Experience the Thrill of Alaska’s Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

Kind Reader, are you looking for a thrilling expedition that combines the breathtaking scenery of Alaska with the adorable companionship of sled dogs? Look no further than the Alaska helicopter dog sled tour. This unique adventure allows you to soar above glaciers and snow-covered peaks by helicopter before landing at a remote camp where you’ll meet the canine athletes who will pull you through the wilderness on a dog sled ride you won’t soon forget.

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Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding in Alaska

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding in Alaska,thqalaskahelicopterdogsledtour

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure, a helicopter dog sled tour in Alaska should be at the top of your list. In this tour, you’ll fly high above the stunning terrain of Alaska before landing on a glacier where a sled team of huskies will be waiting to take you for the ride of a lifetime.

What is a Helicopter Dog Sled Tour?

A helicopter dog sled tour is a unique way to explore the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness while experiencing the thrill of dog sledding. In this tour, you’ll fly to a remote glacier where a team of professional mushers and their sled dogs will be waiting for you. You’ll learn about the history and culture of dog sledding before embarking on a thrilling ride across the stunning Alaskan landscape.

What Makes a Helicopter Dog Sled Tour So Special?

There are many things that make a helicopter dog sled tour in Alaska so special. Firstly, the views are absolutely breathtaking. From high above, you’ll be able to see the stunning glaciers, mountains, and wildlife like you’ve never seen before. Secondly, dog sledding is a truly unique and exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget. It’s a chance to connect with nature and experience the thrill of feeling the wind in your face as you glide across the snow. And lastly, the expert guides and mushers on these tours are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, making for an unforgettable and authentic Alaskan adventure.

Things to Consider Before Booking a Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,Things to Consider Before Booking a Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqhelicopterdogsledtour

While a helicopter dog sled tour is an incredible experience, there are a few things to consider before booking your trip. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

1. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions in Alaska can be unpredictable, so it’s important to check the forecast before booking your tour. If the weather is particularly bad on the day of your tour, it may have to be cancelled or rescheduled for safety reasons.

2. Physical Ability

Helicopter dog sled tours require a certain level of physical ability, as you’ll be trekking across snowy terrain and may have to stand or balance on the sled during the ride. Make sure you understand the physical requirements of the tour before booking to ensure that it’s a good fit for you.

3. Cost

Helicopter dog sled tours are not cheap, so make sure you’re prepared for the cost before booking your trip. Prices can vary depending on the length of the tour and the company you choose, so do your research in advance to find a tour that fits within your budget.

4. Tour Operator Reputation

When booking a helicopter dog sled tour, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced tour operator. Look for reviews and recommendations online, and make sure the company you choose has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate in the area.

5. Clothing and Gear

Make sure you have the appropriate clothing and gear for your tour. Dress warmly and in layers, wear waterproof and insulated boots, and bring gloves, hats, and sunglasses. Some tours may provide gear, so check with your tour operator in advance to see what’s included.

What to Expect on an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqAlaskaHelicopterDogSledTour

If you’ve never experienced a dog sled tour before, and you’re planning to take an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, here’s what to expect.


Before your tour, you’ll be given an orientation about the tour itself as well as the proper gear to wear. You’ll receive any necessary warm gear, such as snow pants and parkas. Make sure you bring warm clothing and gloves as well. Your guide will also talk about the behavior of the dogs and what to expect during the tour.

Helicopter Flight

The Alaska helicopter ride is a highlight of the tour. You’ll fly above pristine wilderness and see stunning vistas, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. The helicopter ride allows access to remote and unreachable areas, and it is a great experience in itself.

Meet the Dogs

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll meet the dogs and the tour will start. Get ready for a unique experience, as you’ll be pulled by a team of strong and highly trained Alaskan huskies. You’ll see how the dogs work together, communicate, and enjoy running together on the sled. You’ll learn about the dogs’ training, their breeds, and their personalities.

Sledding Adventure

The dog sled ride is an incredible experience. You’ll glide on snow-covered trails and through the wilderness, feeling the excitement of the dogs and the sled’s movement on the snow. The tour length varies but usually lasts around an hour. You’ll have time to take photos and enjoy the stunning sceneries.

Post-Tour Activities

After the sled ride, you’ll have a chance to interact with the dogs, take more photos, and even give them treats. You’ll return to the base camp, where you can enjoy hot drinks and snacks. There may be additional activities, such as walking around the campsite or a snowshoeing experience.

Important Notes

It’s important to note that weather can affect the tour’s safety, and cancellations are possible. Make sure you read the tour’s cancellation policy beforehand. Also, most tours have age and weight restrictions and are not suitable for pregnant women or people with health issues. You should check the tour’s requirements before booking.

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1 Tour Name: Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour
2 Tour Provider: Era Helicopters LLC
3 Tour Duration: Approximately 3 hours
4 Season: December – April
5 Departure Location: Anchorage, Alaska
6 Price: USD 529 per person (as of 2021)
7 Inclusions: Helicopter ride, dog sled ride, knowledgeable guide, winter gear
8 Requirements: Minimum age of 2 years old, able to walk on their own and weigh at least 10 pounds (dogsled only)
9 Optional Add-On: Glacier Landing for an additional USD 50 per person (weather permitting)

What to Expect on an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqAlaskaHelicopterDogSledTour

If you’re planning to experience an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, you must be wondering what to expect during the adventure. Each tour company offers different experiences and may have additional activities included in the package. However, there are a few things that you can expect to see and do on most helicopter dog sled tours:

Awe-inspiring Scenery of the Alaskan Wilderness

Alaska is known for its rugged and beautiful natural landscapes, and you’ll get to witness them from a unique perspective during your helicopter ride. As you fly over the glaciers and mountain ranges, you’ll see jaw-dropping scenery unlike anything else in the world.

Thrilling Helicopter Ride

The helicopter ride itself is already an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll fly over some of the most beautiful and remote areas of Alaska, and experience the thrill of soaring over icy terrain.

Meet the Dogs and Their Musher

Upon landing on a glacier or other snow-covered area, you’ll be introduced to the dogs and their musher. You’ll get to know the friendly and well-trained sled dogs that will soon be pulling you through the snow. The musher will also share with you their knowledge and passion for dog sled racing and training.

Start the Dog Sled Adventure

After a brief demonstration on how to mush the sled, you’ll team up with a partner and set off. You’ll be amazed at how smooth and quiet the ride is, except for the sound of the snow crunching under the sled runners. You’ll glide through the silent winter landscape feeling the crisp, cold air on your face and watching the dogs’ excitement as they run.

Enjoy the Wonders of Alaska

As you travel deeper into the wilderness, you’ll stop at spectacular viewpoints where you can snap photos of the scenery, and maybe catch a glimpse of the elusive wildlife that calls the area home.

Warm Snacks and Hot Drinks

At some point during the adventure, you’ll stop for a hot drink and a snack. You’ll have the chance to chat with your musher and learn more about their life and their sled dogs. After the break, you’ll continue on the dog sled trek and savor the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

The Best Time to Take an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,The Best Time to Take an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqAlaskaHelicopterDogSledTourWinter

If you’re planning to book an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, keep in mind that the best time for you to visit Alaska is during winter. The best time to experience dog sledding is in the winter, although there are a few other things to keep in mind. Firstly, the location of the tour: different locations may have different weather conditions and variable wind and temperature.

Winter Alaskan Weather Conditions

Alaskan weather is notoriously unpredictable, but the winter months experience consistently below-zero temperatures, although weather conditions can still vary from year to year. For example, during the winter months, temperatures in Anchorage, Alaska can range anywhere from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, making for a wide range of weather-related situations to prepare for.

Winter Festivals

If you’re looking for a dog sled tour combined with winter festivities, then plan your trip in February during the Fur Rendezvous Festival or World Ice Art Championship. During February, Anchorage, Alaska, hosts Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, which is a must-see event for all dog sledding enthusiasts. Winter is the perfect time to experience an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

How to Prepare for an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,How to Prepare for an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqAlaskaHelicopterDogSledTourPreparation

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, such as what to bring and what to wear. It’s essential to be properly attired and geared up to ensure that you have a comfortable dog sled tour experience.

What to Bring

When packing for an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, pack clothes that are suitable for the winter weather: waterproof and insulated jackets, warm hats, gloves, boots, and thermal layers are mandatory. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, and if you wear glasses, make sure you have glasses that won’t fog or build up ice on them. Bring some snacks for the tour, but be mindful of leaving no litter behind.

What to Wear

When it comes to what to wear on your Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, we recommend layering your clothing. The multiple thin layers will provide an insulating effect and will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the tour. It is best to avoid cotton as they tend to get wet and can cause you to feel cold.

If you’re looking for something unique and adventurous to do in Alaska, a helicopter dog sled tour may be the right choice for you. Book your tour in winter, and don’t forget to pack those winter layers for a comfortable and memorable experience.

What to Expect During an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,What to Expect During an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqalaskahelicopterdogsledtourexperience

Experiencing a dog sled tour via helicopter in Alaska is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Here’s what you can expect during your tour:

Pre-Flight Preparation

Before the tour starts, you’ll attend a safety briefing and receive instructions on how to ride and communicate with the dogsled team.

Flight to Base Camp

You’ll board the helicopter, which will take you on a scenic flight over glaciers and snow-capped peaks to the base camp where the dog team is waiting.

Dog Sled Ride

Upon arrival, your guide will help you onto the sled and you’ll take off for a ride across the snow with the dog team pulling you along. You’ll have the opportunity to stand on the runners and mush the sled yourself, or you might prefer sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Scenic Views

As you wind through pristine snow, you’ll pass towering mountains and catch sight of wildlife native to the area. You might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights if you tour at the right time of year.

Back to Base Camp

After the sled ride, you’ll have plenty of time to pet the dogs and meet the puppies. Then it’s time to board the helicopter again and fly back to town.

Totem Travel Tips:

Avoid heavy jackets and bulky gear as it can take up too much space in the helicopter and make it more challenging to move around. Wear lightweight layers so you can adjust to any changes in temperature. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the unforgettable memories.

What to Expect During an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour?

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour Experience,thqAlaskaHelicopterDogSledTourExperience

If you are planning to experience Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, there are several things you can expect during the trip. Firstly, your tour guide will give you a short orientation on how to ride a dog sled and what to expect during the ride. You will also be introduced to the sled dogs and instructed on how to interact with them. Once that’s done, you will hop on the sled and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

The helicopter will transport you to remote regions of Alaska only accessible by air which will provide you with incredible views of the surrounding natural landscapes. Flying in a helicopter over glaciers, mountain ranges, and across snowfields is an adventure in itself. As soon as you land, you will be welcomed by a team of well-trained sled dogs that will take you on a thrilling ride.

Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour of Winter Wilderness

You can explore the winter wilderness of Alaska at its best during a helicopter dog sled tour. You will traverse through the remote wilderness trails with your sled dog team and be surrounded by beautiful snow-covered scenery. Along with this, you can watch the stunning Northern Lights, which are visible throughout the winter months in Alaska.

Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour of Wild Animal Watching

Alaska helicopter dog sled tours often allow guests to watch wild animals in their natural environment, such as black bears, moose, bald eagles, arctic foxes, and caribous. The sled tour route is designed through the wilderness’ zones that have the highest concentration of wild animals in Alaska. The area is also free of human-made noise pollution, which makes it easier to hear natural sounds in the environment.

What to Expect on an Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour?

alaska-helicopter-dog-sled-tour,Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour,thqAlaskaHelicopterDogSledTour

If you are planning to join an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour, you are in for a treat. The tour will take you through the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness, allowing you to enjoy the stunning scenery as well as an unforgettable dog sled experience. Here are some things you can expect on the tour:

Helicopter Ride

The tour will begin with an exciting helicopter ride over the beautiful Alaskan landscape, where you’ll get to see the towering mountains, lush forests, and stunning glaciers from a unique perspective.

Dog Sled Experience

Once you land, a team of enthusiastic and professional dog mushers will introduce you to their furry teammates and show you how to harness the dogs and take control of your sled. You will then embark on a thrilling ride through the snow, with the enthusiastic pack of dogs leading the way. You will make several stops along the way to rest and take in the breathtaking views of the Alaskan wilderness.

Alaska Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

Experience the thrill of dog sledding from the comfort of a helicopter as it takes you soaring over glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Below are some frequently asked questions for your guidance.

1. Can I book a tour on the same day?

It is recommended to book in advance, but same-day bookings may be possible depending on availability.

2. What should I wear?

Dress in warm layers, including a windproof jacket. Don’t forget comfortable footwear and gloves. Sunglasses and a hat are also recommended.

3. Is there a weight limit for passengers?

The weight limit per passenger is 250 lbs.

4. Can children participate in this tour?

Yes, children above the age of six can take part in this tour. They must be accompanied by an adult and meet the weight requirements.

5. Is dog sledding safe?

Yes, safety is a top priority. The dogs are well-trained, and the sledding equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.

6. Can I interact with the dogs?

Yes, interacting with the sled dogs is part of the experience. You can even help harness the dogs before the ride.

7. How long is the tour?

The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, which includes a 30-minute dog sled ride.

8. Can I take photos during the tour?

Yes, feel free to take photos during the tour. However, make sure to secure your camera properly so as not to lose it during the helicopter ride.

9. What if the weather conditions are not ideal?

The tour may be canceled or rescheduled depending on weather conditions for safety reasons.

10. Is there a bathroom on board the helicopter?

No, there is no bathroom on board. It is recommended to use the restroom before the tour.

11. Is there a chance of getting motion sickness during the helicopter ride?

Motion sickness varies from person to person. If you are prone to motion sickness, it is recommended to take medication before the tour.

12. What happens if I miss my scheduled tour?

Your payment may be forfeited if you do not arrive for your scheduled tour. However, you may be able to reschedule, depending on availability.

13. Can I bring my own food and drink during the tour?

No, outside food and drink are not allowed during the tour. However, water and snacks will be provided.

14. Is tipping customary?

Tipping is not required but is appreciated for exceptional service.

15. Will I be able to experience the Northern Lights during the tour?

It is not guaranteed, but there is a higher chance of experiencing the Northern Lights during the winter months.

Looking for a thrilling adventure in Alaska? Experience the beauty of the state with an Alaska helicopter dog sled tour that will take you soaring above glaciers and wildlife, and give you the unique opportunity to mush your own dog sled team.

A Wild Adventure to Remember

Kind Reader, we hope this article has inspired you to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the Alaskan wilderness with a helicopter dog sled tour. From the stunning panoramas to the thrill of dog sledding, every moment offers a unique experience. Whether you’re a nature lover, adrenaline junkie or simply in search of a once-in-a-lifetime journey, this tour has something to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we encourage you to join us again soon for more exciting adventures. Until then, happy travels!

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