable for pregnant women to take the helicopter tour. We recommend consulting with your doctor before booking.

13. Can I make changes to my tour itinerary after booking?

Yes, changes can be made to your tour itinerary, subject to availability and applicable fees. Please contact us directly for more information.

14. What is the cancellation policy for the helicopter tour?

Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the tour start time are subject to a cancellation fee. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions for more information.

15. How do I book a helicopter tour in Bora Bora?

You can book a helicopter tour on our website or by contacting us directly. We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability.

Learn more about experiencing the beauty of Bora Bora from the sky with a Bora Bora helicopter tour.

Thanks for Joining the Bora Bora Helicopter Journey, Kind Reader!

As we conclude our amazing ride over the crystal-clear water and lush vegetation of Bora Bora, we hope you’ve enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. Flying over this paradise island by helicopter is a thrilling adventure that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Keep coming back for more exciting content about exotic locations around the world. Until then, stay safe and explore new horizons, Kind Reader!

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